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Need some help/advice

Hello everyone,

I introduced myself in topic about Enkorten therapy. Many of you probably didn't read it, so I'll introduce myself again.

My name is Adi, and I live in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). MY mom has MS, since 1994. Her condition was quite good for some time, but in the last year or two has become worse. She is not able to walk or sit at all.

As I didn't found a topic discussing ...
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TMI copaxone q - women's stuff

Guys - you might not wanna read this, it's a 'women's trouble' question!

Sorry for the TMI - For any ladies on copaxone - has it affected your cycle in any way? I am having issues and trying to work out what the cause is. Have been bleeding for 15 days now and the only options I can think of are either that the MS meds have screwed me up or that I have had ...
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Alpha Lipoic Acid

I have mislaid a link taking one to a cheap provider of alpha lipoic acid. I note that this supplement is said to inhibit the expression of ICAM and VCAM in CNS endothelial cells. These assist the migration of T cells across the bbb. I think. Anyway I'm planning on increasing the quantity of alpha lipoic acid to several grams a day but Solgar is a total rip off. Any suggestions?
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High Tech Device Helps Foot Drop Patients Walk Normally

Has anyone heard or seen anything about this device?


High-Tech Device Helps Stroke Patients Walk Normally - Electrical Stimulation Technology Gives Patients Control Of Foot And Leg Muscles
16 Sep 2008

(Among stroke survivors and patients suffering from other neurological or muscular disorders, one common difficulty they face is foot drop, a partial leg paralysis that prevents the foot from lifting. Foot drop causes instability and difficulty walking. Now, Rush University Medical Center is ...
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Hello from the Garden State!

Hi Everyone,

Well, I was diagnosed with MS three weeks ago this upcoming Thursday. It started with Optic Neuritis and you could have blew me over with a feather when the Opthamologist said "you know, I want you go to go a neurologist. This could be MS." Well, after plenty of testing, MRI, etc. I met with the neurologist (after an initial meeting) and in 10 minutes found out I had MS, what the pros ...
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Anyone "heavy" on Avonex?

Hey Everyone,

I'm definitely overweight and I'll be starting Avonex soon. Anyone else on here have a little extra "junk in the trunk" hahaha and how do you do with your Avonex shot? Where do you take your shot?

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Rituxan News

Here's some recent news regarding Rituxan...

FDA cites brain virus with Genentech, Biogen drug
FDA alerts doctors to fatal case of rare brain virus in patient taking Rituxan
September 11, 2008: 04:39 PM EST

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Federal regulators said Thursday one case of a deadly brain infection has been reported in a patient taking Genentech and Biogen Idec's blockbuster arthritis and cancer drug Rituxan.

The Food and Drug Administration said the woman ...
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I Feel Stupid!!!

I consider myself to be fairly bright, did ok on the SATS, did well in college and so on...

When Brian was diagnosed with MS this year I became the "researcher". I've looked into everything. Investigated all the treatment options, looked into new diets, asked for help in determining good vitamins and other supplements, but I just can't wrap my mind around the treatment studies. I get lost with the numbers and confusing statistics.

I ...
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Requesting Constructive Opinions/Insights

if nobody minds, i thought i'd repost this entry to perhaps get more thoughts on the pickle i'm in.

thanks so much, guys. so i gather from what you write that i should be able to get steroids immediately after procurement and it won't affect my vaccine schedule one bit, right? and a few other questions:
*does anyone know if a 3 day course of steroids is as good as a 5 day course? ...
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High Dose Cyclophosphamide Papers

Three papers which Leon posted in another thread.

They make for very interesting reading.

Perhaps this thread should be sticky? I found them very useful

1. Multiple sclerosis: long-term remission after a high dose of cyclophosphamide

2 High dose cyclophosphamide preferentially targets naïve T (CD45/CD4/RA+) cells in CIDP and MS patients

3 Reduction of Disease Activity and Disability With High-Dose
Cyclophosphamide in Patients With Aggressive Multiple Sclerosis
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