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Re: Help

The doctor gave me vitamin D supplement and gave some pain killers. I was experiencing dizziness and burnings, something crawling in my head.
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Just been diagnosed pl I don't know what to do is the drugs expensive. Please tell how manage it naturally. Kingsley from Ghana. Can exercise help?
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2017 study: Micronutrients for Violent/Aggressive Male Youth

maybe this is not the best spot. but for now, uggghh i *really* want the full text for this one.
esp re "Plasma zinc, plasma copper, copper/zinc ratio, and urinary hydroxyhemopyrroline-2-one (HPL) tests were conducted at baseline and endpoint"

Micronutrient Therapy for Violent and Aggressive Male Youth: An Open-Label Trial.

Pharmacotherapy for problematic aggressive and violent behavior disorders in male children and adolescents is associated with ...
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Massage Chairs

A while back, I was at a furniture store and I sat down and one of their automatic massage chairs. The particular model that I tried was a $5,000 Cozzia. Automatic massage chairs vary greatly in price from under $1,000 to over $10,000. I turned it on, and it gave me a massage from my lower neck/upper back down to my feet. I don't recall feeling better while the chair was running. However, when the ...
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lack of a micro-RNA as a biomarker

MicroRNAs are proposed as a biomarker of MS. When myelin is broken, some fragments of RNA appear in blood.

But a recent research has appeared pointing to the opposite. A microRNA (miR-219) normally present in controls, which is involved in the normal funtion of oligodendrocytes, is lacking in MS patients

Regulator of oligodendrocyte maturation, miR-219, a potential biomarker for MS

Source: https://jneuroinflammation.biomedcentra ... 017-1006-3


We have been able ...
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current DMT do not alter root problem

Microglia (resident cells of the brain) are activated in MS. They produce NAWM (normal appearing white matter) and the MS lesions and are considered the root problem in MS. Microglia activation can be observed using PET (Positron emision tomography, see for example here).

The following article says that current DMTs (disease modifying therapies) do not alter the microglial activation which is the root problem. They only reduce the symptoms. Maybe this is the reason why ...
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More effective MS medicines and improved services...

More effective multiple sclerosis medicines and improved services offer new hopes for disability prevention

New international research finds that people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) prioritise slowing disease progression when considering treatment choices. People with MS want therapies that reduce the number of relapses they experience and to achieve better control of symptoms like fatigue and pain... Read more -

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My diabetes experience for the past 7 years

I am 58 years old, diabetic seven years ago, when the fasting glucose test is 15ml, when the glucose tolerance test up to 21ml. There have been complications such as numbness of the toe, itching, and blurred vision.

When I first discovered my disease is very confused, do not have much knowledge of the disease should diet and exercise to reduce the health. 1.65m high but I only weighed 52 kg, people are often tired. ...
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Healthy Living May Ease Some MS Symptoms

New research suggests that a healthy diet -- one that's chock-full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains but contains little added sugars and red or processed meats -- was associated with a reduced risk for disability. ... symptoms#1
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