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I can't stop yawning

Over the past week it's been getting worse, I just can't stop yawning. I yawn every minute or so no matter how tired or pumped up I am. I've been doing the magnesium thing but it's just not helping and it's driving me crazy!
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Bone density drug causes jaw bone cancer

This is old news to me, but it is another study that merits attention since some doctors do not take this into account when prescribing Fosamax and other bone thinning drugs.

Many of us will develop osteoporosis as a result of taking too many steroids for MS symptoms.


Is 'Bone Death' Of The Jaw The Next Health Epidemic Facing Seniors?
25 Sep 2008

Despite little publicity surrounding the ailment, seniors may be facing an ...
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- 3 Month Post HiCy (Revimmune) MRI results -

- 3 Month Post HiCy (Revimmune) MRI results -

Interval improvement with resolution of enhancement in all the previously enhancing lesions in both cerebral hemispheres. The extensive demyelation in the supratentorial brain, pons, cerebellum and brainstem is stable. In fact, all previously enhancing lesions in both cerebral hemispheres no longer demonstrate enhancement.

Cervical Spine:
Stable multifocal cervical cord demyelation and focal cord atrophy at C4. Again, no enhancing lesion is seen.

Thoracic Spine:
Stable ...

6 months after Campath

Today was me & Jessica's 6 month check up. I scored 100% on the PASAT math test, and my vision is still awesome at 20/20 & 20/15.
This is the same as before Campath.
For the other neuro/reflexes, walking, and balance tests, I also scored about the same as before, my EDSS is 2.5
My left side is definately weaker as it always has been.

The EDSS might end up a little higher because I ...
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Macarthur Foundation fellow

One of the winners of a Macarthur grant is doing some interesting work with neural stem cells.

Sally Temple is a developmental neuroscientist who traces the mechanisms by which embryonic progenitor cells divide into highly specialized neurons and support cells.


Recently, Temple has shown that progenitor cells gradually lose their capacity to divide into cell types that normally form the earliest cortical layers; this effect can be ...
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Iam sure this topic has been covered many times but I"am courious how offen a nuero will order an MRI for a patient. It has been 3 years for my wife seems like a long time to me. Thanks for any help
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WCTRIMS & Cyclophosphamide

There were a couple of poster presentations for High Dose Cyclophosphamide at the MS conference in Canada...P22 and P522.

I haven't seen any news or details from the presentations. Anyone know anything.

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Why no Rituxan board?

Just wondering why there is no separate board for Rituxan in the treatment forums?

I just finished my second Rituxan infusion this past Friday, and I'd love to be able to compare notes with other patients receiving this treatment. It's being used more and more frequently off label, and would seem to warrant its own subgroup.

FYI, I'm PPMS, and have failed a myriad of other treatments. I had my first infusion of Rituxan on ...
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If cytoxan has been used for so long...

Last night, I started reading Howard Weiner's book, "Curing MS". In it, he writes about using cyclophosphamide in the early 80's with mixed results. Also, doing a web search, I came across this

<shortened url>

Notice the date - 1983
So, if doctors have been using this so long for MS, what's different about the Hopkins treatment?
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Spinal Tap pre HiCy

As much as I was never wanting to have a spinal tap (so I didn't have one for my diagnosis as it wasn't necessary)...I almost wish I had because I'm curious as to if the results would be different post HiCy.

Any thoughts on this?

I guess I'll ask the folks at JH next month.... wish I had thought of it before though!

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