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myelin repair

Go to The Myelin Repair Foundation homepage to watch the video.

March 23, 2009
The Promise of Stem Cells and Myelin Repair

President Obama’s lifting of federal restrictions on the use of embryonic stem cells in scientific research has generated considerable news coverage and many questions from our supporters about the impact of this reversal on our own research.

While MRF research to date has not involved embryonic stem cells, we are working with more ...
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Getting an MRI monday

I decided to get a new MRI. I had this disease for over a decade and a half. Always considered RRMS, but not sure if the most recent MRI will show any enhancement so I have to admit I am a little nervous. Funny I used to be worried I would show active lesion, now I am worried I might not.

At any rate, I thought I would start off getting an MRI to see ...
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Worm therapie ...


Worm therapies CAN dampen autoimmune disease.


Since i have IBS, some college told me this some time ago (It works for Crohn’s Disease).
Where this therapy can be found? ... in US? in Canada?
It's armless since worms have been made "no reproduction possible".

Take care.
I'm not a doctor obviously ...
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Hughes Syndrome mimics MS ...


You may, some of you, take a look at this and ask your doc, unless you had a really clear diag.

<shortened url>


Some peoples have been misdiagnosed and cured by taking Aspirin (50-60mg), heparin or warfarin.

May be try this (Aspirin low dose) and see what happens before asking for test.

Take care.
I'm not a doctor obviously ...
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MSNews active again

After a several month hiatus, MSNews is back in action at Accelerated Cure Project's web site.

Thanks for your patience while it was down.

For those new ThisIsMS members, MSNews is a blog of daily updates on the goings on in MS that the Accelerated Cure Project finds to be of interest. It's also a great database of past info that you can search.

Many people on this site used to view it, so ...
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The problem with all the MS-pregnancy press

I need to rant! Too many people are reading about damn MS and pregnancy.

So now everyone thinks it goes away completely when you're pregnant and they're giving me a hard time when I'm feeling fatigued or weak.

I took a work-from-home day last week and my boss grilled me for it, claiming I shouldn't need those days now that I'm pregnant. This is my first one since getting pregnant.

EFF OFF! Pregnancy certainly seems ...
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immune molecules in the brain

I think maybe it is from an unexpected basic research finding like this that we will make significant progress in understanding MS.

Workhorse immune molecules lead secret lives in the brain

March 30, 2009 - Molecules assumed to be in the exclusive employ of the immune system have been caught moonlighting in the brain - with a job description apparently quite distinct from their role in immunity.

Carla Shatz, PhD, professor of neurobiology and of ...
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MS isn't all bad...

99.999999% bad, yes, but not ALL bad...lower cancer risk in people with MS was already known before this study, but more evidence is always nice...

Multiple sclerosis associated with lower cancer risk

March 30, 2009 - A new study shows that people with multiple sclerosis may be at a lower risk for cancer overall, but at a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as brain tumors and bladder cancer. The study is ...
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Pregnant Cat Cures MS!

Not really, but look out for that headline at a tabloid near you. Seriously, this article looks at importance of remyelination in pregnant cats with some kind of disorder. It highlights the importance of remyelination, which I've been wondering about since there seems to be demyelination and a neurodegenerative element to MS.

Study of cat diet leads to key nervous system repair discovery

March 30, 2009 - Scientists studying a mysterious neurological affliction in cats ...
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budget supplies for MSrs

I would like to share with you a few resources that i use that are mail order & for those of us that do not have good mobility and home delivery is preferred. And have limited $$$

I purhase my mineral/vitamin etc. from they offer deals and nodeal prices are great too. as an example check natural calm...more than 1/2 price.

For those that suffer from incontinence HDIS ...
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