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Stent operation - main points?

I'm quite curious about the stent operation.. I would be pleased if you (who know) could tell main things about surgery.

So far I know something like this:
- usually problems are in jugular vein/s or Azygos vein (typical to ms)?
- jugulars are at neck area? and Azygos lower, between heart and neck, and near spine?
- patient is awake during operation?
- after operation patient has to use medicine to keep blood thin? ...
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the iron angle


I know everyone is really focused on the downstream stenoses, but Zamboni's paper also focuses on the immediate mechanism of damage - namely, he thinks high iron concentrations are a cause, and not just a symptom of the lesions and damage.

At the end of his paper Zamboni suggests investigation into "induced iron deficiency" - perhaps indicating we might try avoiding foods high in iron?
Or go for iron-binding proteins, iron inhibitors, chelators, therapeutic ...
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Do site reactions ever get better?

I am on my fifth week and have converted to self-injecting with 5 minutes of heat beforehand and holding the shot under my arm to warm it. That has helped a lot with the sting but the welts on my arms. They are red and firey and hugely swollen and then turn a lovely shade of purple but only after about 4 days--just in time to take another shot. I have discolored places on ...
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Subscribing to Sub-Forums

We are able to 'watch' certain threads for new posts, but is there any way to watch an entire sub-forum for new threads?

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How long have you had MS?

Hi everybody. I just found this forum and thought I'd ask a couple questions that have been bothering me for a while.

I wondered how long a person with MS can function "normally." (Please no snide comments about what "normal" is....) I mean, I've heard some people who've had it for 12 years and who seem fine, and others who've had it for for only a year who can barely function. Does it tend to ...
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Two Gene Locations Linked To Multiple Sclerosis Discovered

looks interesting...

ThinkingOutLoud ... 153259.htm

ScienceDaily (June 14, 2009) — Australian and New Zealand researchers have accelerated research into Multiple Sclerosis by discovering two new locations of genes which will help to unravel the causes of MS and other autoimmune disease.

Their findings will be published today in the journal Nature Genetics.
"For decades the cause of MS has remained a mystery. This discovery reveals important new insights ...
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Non-Surgical Options for CCSVI

Hi All,

I'd like to get everyone's input regarding what can be done to help with CCSVI for those of us who can't get the stent placements at the moment.

I've been reading that breathing exercises could be good for vasolidation, as well as b3/niacin, and possibly even LDN. Anyone more knowledgeable please correct me if I'm wrong with any of these and add any more information you have if possible (diet/exercise/etc)


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Almost off topic: Radiologist and some thoughts

Hi all.

I feel a little down these days. I have gained some weight, 30 lbs, due to an antidepressant. I am a little confused, too. Not MS confusion, but rhetorical. Here are the facts:

Neurologists disgust me. I can think of no symptom they can really treat. Spasticity? Oscillopsia? Paralysis? Blurred vision?

How about diseases? What can they really cure, or at least help, without ruining the life of the patient?
MS? ALS? Alzheimer's? ...

Response from Neuro

Ok so I decided to email my Neuro information about CCSVI and MS and attach links to the research papers. Of course I let him know that I have already showed several doctors here at Yale who find the research to be interesting.

His response to me was "It all sounds interesting. We will discuss it at your next visit."

At least he didn't shoot it down and seems interested. My next appt. is in ...
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