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Show of hands... MS vs. Metabolic

I realize we have the superest autoimmune disease, but how many of you think there may be some connection to a metabolic disorder?

It seems like everyone I meet has an aunt, a friend, a mother or a grandmother with MS.

Now that I stop and think about it.... maybe we really "are what we eat"....

But I also have a theory that, unfortunately our ancestors indulgence may make our enzymes not float so well. ...
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Hello from Whitehall, NY

I'm 53, Male, newly diagnosed with RRMS, and more than a little scared and confused.

Are there any support groups in upstate NY or in Mid (Rutland area)Vermont? I'm working with Dartmouth Medical Center MS clinic in NH but it is 80+ miles due East. Albany, NY is also about 80 miles due South and they have support programs also. I know if nothing relatively close so far. I'm not on any treatment so far ...
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HELP ...

Im on vacation and I dont know if my Avonex (prefilled) is still "good". I hope someone here can help answer my question. I bought a cooler from which promised to keep my medication at 2 to 8 degrees celcius for 24 hours. I prepared the cooler and traveled for 21 hours over to Dubai, where I am now. When I got here the 1st thing I did was open the cooler to transfer ...
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Tysabri Question

:roll: Hi Everyone, this is my first time on this site & I decided to join the bunch! I was diagnosed with MS 3 yrs ago & beleive Tysabri is nearly ready to be released in Australia. My neuro wants me to go on it, but I am extremly scared about the side effects!

Apart from the main one is there anyone else who knows what ...
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Does anyone else ever get an odor emitting from their face?

Since I was about fifteen I've noticed that after eating anything (especially fatty foods, it's much worse) that I get a sort of stinky fatty oil smell emitting from the pores of my face around my nose and chin and cheek bones. All I have to do is rub my face and I can smell it on my hand.

It is definately something internal, because I can wash my face until it is chapped and ...
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does flu = relapse?

I'm at home with the flu :(

The last time I had the stomach flu was 3 years ago and right before my dx. I ended up in the hospital for 3 days with dehydration. I think I've read some prior posts that indicated others have experienced relapses while dealing with the flu. Needless to say...I'm worried. I haven't left bed, just trying to get rest and ...
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Doctor Appointment Frequency

I have a question. How often does your doctor want to see you for follow-up appointments to get prescriptions renewed? Ever since I was diagnosed I have gone in yearly. This time I was asked to come back in six months even though I am doing well and am not having any problems right now. I asked him if I could come back in a year instead of six months and he said yes. ...
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News on the stem cell front

After I "made" this post, I remembered we have a Stem Cell thread, so this probably belongs there. ... _article=1

It was the kind of breakthrough scientists had dreamed of for decades and its promise to help cure disease appears to be fast on the way to being realized.
Researchers in November announced they were able to turn the clock back on skin cells and transform them into ...
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Extension blood draw rescheduled!

So I'm literally 5 minutes from leaving the house when I get a call from Opexa. I about shit. Anyway, they had been contacted by my donation center and they had screwed up the transport stuff for the exta test tubes they have to take besides the bag. Well they got a hold of me just in time. You would have read about me in the newspaper if I'd have gone down there and they ...
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Getting better too quickly... is it a bad thing?

I'm getting better rapidly from my MS. I've been taking n-acetylglucosamine (no clinical trials, just my own) for two weeks and the healing is staggering to me. Note: I am also on Copaxone, but have had no signs of improvement in the past few months. I immeditely starting seeing results from this n-acety stuff.

I am getting everything back extremely quick and it's kind of scaring me. I have heard that tysabri in combination with ...
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