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The List of Questions

How long did it take a doctor to diagnosis you? I was doing some research and it stated that it takes 6 month to diagnosis MS to be sure, is this a myth or no, cause I was dianose within a month ( had MRI met doctor he told me I had ms, did a spinal tab to confirm) with only one attack and no repeat attack at all since my diagnosis nearly 6 months ...
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Long-Acting 4-AP following HiCy

Are you going to try the 4-AP? I'm going to ask for a script next week during my visit to Hopkins. There's a pharmacy in California, Leiter's Pharmacy, which people on-line have claimed to be getting the long acting version compounded from. I will give them a call, or e-mail them to find out. I need more functionality than I have right now to take care of my kids.

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Off the shelf stems........

This company whose website is here

is creating an off the shelf mesenchymal stem cell product. The website is interesting and they have stage II/III trials going in Crohn's and graft vs host diseases with fast track status granted already.

Apparently they screen donors carefully and then harvest and grow the stem cells from these healthy people in the lab for donation to others.

from the website
Osiris ...
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Radiologically Isolated Syndrome in MS

A new study published online in this week's Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, reports that a third of people who underwent an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for other brain-related problems, but whose scans also showed abnormalities suggestive of MS, went on to develop the chronic disease within an average of about five years.

The research raises medical and ethical questions that genetic researchers and patients have bandied about for ...
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It's snow ing in Texas

or atleast it did, but it's all but melted :(

these are from this morning





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Not disabled enough

Gotta love the English benefits system. I applied for Disability living allowance - a small benefit to help disabled people be able to live more normally and afford a little help with the costs of disability. I still work so it's not full-time sickness benefit. After 6 months they ahve come back and told me that I am not disabled enough. I have been on crutches or a walking stick permenantly since May. But it ...
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Prof Scolding stem cell trial

Not much in this article, but thought it worth posting.

Introducing stem cell based Myelin repair therapies in patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Professor Neil J. Scolding, FRCP PhD, University of Bristol Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, U.K., provided a report of his studies of bone-marrow derived cells for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

About 30 years ago, investigators began to think that cell therapies might be useful to treat loss of myelin caused by multiple ...
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bad/sad news

So, it seems that I'm having an exacerbation. It isn't as horrific as my first one - but it's getting pretty bad. :cry:

Local neuro wants me to do a 5 day course of IVSM (at 500mg dose, instead of 1000).

I've been under some stress lately...and the weather just changed to cold out here. Not sure if that's part of it...but either way....I'm ...
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sad a little bit

how can someone keep the courage alive?there are times that i think about the future and then i think that i can not be in love or go out and have fun :( anyway...i always used to be strong :) ...
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Increased repair?

For both RevImmune and Campath, you read about the surprising / unexpected decreases in EDSS. Has anything similar been noted for Rituxan?

I checked what I think are the Phase II results, and they present the starting EDSS but not what it was at the end.
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