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6th PML Case?


have anybody heard somthing about a new case, the Boston Globe ist writing somthing about it.

<shortened url>
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Neurologists will use oral Multiple Sclerosis drugs as first

Neurologists will use oral Multiple Sclerosis drugs as first line treatment less than 30% of the time

Decision Resources finds that surveyed neurologists anticipate that less than 30 percent of their use of emerging oral agents --- Merck Serono's oral cladribine, Novartis/Mitsubishi Pharma's fingolimod (FTY-720) --- for the treatment of multiple sclerosis will be in the first line. Surveyed neurologists expect to use these drugs in patients who refuse injectables, filling an important unmet need ...
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This thread is to keep track of the research related to the CCSVI -Chronic CerebroSpinal Venous Insufficiency-- in one accessible place. Most all of the blue links in the post below link to FULL CITATIONS. This page is a good reference for physicians.

If you want to print just one paper for your doctor, use the Dec 08 paper with the venograms and add the address of this page so further investigation is possible if ...
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reprogramming cells


Scientists use RNA to reprogram one cell type into another

April 16th, 2009 -- -- For the past decade, researchers have tried to tweak cells at the gene and nucleus level to reprogram their identity. Now, working on the idea that the signature of a cell is defined by molecules called messenger RNAs, which contain the chemical blueprint for how to make a protein, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, ...
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talk about good music

this has to be the greatest song neil young ever wrote. i wonder what he was thinking about when he wrote this?
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hook worms MS trial

I don´t know if this was posted before: ... irms1.html

very promising I think..
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nothing major but some more success with mice

It never ceases to amaze me the capabilities scientists have to cure mice. I guess I feel every success is hopefully a step closer to finding a cure!!!

Genetically modified stem cells treat MS like disease in mice

Mice with a human equivalent of multiple sclerosis have been successfully treated using genetically modified stem cells, say a group of Australian researchers.

The work, led by Dr James Chan of Monash University's Centre of Inflammatory Diseases, ...
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I'm back, a year later, still no answers! desperate!

Hi all,

I was on this forum about a year ago, scared to death i had ppms. well, after a clear brain mri last spring, i decided to try and take a breather from all of it. unfortunately, things haven't gotten better. in fact, they're way worse. A good number of you were so incredibly helpful and reassuring (shout outs to eyedoc, jimmylegs, notasperfectasyou, artifishual, g123, gwa, to name a few) i thought i'd come ...
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ASCT halts / reverses diabetes typ-1

Its the same protocol, that was used in the recently published trial where 21 RRMS patients were successfully (halt, some remission) treated: ... tment.html

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Lhermittes sign?

What is this a why does it happen,is this only because you may get MS or can it be related to some thing else.Ive exprienced this but ignored it,now that im having other problems my head quickily flipped to that day and i was like oh no.

So if i had a nerve conduction study done today,should i tell them i exprienced Lhermittes sign,or would that of done damage already!
can some body tell me ...
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