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I have read a lot from the people in this forum and I appreciate you thinking out side the box. However I do not know of any cardiovascular problem that relapses and remits. Also I can not understand why revimmune, which wipes out the IMMUNE SYSTEM, seems to be a very effective treatment. I understand the excitement in this thread but please guys do not give people false hope. MS is way more similar in ...
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CCVI/ EBV link?

So, I am am firm believer that EBV and/or HHV's role in MS can no longer be dismissed. I also find the CCVI connection to be compelling. Here's my dilemma, after doing a search for both EBV and venous stenosis there was a ton of hits which honestly gave me a headache. I have to wonder if the pattern is that EBV causes CCVI and CCVI leads to MS.
Thinking out loud,
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Capillary brain telangiectasia

Does anyone else show a telangiectasia on their brain MRI? This is a brain stem vascular malfunction. My MRI shows that I have the "t" in the pons area of the brain.
Abstract: Repetitive cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed lesions typical of multiple sclerosis (MS) with one Gd-enhancing focus in the left parietal cerebrum which correlated to the clinical symptoms of a secondary progressive female MS patient. Since this Gd-enhancing lesion lasted over more ...
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Dr Simka's newest

Dr Simka has a new paper out in Current Neurovascular Issues titled
Blood Brain Barrier Compromise with Endothelial Inflammation may Lead to Autoimmune Loss of Myelin during Multiple Sclerosis(clickable)

Blood Brain Barrier Compromise with Endothelial Inflammation may Lead to Autoimmune Loss of Myelin during Multiple Sclerosis
Marian Simka

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease characterized by multifocal areas of inflammation and demyelination within the central nervous system. The mechanism that triggers the disease remains elusive. ...
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Muscle Skeletal Influence on the Vascular

So as not to plug up the other areas in discussion I would like any comments here about Muscle Skeletal Influence on the Vascular. Can we use (MSI/V) as the acronym ? In my particular case I feel there may be a strong influence of the MSI/V Life long physical labor and activity has left me with some serious spinal issues, and tightening of the muscles around my neck and spine. Recently I stopped using ...

More EBV stuff

We seem to be getting an MS / EBV research article almost every week. The evidence is certainly stacking up that EBV is invovled. At the end of the month the ACTRIMS conference is focusing on EBV and Vit D.

Here is an abstract of some research looking at the bigger picture relating to the involvement of EBV in MS.

<shortened url>
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Magnetic Field Therapy

A promising treatment for fatigue...

Effect of BEMER Magnetic Field Therapy on the Level of Fatigue in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized, Double-Blind Controlled Trial.

J Altern Complement Med. 2009 May 7.
Piatkowski J, Kern S, Ziemssen T.
1 Neurological Outpatient Center Reichenbachstrasse , Dresden, Germany .

Electromagnetic field therapy has been reported to be beneficial in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) with significant fatigue. This study was designed to evaluate the long-term ...
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Day 2

Well, I'm a little behind in updating!

After my first dose of chemo....that night I awoke at 2am feeling a little bit nauseous. Not a lot - but some. They gave me something for it and back to sleep I went.

I slept most of day 2. Nothing really to report. At 5pm they ran my second dose.

Oh, a little earlier in the day, I managed to get the nurse to unhook me from ...
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I am so excited by this CCSVI model I feel like it is time for a reality check:

It is important to remember that we, including all of us and me and Cheer, are not experts, but people whove been hurt by MS. It is also true that Dr Zamboni is cautious about his work and the findings so far. He is building his case step by step

First he offered the hypothesis
next he ...
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