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Head Fogginess/MS Fatigue


I am just wondering if anyone has ever experienced extreme fatigue sydndromes I just came back from my neuro. I've been complaining about major fatigue for about a year now and I described to him about the strange fogginess in my head and that I could not lift up a piece of paper because of this. He is a wonderful doctor. He notates every single thing in his file that you say to him ...
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heart trouble topic for jen (bumped for terry)

jimmylegs wrote:
jen what kind of heart things..

-Irregular heartbeat which so far never happens around a physician. Probably benign, since they say these things usually are. Comes and goes. But has spiraled upward in terms of frequency and duration of symptoms since I first experienced it 9 years ago my first pg. Not associated with other symptoms (ie no shortness of breath or lightheadedness or anything).

-The thing where you fall asleep and wake ...
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Controlling flu-like symptoms-beginning Rebif this week

I am starting Rebif this week. I was diagnosed with RRMS last week. Does anyone have any tips to controll the flu-like symptoms associated with Rebif? The MD recommended naprosyn two hours before dose and for the followig 24hours. Does anyone have a better idea? Thanks... :)
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Does head injury end up as MS later on? BBB Damages?

I was wondering how many people with MS had suffered some sort of trauma to the head in their lives? I also was wondering if severe stress overload for a prolonged time causes the body not to compensate for the old injury and there you go. I had a very bad car accident when I was 21, woke up with partial amnesia-VERY weird. My head hit the windshield as my car went through a buildings ...
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Baltimore in May?


Looks like my re-dose is going to have happen in early May.

Anyone visiting Hopkins in May? Wanna visit me, too?

As of now, the 4 days that are in-patient receiving chemo, I will be there alone. :(

I'm scared as heck this time as someone told me that the cytoxin has a cumulative effect. I didn't get sick at all last time and it worried ...
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kidney stone?

I've been on copaxone for about a year and a half. We tried stopping it then going every other day, but still lumps the size of softballs, fire engine red, with burning and itching for a good week. Now, I've found out I have a kidney stone, and when they discovered the kidney stone, they saw "something questionable" on my liver. In reading the material on copaxone after this, there seems to be a connection ...
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6th PML Case?


have anybody heard somthing about a new case, the Boston Globe ist writing somthing about it.

<shortened url>
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Neurologists will use oral Multiple Sclerosis drugs as first

Neurologists will use oral Multiple Sclerosis drugs as first line treatment less than 30% of the time

Decision Resources finds that surveyed neurologists anticipate that less than 30 percent of their use of emerging oral agents --- Merck Serono's oral cladribine, Novartis/Mitsubishi Pharma's fingolimod (FTY-720) --- for the treatment of multiple sclerosis will be in the first line. Surveyed neurologists expect to use these drugs in patients who refuse injectables, filling an important unmet need ...
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This thread is to keep track of the research related to the CCSVI -Chronic CerebroSpinal Venous Insufficiency-- in one accessible place. Most all of the blue links in the post below link to FULL CITATIONS. This page is a good reference for physicians.

If you want to print just one paper for your doctor, use the Dec 08 paper with the venograms and add the address of this page so further investigation is possible if ...
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