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finally in part 2

Signed consent forms today (Doc scared the shit out of me). A question to those of you in the know, how long after treatment did it take to get back to an OK physical place, i.e. work, hobbies, general activities etc.?
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Breast feeding while on Avonex

I recently had a baby and my current dr said it was ok to breast feed and be on avonex at the same time. All my past doctors and most of what I read online say not to. Does anyone else have some insight?
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Wisdom Teeth extraction with MS..anyone?

My husband's dentist has been on him for years....wants him to have his wisdom teeth removed. They are not impacted or infected (that we can see) but they are crooked. Dentist thinks he'd be better off without them. He's really pushing.

I'm concerned about surgery for him...anyone have experience in this? Thoughts?
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Hi everyone,

My name is Ellie Crawshaw and I am researching adaptations to the homes of disabled people, in the UK for my third year dissertation at the University of Leeds. In particular, I am researching disabled people’s input into the design of their adaptations, and their input into the planning process, and so looking at the role of occupational therapists and contractors within this. The aim of my research is to highlight the level ...
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I am getting over a bad attack of bilateral optic neuritis and have been getting horrible headaches ever since. It came on about 2 1/2 months ago. My vision is pretty much back to normal, but my head is not. I hurts so bad behind my right eye... kind of a dull, throbbing pain, that is definitely intensified whenever I move my eye to the side.

Anyone else had headaches stick around so long after ...
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Inclined Therapy I.T. Multiple Sclerosis & Varicose Vein

In this thread you will find how Postural Therapy is making a huge difference for people with multiple sclerosis.

This therapy is free and addresses the problem with swollen / varicosed veins and Chronic venous insufficiency.

If you could answer the questions below and check the apporpriate box it will help us to understand the connection between venous problems and multiple sclerosis.

Thank you

Do you have, or have you ever had varicose veins?

Or ...
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Possible MS?

Hi I have just joined this forum and with everything thats going on, I'm really hoping that it helps!

So here's my story: Recently (1 week ago) I developed Anisocoria (unequal pupils) and my right one was not reacting, as a result I was unable to focus near objects i.e. difficulty with reading/looking at the computer. Investigation for that led to me getting an MRI that showed some demyelinating lesions in the white matter. I'm ...
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Neuroprotective drugs

Hi! Do you take any drugs particularly prescribed for neuroprotection by your neuro? Are there in your knowledge, at all any scientifically proven to serve this purpose?
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McDonald criteria & Differtial Diagnosis

I have recently been noticing that a lot of published papers talk of participants being included via the McDonald criteria, which is considered the "gold standard" for diagnosing MS. So I went and brushed up on exactly what the meant.

Looking at the McDonald criteria, there is no reference to testing for differential diagnosis. :?

Does that mean that these studies could be including people who have ...
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Any idea whats wrong with me?? Possible Mult. Sclerosis?

lets see... my symptoms are/ but not always limited to...
- high anxiety
- don't leave the house much
- high fatigue
- loss of apatite - finding it hard to even force to eat at times.
- nauseated
- body twitch - different parts - legs, arms, back
-swelling in face - knife pain behind it - numb feeling (can hold ice on those teeth and not even feel it) (also had an ENT ...
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