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take those meds!!

Clinical trials of multiple sclerosis therapies
by All About MS on Thu 11 Jun 2009 12:00 AM CST | Permanent Link | Cosmos
Clinical trials of multiple sclerosis therapies: improvements to demonstrate long-term patient benefit.



The therapeutic goal for multiple sclerosis (MS) is to achieve a better long-term outcome. However, since available data come from short-term studies, it is important to review the evidence that current therapies provide long-term benefit.


Method and ...
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Rewriting the MS story

Fatigue, brain fog, and heat sensitivity are always at the top of the list of MS symptoms. These symptoms are lumped in with the others, and we have been led to believe the brain lesions are the cause. Jeff and Marie had immediate relief of some of the symptoms. I seriously doubt that a lesion (or two) mysteriously disappeared on the operating table. It seems to me that we now have two groups of symptoms ...
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Yes, another New Member

Hello all!

I have been surfing these message boards over the past week or so since my RRMS diagnosis. I am a 47 year old female with two children (ages 6 and 9) and a very supportive husband. It appears from the MRI, historical symptoms and medical history, that I have had this for some time. I have no active lesions and I am starting to feel better and the bad symptoms are starting to ...
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I don't know where to begin. Help?


I haven't been officially diagnosed, but the symptoms are speaking volumes, i.e. pins & needles, optic neuritis, depression, (no paralysis fortunately), speech problems (w/ a speech communications Master's degree ironically), and bladder problems.

I am a black female in Chicago's South Shore neighborhood, without a job, or health insurance, or a neurologist. My relapses, if that's what they are, are getting closer together, i.e. once months apart, now weeks.

They told me in college ...
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Wow, faster than a speeding bullet. As some of you have said, be prepared for your neuro to dismiss the idea out of hand, without even reading the material. I sent the December ’08 paper to my PCP. He read it, was cautious but thought it was interesting and wanted me to talk to my neuro. I had my annual checkup with him this week, so I prepared my “speech” and brought the paper. He ...
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Encouraging research

In some ways this research isn't earth shattering (we already know B cells are involved and that EAE sucks as an MS model), but on the other hand, I think they have made some impressive progress here.

Tracking down the causes of multiple sclerosis

June 10, 2009 -- -- Multiple sclerosis is a very complex disease of the nervous system. Thanks to the development of the new animal model, significantly improved insights into its ...
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Vena Cava obstruction=brain probs

HERE is a paper that is interesting

Analysis of venacavograms in 27 patients with superior vena caval obstruction revealed the following four patterns of venous collateral return: type I, partial obstruction (up to 90% stenosis) of the superior vena cave with patency of the azygos vein; type II, near-complete to complete obstruction (90-100%) of the superior vena cava with patency and antegrade flow through the azygos vein and into the right atrium; type Ill, near-complete ...

Coming back around?

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Simka's latest!!

Preliminary report on pathologic flow patterns in the internal jugular and vertebral veins of patients with multiple sclerosis
Marian Simka, Jacek Kostecki, Maciej Zaniewski, Eugeniusz Majewski, Danuta Szewczyk-Urgacz
Phlebological Review 2009; 17(2):61-64
ICID: 887336
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 3.00

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurologic disease of undetermined background. Recent discoveries suggest that this disease could be a venous pathology. The study has been done to assess veins in the neck in ...
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