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Poll: Getting treatment?

This is a poll to see how many are going to Stanford or getting treatment elsewhere.

Post about your efforts to get this treatment here!
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Is it MS or a look alike

below is the url for an NMSS aticle that may prove interesting to those that still have no answers to their dx ... x?nid=1307
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results are in and I am confused

:? Hi guys, well the results were given to me today telling me the MRI was clear but on reading the results this is what I find: A single small patchy area of hyperintensity is seen at the grey/white matter junction within the right frontal lobe just adjacent to the right frontal horn and another similar area of hyperintensity is seen just adjacent to the left ...
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DSA - Digital Subtraction Angiography

Hi all.

I have spoken with the friend's friend vascular surgeon. He told me that MRV is very useful for azygs, IJV and VVs, but such a procedure could miss displaying some relatively small artifacts, leading to false negatives. Venography is much better a method and DSA is THE method.

In DSA, a catheter is inserted through the leg and is driven to the area of interest. An X-ray is performed before the dye is ...

Neuro Shopping

So I'm thinking of finding a new neuro. I mean absolutely no disrespect to the current guy I'm seeing (Dr. Stephen Kirzinger). I have complete confidence in his expertise and I trust his judgement but as I've mentioned before, he's a retired colonel and has a stern, military-like demeanor that, frankly, intimidates the hell out of me. He walks in the room and I freeze. He asks if I have any new symptoms and I ...
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I was going through the clinical trials list and saw that Ocrelizumab is, or is still recruiting for phase 2. I'm wondering if this is really just Rituxan with a more complicated name or is this a way to get around the financial loss of a soon to expire patent on Rituxan? They must have tweaked it more than just the name.
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Interview with Dr. Dake

This interview is helping me stay calm today :)
From 2007 "Endovascular Legends" podcast series-

Dr. Michael Dake talks about his training, his philosophies, the first venous stent placed, the importance of collaboration with other specialties and crossing boundaries- the need for "spreading knowledge" between practices, not competing but collaborating. He believes this is where the future of medicine is heading...not in competing specialties, but in collaborative, ...
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Accelerated Cure Update

Go to this link if you would like to see the newest update on what is happening at Accelerated Cure Project: ... ol0801.pdf

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MRV - Azygos

Hi all.

I have just returned from the MRV exam. I have only had half of it. Azygous system only. I will have the results on Thursday.

The doctor preliminarily and "off-the-record" told me that the azygous system looked just fine, at a very first glance. That's expected due to my RR course, and my relatively slow progression (I turned into a wreck within a weekend!) after 15 years. I really doubt I will be ...
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More EBV research

Epstein-Barr virus linked to Multiple Sclerosis

Infection with Epstein-Barr virus appears to raise the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), Boston researchers report.

The findings offer the strongest evidence to date implicating the virus as a trigger for the chronic progressive autoimmune disorder of the brain and spinal cord that affects more than 350,000 Americans, says Lily Jung, MD, medical director of the neurology clinic at the Swedish Neurology Institute in Seattle. Jung was ...
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