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Non-typical symptoms?

Hi everyone!

My wife was diagnosed with MS in August 08 after having major migraines and the Dr. requested an MRI. Since the diagnosis she has had these episodes of blacking out. She is not falling unconcious, she is just not remembering up to an hour of time. Lately as the heat here in TX has gotten hotter she has had them more frequently - two this week alone. Has anyone else experienced this? Her ...
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Okay... MRV here we come!

After much discussion over the past couple of weeks we've decided to look into all of this.

I've emailed Dr. Dake, Mel is going to talk to her PCP.

I've asked him if there's anyone locally he'd trust to do the MRV. Then we've got the intervention to worry about if a problem is found.

Right at the very beginning of the process but it feels good to do something.
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Anyone trying GaitAid Virtual Walker yet?

Virtual Reality Helps MS Patients Regain Stability While Walking, Medigait LLC Claims
Article Date: 04 Nov 2008

Studies performed over the last few years show many Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients no longer have to live with a meandering or unsteady gait caused by their disease. According to a study published in the highly acclaimed medical journal "Neurology", closed-loop visual feedback helps MS patients improve their walking. Both stride length and walking speed improved dramatically helping ...
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A Tribute to my AMAZING wife (aka Cheerleader)

25 Years ago Joan (aka cheerleader) and I stood at the alter of my hometown church and said these words to each other:

'to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

(yes, we chose the traditional vows)

All of us with MS know you find out ...

My take on Tysabri after 7 infusions

Well after 7 infusions of this stuff, I thought I'd take the time to post my thoughts and obvservations concerning it. A quick history to give a starting point. Progressed from 1 on EDSS to 4.5 in a very short period of time prior to trying Tysabri. I was in the Tovaxin trial and opted out after 8 months in the extension, so to me, I was going untreated for roughly 2 years and progressed ...
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graphic links thorax and cervical

thorax spinal assignments and locations ... evels.html

cervical plexis


thorax nerves ... renic.html

I hope this intriqued you guys...this site has lots to roam around...

Vitamin Question for Jimmylegs??

Can you take too much B Complex?

I am taking 1 of these. Would it hurt or be to much to take 2?


Advan-C 100mg
B1 250mg
B2 10mg
B3 100mg
B6 100mg
Folic Acid 800mcg
B12 500mcg
Biotin 500mcg
B5 100mg


Cat :)
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My Update: Over a Year Now...

Well, I was Dx in Feb 08 with this craziness,

I have been off betaseron, for 7-8 Months now, and not really taking anything. Stupid I know, but a part of me just doesnt wanna deal with all the annoyance of counting pills out and taking them just to feel worst than I did before.

the Numbness that started this , is all but gone now, hot and cold still missing in my right leg ...
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I'm Going to Be Seen by the National Institutes Of Health!

A few weeks ago I was looking through the Multiple Sclerosis Quarterly Report, which is put out by NARCOMS, and noticed that the National Institutes of Health was running a trial called "Assessment of People with MS".

The NIH is compiling a database of MS patients, who they can dip into for further research at some later time. Becoming part of this database requires them to do a complete neurologic workup on a patient, which ...
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Brain MRI w/Contrast

I'm going today, in about an hour and a half and was just hoping to get some last minute advice and a few questions answered. With contrast, do I get a shot or am I hooked up to an IV and given whatever it is that way?

I have a permanent retainer, anyone have an MRI with metal in their mouth?

Other then that, I think I'm ready. Nervous, but ready. Oh, how long until ...
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