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Yay!! I don't have MS...I think?!?

Hi everyone- just an update. The new neuro at Mayo, in reviewing the 12 vials of blood taken for the myriad of tests she ran, combined with the MRI of brain, spine (thoracic and cervical) and the opthamalogist's tests have concluded that I don't have MS. So, was I misdiagnosed 10 years and countless meds earlier? She said my body could have cured itself, or the meds could have cured me, but that she was ...
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Scientists use cells to grow beating heart

The researchers took dead animal hearts and stripped them of everything except the blood vessels, valves and connective tissue. These scaffolds were then seeded with cells from newborn and foetal rat hearts and, after four days of growth, the organs started to contract. Within eight days, the hearts were beating.
Not nerve cells in particular, but another step forward
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IV Vitamins, anyone?

I was curious to find out if any of you had done any IV drips of vitamins. My wife was diagnosed back in 1990 and has had most of the symptoms I have seen on this forum. About 5 years ago, she literally exercised herself into complete numbness from her chest down. She couldn't feel her feet or walk for about a month, and we were really unsure of what to do. She had never ...
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How are the antibiotics working for you?
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Hotest MS Medical Topic?

Now that we are well into 2008, I was wondering what people thought is the hotest topic now in MS? I.E. the MS medical news that will be big in 2008? Where are we headed in 2008 with MS research? Lots of questions, few answers from me.
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The earlier the better


It's me again! It's seems that with all therapies coming up now, the fact seems to be: the earlier the treatment, the better the outcome.

On the other hand lots of doctors hesitate to go for the heavier stuff when MS is early and "mild" or want first to try some established therapies. Often valuable time is wasted that way. What makes me angry is, that scientists tend to say "as early as possible" ...
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LDN study at UCSC ... when will results be out?

I know that the study has finished. Does anybody know when they will publish? Any inside word on the trial findings?
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Going to SSI doctor, need advice

I've been summoned to see a neurologist through the government in consideration for my SSI.

What does it take to convince these people who have no understanding of how bad my symptoms really are?

What do I do, I'm nervous as hell that I'm going to f' it all up somehow.

The big thing in my mind is I choose to not catheterize myself, but squat in the tub to pee. Kind of limits where ...
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An interesting story came out this week about the use of enbrel (enteracept), a tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitor (TNF) in one patient with Alzheimer's. It was interesting because the patient saw improvements within 10 minutes of an injection. At least one TNF inhibitor, pirfenidone, has been tested in MS. There have been a couple of small phase 2 trials for people with SPMS that yielded promising results. I haven't found any information about larger phase ...
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New Diagnosis, Questions

Hello Everyone,

It's hard to know where to start except to say I need the support and advice of others who understand what it's like to deal with MS.

I'm 51, 'old' for MS to begin as one out of four of the neurologists I have seen told me. Never having been sick other than stuff my five kids brought home from school and hospitalization for childbirth, having to inject myself with Betaseron every other ...
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