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Combo treatment

Dear all,

Saw this and couldn't resist posting despite saying I'd take a 3 month break.

There is one school of thought that if you treat the early stages of this disease aggressively that you might prevent / significantly delay the progressve stage of the disease. Campath is currently in trial to test this theory and another approach is showing some success. Dr Mike Boggild is a very well respected neuro with a specific interest ...
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Diagnosis "possible ms"????

Hello there everybody,

Just thought I would come in and say hi and tell you a bit about myself. I have been having problems for a few years now. Started with severe fatigue, tingling in toes, numb hand, swallowing issues.

I then had an attack of vertigo and an ongoing feeling of unsteadiness which lasted for months. Failed neuro exam pathologically brisk reflexes, positive rhombergs, etc. Mri came back clear and neuro said must be ...
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I am the Netherlands Daughter

I am coming here to share my story with you so that you may benefit from what I am doing also. I "accidentaly" found out about this treatment that I am doing now - and PRAISE GOD THAT I FOUND IT!!! I had my first MS symptoms in 1999. I then experienced what I know now were relapse of my MS for the following 5 years. I was diagnosed with RRMS on May 17, 2004. ...
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who has experienced hair loss with Avonex?

Hi everyone
I complained about my hair loss on "daily life" already but I just wanted to know who else out there on Avonex has lost thier hair??? Did you have to switch drugs? Did it stop after a while? How much of your hair did you lose?
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Virus Info for Bromley


Here's some more info reinforcing (I think) a potential link between viruses and a subset of people with RRMS.

Subtype of MS Defined by An Activated Immune Defense Program
We conclude that the transcriptional signature of the PB cells reflects the heterogeneity of MS and defines a sub-population of RRMS patients, who exhibit an activated immune defense program that resembles a virus response program, which is supportive for a link between viruses and MS
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Not new...but interesting

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consumer-driven health plan - Lumenos

Anybody with MS covered by Lumenos consumer-driven health care insurance? Do the cost of the CRAB drugs eat up the up-front employer contribution? How do other consumer-driven health care plans handle things?
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Update-Netherlands Daughter

My daughter continues to improve dramatically on her treatment. For those of you who have MS, you can understand better than I the fatigue. For 3 years, it has taken every ounce of my daughter's energy to just get up out of the bed in the morning. Last week, she water-skied for ages! She was so EXCITED!!! She is still on her Avonex and Lexapro and down from 600 to 300 m. of Tegretol. Has ...
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Online collaboration

Aaron, I thought that on a few issues it might be useful if we could have reference pages which people work collaboratively to annotate/update (wikipedia model). There have, for example, been lots different threads with info on blood tests that would be useful in identifying potential contributing factors (B12, Uric Acid, VitD). If we could collaborate on a list of essential and optional blood tests I think that would be huge help for people to ...
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New Autoinjection Device, Betaject(R) 3

New Autoinjection Device Designed to Work With Betaseron(R) Now Available For Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Betaject(R)3 Offers Convenient Delivery Option

WAYNE, N.J., July 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Berlex, Inc. today announced the availability of Betaject(R) 3, a new autoinjection device specifically designed to work with Betaseron(R) (interferon beta-1b) as an optional injection method for patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). The Betaject 3 autoinjection device is an easy-to-use, mechanical device that automatically delivers subcutaneous ...
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