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hi. i'm not really a new member, but i haven't posted for a very long time, and then, not much. i'll try to get around to posting in the introductions thread eventually.

my question is about use of painkillers for flu side effects with rebif. i started on my first inj of treatment this morning. it was only the 8.8 mcg dose, so the side effects haven't been too bad. but i've also been able ...
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Loss of evolutionary normal conditions

This article doesn't refer directly to MS but does add to the increasing evidence extolling that the loss of the historical parasite/host relationships could have had negative impact on the functions of the human immune system.

Of course the obvious question is what kind of problems we should expect from the loss of this millions of year old relationship and of course immune dysfunctions are the kind of things we should expect and indeed started ...
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LDN-Gulf War Syndrome

Interesting article on a trial at Stanford University with veterans of the Gulf War. Trial is still open for participants. Trial is being funded by a private donor. ... r_syndrome

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Puberty age and MS risk

This could go a long way to explaining why MS incidence is rising among women faster than men:

Age of puberty and the risk of multiple sclerosis: a population based study.

Eur J Neurol. 2008 Dec 23.
Ramagopalan SV, Valdar W, Criscuoli M, Deluca GC, Dyment DA, Orton SM, Yee IM, Ebers GC, Sadovnick AD; for the Canadian Collaborative Study Group*.
Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, and Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford, ...
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Old leprosy drug effective against autoimmune diseases
Washington, Feb 1 (ANI): A century-old drug used to treat leprosy has shown promise in treating multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases, say researchers.

The old drug called clofazimine, made in the 1890s originally failed to treat tuberculosis but has worked well as an antileprosy medicine.

"We never expected that an old antibiotic would hit this target that has been implicated in multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and type ...
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Why autoimmune?

Hi all.

I have the feeling that I am missing something fundamental. Why is MS autoimmune? What is the evidence?

I disagree with this dogma, but I have been looking for studies in PubMed proving this hypothesis. But it is always considered as a fact without citation. What I have found so far is that SOMETIMES there are lymphocytes, either B or T, at the site of the lesion. How can this be enough?

Let ...
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Overlap of Multiple sclerosis and lyme disease

Interesting lecture about the overlap in multiple sclerosis and borrelia by Steven Phillips, M.D.:

also many other interesting presentations regarding this by other researchers and doctors:
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Food Sensitivity

Gotta love my wife for finding this one...

Wow 8O
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I just wanted to ask if anyone has already tried homeopathy along with tysabri and if there were some reactions / results / feelings /whatever?
I'm on my 7th shot and I had quite a bad last month, difficulty walking and some urinary problems but it might be the winter season or something since it wasn't so bad before. however, my neuro says my last MRI which I did 1 month ago are excellent ...
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I am opening this thread to discuss possible connections between the material on the CCVI thread in the general discussion forum and CPn.

Rather than quote all the material for that 16 page forum thread, I'll assume readers have read the discussion over there, found here

1. Zamboni did blinded research on large numbers of patients in three studies that shows venous abnormalities in 100% of MS ...
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