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Copaxone's mechanism of action?

Most copaxone users know about the dreaded heart racing, flushing, blood rushing side effect. Even if you've never had this reaction, you're told to look out for it. Jeff had it once after taking his injection after exercising. Guess what causes it? vasodilation.

Vasodilation is listed as one of the major side effects of Copaxone. Could it be that this side effect is the mechanism of action for this drug? Researchers have told us they ...
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Other options

I'm curious what other options there are to stent insertion. In effect, we know that Dr. Michael Dake at Stanford is inserting stents to correct the CCSVI stenoses. We also know that Dr. Zamboni is using a different surgical procedure that does not require stents. However, do we know exactly what Dr. Zamboni is doing surgically? Is it a one time fix? Does it require continual use of blood thinners, e.g., Plavix, comparable to the ...
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advice on a planned vacation

am appreciating any advice one might have on a planned vacation. My husband and I will be going on a vacation that brings us to warm/hot but beautiful breezes, in December. I live in NJ and managed to get through these past 2 days of warm with no worse feelings from the heat, spend most of the time in the pool, however, last month we had a hot, humid day that just doing anything took ...
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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hello all. My bf has MS and was on prednisone for years. It ate away his joints and now at age 38 he needs hip replacement surgery. We are worried about how someone with MS recovers from this major surgery. Has anyone here had hip replacement surgery?

He cannot walk a step hardly anymore and his neurologist said that MRI's show that it is not the MS but the deteriorating hip that is causing the ...
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another newbie

hi all, i am new also. I was diagnosed 2 months ago after several testings, my biggest issues are with walking, my gait, just alot of weakness. I am 52, my brother also has MS, he is 2 years older than me and was diagnosed at age 50, we are both kind of on the older side to be diagnosed, but who knows how long its been going on , expecially with myself, I have ...
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Getting Ready for Stanford

I noticed that Mark and I sort of hijacked Holly's thread by discussing the medical records he should take. So, I decided to start a new thread to help those who are on their way to Stanford. I think having the tips and suggestions in one place will help those who are on their way. This is also a good place to ask the general questions......

Here are some topics that could be (and have ...
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Got an email from Dr. Kerr regarding my MRI on Thursday.

"got it. the MRI looks great Chris. The MS is completely and totally inactive. Good news!!"

That is the email I got from the good doctor verbatim.

So it definitely looks like the treatment in addition to the Copaxone has cured the Auto Immune side of MS. I am going to use the word cure until I pop something active or new again.

I am a believer this may be a venous issue so even ...

Neurologist Visit

I had a regular six month visit with my neurologist yesterday.

My doctor could not stop talking about how positive the outlook was for the new oral drugs coming along. He expects to see one if not more out by the Fall of this year.

We started talking about vitamin d, and he said he had to prepare for a talk he was giving just a little while ago and he started saying how good ...
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nitric oxide benefits sex

just watched the Discovery health channel and they were saying that NOx has a positive effect on erection ... :oops:
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