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Possible MS dx

Awaiting appt. with Neurologist and gathering all the information I can. It feels soooo overwhelming!

so glad there are places like this to help!
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Pain after shot

I'm wondering if anyone experiences pain after a Copaxone shot. Not the normal bee-sting type feeling. Occasionally, after I give myself a shot, I get a sharp pain, which will become a dull ache, and it usually lasts at least a day. I got it again last night after injecting into my abdomen. It was pretty painful, and is still tender this morning. I don't think it was because I hit a nerve or muscle, ...
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Copaxone \ HiCy Reasearch

This video explains evrything about why Copaxone is being used after HiCy treatment. The Speakers are the resaerch team at Johns Hopkins.

This video is VERY VERY informative ... 0908357407

Chris S.
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Original HiCyers

Sorry to hear the bad news Keri and Chris. Glad to hear that Mel's MRI turned out ok.

Could anyone who is in touch with Dr Kerr or Dr Gladstone please find out how the partcipents of the original Johns Hopkins and Stony Brooks trials are faring now? It would shed a lot of light on the speculations surrounding reactivation.

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I feel very very sad :cry: Yesterday night me and my boyfriend wanted to go out and have fun,as every Saturday happens here in Greece.So,i wore nice clothes to be prety and also wore 'high 'shoes(i do not know the english word...).That was mistake,bad choice because i could not walk on them!i felt AWFUL!... :cry: ...
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Bowel Health - Cause and Effect

For me, from when I was diagnosed six years ago I was convinced of the link to my bowel.
This has been confirmed without any doubt when after a particularly stressful time at work I came out in nasty itchy rashes.
I went to a Kinesiologist who looked at what was causing me such allergic reactions. This guy has identified and confirmed the whole problem. He maintains that, every person he has ever met or ...
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Controlled My MS for 6 Years

Hi all,
It is good to be part of this forum.
I was diagnosed six years ago. No doubt my story is the same as most when dealt such a bombshell. I am sure there are those worse off than myself and we all know what a horrible disease MS is. I guess I was and still am lucky. I have never been able to accept how I should have this disease and set about ...
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Favorite Cane?

Anyone have suggestions for a great cane website?
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Therapies for progressive MS

No much in this article, but three point interested me:

- reference to LINGO (work by Biogen)
- reference to damage in MS being similar to stroke damage
- reference to the gene work on MS and forecasting that the relevant genes might be identified in 2009. ... px?nid=556
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Bad news - MRI results

Had MRI this afternoon. Blood/lab work yesterday.

Blood/urine is clean - except mildly anemic (nothing new there).

MRI shows new growth lesions on the left side of brain in the white matter, going across several tracks in the brain. It is enhanced. Other lesions are stable, no improvement. That was the stat reading, full report to follow on Monday.

Needless to say I'm devastated.

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