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Stem Cell Study (found on the Drudge Report) ... _article=1

Stem cells transplanted into early-phase multiple sclerosis patients stabilised, and in some cases reversed, the debilitating neurological disorder, according to a study published Friday.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that impairs movement and coordination, while causing muscle weakness, cognitive impairment, slurred speech and vision problems.

Certain drugs can retard or roll back symptoms during in the initial phase of the disease's spread.

But in ...
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rats but more success

Transplanted adult stem cells have been found to reverse paralysis associated with spinal cord injuries in lab rats, a new study finds.

The study, headed up by Miodrag Stojkovic, deputy director and head of the Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory at Centro de Investigacion Principe Felipe in Spain, involved transplanting so-called progenitor stem cells from the lining of rats' spinal cords into rodents with serious spinal cord injuries.

The rats recovered significant motor activity one week after ...
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Another worm story

Everyone is getting on the worm bandwagon. This article includes a nice image of Lyon's lady wife.
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'American Idol' invades Salt Lake C

<shortened url>
American Idol heads to Salt Lake City for tonight's audition episode. That's David Archuleta's hometown, in case you had forgotten.

Ryan Seacrest tells us they were hoping to find the next generation of the Osmonds. Lo and behold, David Osmond is 29 and the son of Alan Osmond, "the oldest of the performing Osmonds." The we learn that his father had to stop performing because he has multiple sclerosis, which is followed by the ...
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ependymal stem cells

I've never heard of this type of stem cell, but they sound promising.

Stem cells used to reverse paralysis in animals

January 28, 2009 - A new study has found that transplantation of stem cells from the lining of the spinal cord, called ependymal stem cells, reverses paralysis associated with spinal cord injuries in laboratory tests. The findings show that the population of these cells after spinal cord injury was many times greater than comparable ...
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LDN usage part 2

After some aggressive research, I have located an old school compounding Pharmacist in my home town. I was stunned to learn that he made and stocked LDN. I have inquired further and have heard everything from "genius" to "healer" when people describe this Pharmacist. Long to short: his version of LDN is liquid and dispensed in an adjustable dosage system. His thought is that it is much easier to build up to the required dosage ...
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Gene Therapy in RA

Two people received genetherapy (IL-1) for RA with some encouraging results: ... 153941.htm

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pregnant - update lost baby

:D title says it all. I am pregnant. Only 5 weeks so is very early days but I am thrilled. It's taken a long time to get this far and I had started to give up hope. I have a good feeling about this though. And I am feeling great, not to tired etc and just enough nausea to keep me happy that things are happening ...
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This is for HEC

I will be in Seattle Feb 18-22. I sent you a Private Message but you've not picked it up.

Let me know if are around those days.
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Proverbs on Fatigue

Man who runs in front of car gets......tired.
Man who runs behind car gets.......exhausted.

How do those of you, who deal with fatigue make it through the day? I am curious what a "day in the life" of another ms'er who is affected by it lives?

I try to get rest but it's never enough. I have tried the provigil but it doesn't give me energy. Should I begin knawing on coffee beans? ...
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