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CPn in all MS patients

Robbie had asked some questions about whether all people with MS had CPn. I thought he had some good questions and had hoped that you would see his post and reply to him.

Since you did not respond, I believe that you did not see the thread. So I am going to ask you if David believes that all MS patients have this bacteria as the initial cause of the disease, or if some of ...
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Getting frustrated

I am still awaiting a diagnosis but it seems as though symptoms have been getting worse this week. I am working in a temp job and I quite often ahve to walk between departments. When I do my leg can go all over the place. Earlier today I was dizzy and my leg refusing to be controlled. I was staggering around like a drunk, having to hang on to walls for balance. In addition my ...
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Bacterium might cause Crohn's disease

Bacterium might cause Crohn's disease

LIVERPOOL, England, Dec. 12 2007(UPI)
British scientists have discovered a bacterium that produces a wasting illness in cattle might also cause Crohn's disease in humans.
Crohn's disease affects one in 800 people in the United Kingdom, causing intestinal inflammation that produces pain, bleeding and diarrhea.

University of Liverpool researchers discovered the Mycobacterium paratuberculosis bacterium releases a molecule that prevents a type of white blood cell from killing E.coli bacteria found ...
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I was on Effexor for 5 years. My 19 year old son had cancer and I needed it to cope. He is fine now----hallelujah! :D

I recently started hearing more and more about Cymbalta and how it could help with nerve pain. I was ready for a change; I think the Effexor was no longer helping and making me irratible and grouchy.

I asked my neuro ...
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fun times!!

so guess what. i am excited! this semester has been so crap. but now the snow flies and it's time to go back to work at the ski hill. something to smile about! and we're going to mt. st. louis-moonstone for training tomorrow. PAID training. what a great job!!!
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Nerve regeneration research

This looks like a promising development in neuroregeneration.

Neurotransmitters in biopolymers stimulate nerve regeneration

Research reported December 11 in the journal Advanced Materials describes a potentially promising strategy for encouraging the regeneration of damaged central nervous system cells known as neurons.

The technique would use a biodegradable polymer containing a chemical group that mimics the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to spur the growth of neurites, which are projections that form the connections among neurons and between neurons ...
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Symadex - re-myelination

Its EAE, but interesting nevertheless


Xanthus' Symadex Demonstrates Ability to Increase Spinal Cord Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis Model 12 December 2007

Xanthus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today presented preclinical data further supporting the potential for Symadex™ to reverse the clinical and pathological signs of multiple sclerosis (MS), including new data demonstrating increased spinal cord remyelination. The study was presented by Dr. Stephen J. Karlik, Ph.D., Professor of Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Western Ontario, London, ...
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Neurologist Dan Milder's SP & PP treatment Hypothesis

I accidental flicked onto a "press club" interview on TV of this doctor who thinks he MAY have found a possible treatment for SP & PP MS. He was very reasonable (he was coming across as arrogant, but it could of been misdirected anger) and all he was saying is that he thinks it should be investigated, he is not saying its an absolute truth. He seemed a little upset that considering there is no ...
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An article from the BBC:

There's not a ton of data there and the article admits it was a small study but it just shows more signs that antibiotics could help MS patients. Every little bit counts!
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Menstrual blood tapped as source of stem cells
While the excitement continues to swirl around the recent breakthrough of converting skin cells to stem cells, other researchers are quietly pursuing a new type of stem cell discovered in menstrual blood.
The technique for converting the skin cells involves using viruses to insert several genes, one of which is known to cause cancer.
Meng and Ichim's team had a hunch that stem cells may aid in the rapid expansion of the uterus lining during a ...
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