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T Reg cells

I know it's EAE, but I think we'll be hearing a lot more about T Reg cells in the future. ... expan.html
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weird sensation...

Hi folks, I've been wondering about posting this for a while but reluctant to do so as it seems a little odd. For a couple of months I have have an odd sensation in my right leg, usually when i'm sitting. It feels like a strong pulse beat and only lasts for a second or so. I can get a few in quick succession or only one a day. The leg itself doesn't move. Bizarre. ...
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Better times

As usual the breakthrough treatments are within a decade!
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5 HTP, Electormagnetic field therapy and chlamydia pneumonia

Antibiotics would appear to have stabilized my condition and some of my symptoms have improved such as pain and spasms. However there is still clearly a lot of damage in the CNS, which is affecting my walking just as much as at the beginning of the protocol. I am now trying to get more repair going since I don't think just clearing the nasty bugs out is going to help there.
To which end I ...
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Future treatments

I must have registered on an MS website (can't remember when) and received the following today - which is a good summary of future treatments.


Hello and welcome to: Drug Alert #41: "DR. VOLLMER'S INFORMAL SYNOPSIS:
There are two parts to todays Alert...
The first is a MS news Channel exclusive..."Dr. Vollmer's informal
Synopsis: New Treatments For MS"
Dr. Timothy Vollmer is Chairman of the Division of Neurology at ...
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Letting everyone know what's new... and some questions too

Well, my s/o quit his job. He had to get off medical leave and go back and he couldn't have called in any more anyways.... I don't know what's going to happen.

He is still having all his symptoms, but now no insurance. We never did get a diagnoses so does that mean if he got another job with insurance they would pay if that's what it turned out to be for sure? I mean, ...
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New Member, newly diagnosed

Hello All,

My name is Chris and I have been recently diagnosed with rrms. For me the first attack I had was optic neuritis on 2002, and at that time they did a scan of my brain and the results were negative. My vision came back and I went about my life. Keeping it in the back of my mind because my mother had MS in her life.

Now, about two months ago I went ...
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Hello all,,,

HI every-one,
I am new to the site. I am still under investigation;I have had an MRI, EEG. Scan on the head, IQ test' to see if my brain still works!! Have to find it first lol;
Bottom line still not dx. I am 50 years old have two daughters and am divorced. I live in London I am a prefessional hairdresser by trade and have had my own business. Over the past 6 years ...
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Pharmas main objective conflicts with finding cures

Dear all

I recently heard a story about the Dr who invented viagra - he was in fact looking for a drug to help some other problem and came across this unusual side effect. 8) The phamas paid big money for this, but when he asked if he could continue his reserach on the original problem, they refused to fund it.

Well that makes me very cynical. ...
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Multiple Causes / Comprehensive Treatment: Opinion

I'll state my bias up front: I'm in my own "camp," and I think the rest of you are either wrong or only partially correct if you don't share my views on the causes and treatments of MS. That's not to say that my camp is separated from other camps, but rather, that my camp overlaps and encompasses other camps. I don't think there is a single cause of MS although I do think there ...
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