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Hey Dig,
I found some links you wrote a while back (07 I think) on Plasmapheresis and wondered what the current news is. I have a friend with Guillain Barre Syndrome (and you think MS is rare!) and they are recommending this therapy. There are huge similarities between MS and GBS so if it works for one............? Since Plasma exchange doesn't affect cells, what is the therapeutic mechanism?
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My 9 month HiCy follow-up

Had my 9 month at Hopkins. I should preface this by saying that my symptoms have increased over the last 2 months but no reactivation. I will list them to get them all in:

1. more numbness in hands and great loss of dexterity. I am having trouble brushing and bathing- still better tham before HiCy. That peg test was almost impossible.

2. Spasticity in my legs- particularly right one is really bad- timed walk ...
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article in newsweek

Go to for the entire article. Encouraging!!!! Lets all think positive!!! Positive energy!!!

Patients will be closely monitored with MRIs for the first year and followed for a total of 15 years. And trial volunteers will have complete injuries "with no hope of recovery," making the risk worth the potential payoff, says Okarma. Geron's mantra is "living cells will be tomorrow's pills," he says. And he is confident it will get there. So confident, ...
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Rubber hands

Hi does anyone get what feels like rubber hands?
My hands have been like this for ages and i really notice it when I am trying to wash my hair.
It feels weird and it is distressing.
I have had it a bit in my feet too.
I also as weird as this sounds felt as though my teeth have been numb when i chew, like I can't feel them.
Thanks for listening.
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The Rules

Kind of a fluff question. Ok, so I'm going to have to reluctantly re-enter the dating world soon and I have a question for everyone. A "helpful" co-worker gave me the book "The Rules" to read. For those of you that don't know what the book's about, it's a book on how to snare a man and get him to marry you. I know, not exactly women's lib and I really don't think I could ...
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Male Cath Question....

I have been cathing for about a week now. Before, I could pee on my own, just not empty all the way. Now, I cant pee at all. Its strictly cathing. I feel like I always have to go???? Is there any tricks of the trade I dont know about yet? I just want to be able to atleast fall asleep at night. I will feel like I have to go bad, and when I ...
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Movie Quotes

I didn't want to keep hijacking Lew's gratitude thread, but I didn't want to let this die yet, either.

"Come to my house and listen to the proposition."
"Does this entail me dressing up as Little-Bo-Peep?"

"You'll be wearing rubber gloves. Do you own rubber gloves?"
"I rent 'em. I have a lease with an option to buy."
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I'm new here and battling to get right answer (not yet diagnosed).
I posted in the Introduction (you can read my story if you wish).
Question is:

I found out that coffee increased symptoms. Even with no caffeine (is there really no caffeine?). Is the caffeine the culprit itself or what does coffee (may be vaso-constriction).

- Shaky hand
- Increase of paresthesia
- The effect was delayed in time

Am i right? do ...
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Please don’t take this the wrong way Dom but I always took comfort in your ms being so bad because I always knew that no matter how I felt or what I thought you could understand so if there is anything that you’ve felt or thought that you think no one could understand we do, so if you read this or not. thanks

There is a lot of folks I’m sure that go to ms ...
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