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Telling your Friends?

I have only been diagnosed with MS for about 6 months but I'm only 15 so it feels like much longer. I have told only a select group of friends and my family. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with whether or not I should make the fact that I have MS common knowledge or if I should just keep it to myself..
Would really appreciate replies x
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LDN and alcohol

Does anybody know whether it is recommended that alcohol is not consumed while taking LDN? Because I did drink the other weekend and got much drunker than I usually would have on a lot less alcohol. As it is, this is not an urgent question (I am 15), but it would be good to have knowledge on this subject for the future..
Thankyou x
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I keep LDN Dr lists for US, Overseas & Phone Consults

Hi Everyone,
I keep an LDN Dr list of Dr’s that prescribe LDN in the US, Overseas and Dr’s that do Phone Consults so if you need one please email me privately at and I will email you what I have on my list in your area.

Also if anyone has a Dr that prescribes LDN and you have their permission to be added to my list then please ...
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My husband cannot sleep. This has been going on for years. If he gets a couple of hours at a time, he is lucky. Lately things have been worse. I've read this can be caused by the MS. No, he doesn't sleep during the day. Any suggestions.
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getting sick,flu,cold, etc

I'm guessing that its just a simple 'Yes' or 'No' but I was unable to find the answer i was looking for... With MS, because it affects the CNS, does this mean it is easier, or more likely for a person to get sick over a person who doesn't have ms? And when I say sick, Im just talking about the common cold, or the flu or whatever. Thanks.
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spreading the ccsvi word

I posted on regimens moving to this thread

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Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 12:43 am Post subject: spreading the ccsvi word


I would like to help spread the word of CCSVI especially for those who can't get to Calif. If my memory serves me correctly, Cheer and/or Marie wrote a introduction piece for those that wanted to make contact w/other Docs in their ...
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"In Defense of Food"

Hi all...

I've been lurking for a while and decided that this is the time to post...

First, let me say I'm absolutely impressed with the quality of posts/info's all a bit overwhelming! It will take me time to really digest it but I'm particularly interested in the CSVI's really compelling!'s the thing...I just finished this book and found it to be very ...
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One Vein, Two Vein, Red Vein, Blue Vein

I can read it all by myself.

That's the goal. I'm interested in CCSVI. I’ve spent a little bit of time here at TIMS, first learning that a cytokine was and all about the variations of what is a white blood cell. Then I spent (and still spend) time on bacteria and antibiotics. So you might know just exactly the level of understanding I pursue. In a nutshell, I want to understand the “big words” ...

Raising heartrate and BP

Hi all,
I am thinking of trying to raise my bp and heart rate to increase blood flow. (My BP is 90/50 and Heart rate is 49-55bpm) I am going to start taking licorice root again and am thinking about maybe procarin (for the caffeine) has anyone tried this?

I know some herbs that raise BP and HR can be lethal, so I will make sure I don't over do it. Any other herb suggestions? ...
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