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sporting news

Hi all

Nothing to do with ms, but I am just so damn proud, I have to share it. Tonight South Africa won the Rugby World Cup, beating England in the final in France, score 15 - 6!!!!! This is the second time we have won (1995 in South Africa), and we are the only country after Australia to have ever won it twice. We never lost a match throughout this world cup - our ...
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The Desiderata

I was walking around Halloween shopping with my family when I came across this prose taped to the bathroom wall of a used bookstore we were perusing. It's amazing where you find inspiriation. I was in a major funk because I was realizing how hard shopping has become for me. There have to be bathrooms close by, my legs just can't take it, and if it's a crowded store, I can't move around well at ...
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MRI Results - Any insight?


Well, just got back from GP. He says "no lesions on the brain, but I am not ruling out MS yet", so he is still referring me for a neurology appt. on 11/14. Here's what my report says: What do you think?

T2 weighted imaging demonstrates punctate areas of high signal intensity within the centrum semiovale, possibly representing prominent Virchoe-Robin spaces. There is no evidence of abnormal enhancing lesion. The periventricular white matter appears ...
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Good MS Doctor In Kentucky

Hi folks;
I'm new to this forum, and I need some info. My doctor does not specialize in MS, and I'm trying to choose a new one. I have had secondary progressive MS for about 20 years. I'm on copaxone, and a few other maintenance drugs. I am now totally disabled, but I have not given up!
I do know there are some very good looking drugs coming down the pipeline, and I think it ...
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Wisconsin Girl Here - Diagnosis (or not) in 2 hours!

I am sitting here just freaking out. I think I'm having an anxiety attack LOL ;) I brain MRI on Wed w/contrast and I have follow up with GP at 2pm CST. I have TONS of symptoms. I'd like to post them here, but it's not really going to matter since I will know in just a short amount of time. All I'm asking for is some ...
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Market date for Fampridine?

Howdy all,

Has anyone heard an expected market date for Fampridine? It certainly sounds like it will be a great help in symptom management if you are in the "responder" group. Is anyone on the board in the phase III trial for Fampridine? If so, how has the trial gone for you? Do you feel that it has helped with tingling sensations? With ease of walking?

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New stem cells by reprogramming

Published: Thursday, 18-Oct-2007
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Researchers are discovering new ways to help 'de-program' specialised cells so that they can be re-programmed to form a range of different types of tissue, an international meeting of stem cell biologists was told.
If this approach can be made to succeed, it could circumvent many of the ethical and moral objections that have been raised to using human stem cells derived from embryos - the ...
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More news on Biogen's sale

Carl Icahn raises the stakes for Big Pharma
The financier has set a high benchmark for bidders for the biotech firm. Fortune's John Simons explains why Big Pharma is likely to pay top dollar for a very risky asset.

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Biogen stock trade

Biogen stock sale generates 1.4 million in a single day's trade for executive vice president. ... 333509.htm

I can't find the exact thread right now, but I seem to recall a couple of their execs selling a large quantity of stock right before Tysabri was initially pulled from the market followed by their share price getting cut in half. The above stock sale sounds almost like cashing out ...
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Not particularly impressive results:

Chaperonin 10 Shows Improvements in New Lesions in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis 19 October 2007

Intravenous administration of the mitochondrial chaperone protein chaperonin 10 is safe and well tolerated, and shows a decrease in new lesions in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a study presented here at the 23rd Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS).

Principal investigator Simon Broadley, MD, PhD, ...
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