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tell me

give me some news abt the stent/ when i was in italy they were trying 2 figure 1 out/ now there seems 2 be 1/ who invented it/ seems like this thing really has wings/ STAY STRONG ALL --PEACE :?: :?: :?:
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Immune system activation in CCSVI

Marie is on the road, and NHE brought up some important points regarding the immune system, autoimmunity in MS, and how this may fit in the model of CCSVI. Here are NHE's thoughts...

I am of the opinion that the immune activation is secondary to venous insufficiency , that it is a response, and the "autoimmune" reaction of MS will be halted once venous insufficiency is corrected. It ...

sorry if this is too rude, it's funny

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weed pollen allergies

I have read in thisisms that during the pollen seasons, a relaspe may occur..

Stinging Nettle and quercetin will help
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too young to retire

I'm a 53 year old male. My GP says I have MS, My Neuro says POSSIBLE MS. I've had all kinds of tests, including 2 MRI's, 3 CT's, multiple blood tests, a VEP test (still waiting for report). I have a 2cm lesion on my brain which was thought to be a tumor (I had a brain biopsy which proved it's a lesion)
I'm wondering if it's my age that makes the Neuro reluctant to ...
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Food sources for E, Pot, Cal, A & Mag

according to june issue of prevention mag

Vitamin E = need 15mg/day

sunflower seeds, wheat germ, red bell pepper, white beans, dark leafy greens

Potassium = neeed 4700mg/day

baked potato w/skin, edamame, spinach, lentils, and ofcourse banana

Calcium = 1000-1200mg/day

low fat plain yogurt, sardines, low fat cheese, tofu, bok choy

Vitamin A = 720 mcg/day

sweet potato, pumpkin, baby carrots, dried apricots, cantaloupe

Magnesioum = 320 mg/day

black beans, brazil nuts, okra, brown rice, ...
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FTY720 Trial for PPMS took an interesting turn today

May 20th was the date I was scheduled to enter the FTY 720 trial for PPMS patients with an intensive day of screening tests. I was trying not to be too hopeful about it because it is 1.25 mg vs placebo. (50-50 chance). I had arranged my ride, scheduled the time off work and started worrying about my lymphocytes level getting too low.

Today, I get a call from my study coordinator who says something ...
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brain biopsy anyone?

Gp says I have MS, but Neuro is still saying possible MS. I have a large lesion (2cm) in my brain (was thought to be a tumor, but biopsy proved it's a lesion) Anybody else here need to have surgery to rule out a tumor? I've read all kinds of forum's, no ones mentioned it. Symptoms began this Feb. 'Wooden' arms & feet, very clumsy, uncoordinated, etc. So far I've had 2MRI's, 3 CT's, 1 ...
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Goin' to Cali

Well my date's tentatively set for week of July 13. He told me to block out 3 days but it would maybe only take 2. I can't flippin' wait.
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Dr. Zamboni's website

I have received an email from Dr. Zamboni in answer to my request for access to his presentation at the 2009 Charing Cross Symposium.
I do not think he would mind if I share this information
thank you for the Forum interest in CCSVI. The origin of such a new window open on MS is get back of 8-9 years, or more. We are preparing, thanks to the generousity of Hilarescere Foundation, a web site ...
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