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ms, how many lesions?

hi, im new in here and dont know if this guestion really is in the right place,
and sorry for my not so good english.

i didnt found a thread like this anywhere so:
just would like to know that how many lesions you people here have on your brain? how many lesions is really a lot??

i had about 13 a year ago, now have 50....still can walk by myself
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are scizophrenia and ms genetically linked

back in the 1990s, mom read an article in the San Jose mercury news paper about scitzophrenia and ms being genetically linked. I cant find anything on the internet about it. but I did find it linked with in the same individual. I ask because I am a possible ms, my sister, father, his sister, and his maternal aunt have scizophrenia and his maternal uncle has ms. anyone?
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Skydog (Mark) home from Stanford

Hey Sharron can we change the topic heading to Home from Stanford or whatever you see fit.

As you requested Mark :lol:

How are you doing?
Do you have anything to add to the thread "Getting Ready for Stanford"? I am sure you noticed something that is not posted.
You wrote
I have started a story on the procedure that i will finalize and post soon.
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Need information to pass on to others.

Hello, I am a member of a Anxiety Forum. I am looking for information to help people who suffer from anxiety disorders who are convinced that they have M.S.
It seems severe, continuous anxiety causes many physical symptoms in anxiety sufferers.
I myself have had many strange symptoms such as vision changes, constant muscle twitching, severe physical pain, burning sensations, tingling, urinary problems, dizziness, strange feelings in my legs and the list could go on ...
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Hi all,

Just wondering if any of you have experienced a 'numbness' or 'pins/needles' sensation on parts of your body? I'm experiencing these at the moment on the right side of my body...the face, legs and arms.

I've asked for advise from my neuro abt this and his reply was that if it doesn't restrict me from doing things then there's no need to take steroids. He said that it should go away gradually. He ...
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Is CCSVI old? you decide...

These were sent to me translated by Dr Simka. Note the dates....and you tell me is this new? 8O

Zh Vopr Neirokhir Im N N Burdenko. 1999 Apr-Jun;(2):8-13; discussion 14.

Tsuladze II.
As any other organ, the spinal cord also ...
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Dissappearing twin syndrome

I had a theory relating to MS cause, well, not just Multiple Sclerosis but all such auto-immune diseases. Please read the following clip on "Vanishing-twin syndrome":

Stranger than Fiction In extremely rare cases of vanishing twin syndrome, two early stage embryos fuse into a single embryo containing two unique sets of DNA. The surviving twin becomes what�s known as a chimera�essentially two people in one body. Chimeras can have different sets of DNA in different ...
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Thoracic spine lesions

I have some - so this would this indicate a blocked azygos I take it? Anyone else with lesions that low?
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Diet/Nutrition/Lifestyle in the CCSVI paradigm

Had a great visit with Dr. John Cooke at Stanford. He's the endothelial researcher there and the man that connected me to Dr. Dake. He's applying for grants to study CCSVI in animals and at the serum/endothelial level. He had some suggestions for MS patients searching for vascular/venous health.

1. Exercise! This is the best way to keep the endothelium healthy and nitric oxide levels balanced. Cardiovascular/aerobic exercise is best. Anyway you can get the ...


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