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University of Southern California - Stem Cell

Forgive me if this is a repeat of info already on this web site.

Heard something on the radio here in Los Angeles yesterday and wondered if anyone has heard that stem cell treatment for MS patients at USC has been going on here.

The on-demand of this blurb can be found below choosing the June 12 Morning Commentary and is at about 2 minutes into the report.
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questions about MRV?

I've been reading here, now about two days - and Im very convinced about CCSVI with ms.

I already mentioned something about Zamboni's research and CCSVI in finnish forum. I don't know much about research equipments like MRV - so my questions are:
a) are MRV's common machines in every neurological hospitals? Or are they still rare "in the field"?
b) Can doctors make similar studies about CCSVI wiht different equipment, like ultra or mri? ...
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My MRA results

Back in 2001 when my MS was diagnosed I also had an MRA done for differential diagnosis. Would the results of that examination be conclusive for CCSVI?

Here are the diagnostic findings (my hopefully understandable english translation)

Cranial MRA
Examiniation methode: tof fisp 3D sequnce
Making of caronay and saggital MIP reconstruction.

Normal vascular findings. Slim blood vessels.
No evidence of vascular pathology, a vascular deformation or aneurysmatic lesions.
Very slim A. communicans ...
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Personal Genomics for Treatments?

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has purchased genome sequencing kits from 23andMe / deCODEme / Navigenics / etc. and if they've somehow helped in determining any treatments?

I just received a google alert today with the following article


Dr. Topol told the audience that in the last week alone, major genes for multiple sclerosis, for about 4 percent of all ovarian cancers, and for testicular cancer were discovered and reported. ...
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Thoughts on the power of HOPE

In reading "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl, I'm taken aback with the profundity of this book. It is about how people in the concentration camps survived and how 'overridingly' important hope is, to the exclusion of about everything else in it's significance. Just a couple of thoughts that have really, really hit me and made me think a whole bunch.

"He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How" ...
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From Bench To Bedside: Academia slows the search for cures

An article discussing how research is driven more by scientific discovery then medical treatments. First comment by the founder of the Myelin Repair Foundation. Both are enlightening.
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Hello I'm Island girl

Hello, my name is Islandgirl I am scheduled to have the CCVIS venous MRI and possible surgery July 7th and 8th. I feel very good about my decision to have surgery, if I have jugular blockages. I want to thank mrhodes-40 for all her help and generosity in time and phone calls explaining and getting me informed, up and running on this web sight. She is wonderful.

If I get the surgery, I will be ...
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Please share your views on the most promising studies

Hello everybody. I am trying to figure out the best study options for me to participate in. Can other forum members please share their views on the most promising research studies?

I have had chronic progressive MS for 23 years. I was turned down by JH for the Revimmune procedure. I just started at a research hospital, Wash U. in StL, and I am not sure of what current ...
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Copaxone Thoughts...vs Interferons for inflammation

I was told Copaxone is not good for inflammation in the brain. The drugs good for that are Rebif or Betaseron. Is there any truth to this and does anyone know anything about this.
I was told Copaxone doesn't help with any sort of inflammation/swelling as the interferons do.
Thanks for the input.
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