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I have not been here in a bit. Sorry for being out of touch.

MS is stable for now. Im not on any meds for MS.

I have been battling a bad gallbladder for awhile now and I lost the battle

I have surgery Monday a.m.

How many have had their's out?? Any advice..

Im a Nurse and have been through hell with MS but Im scared to death of the O.R. silly as that ...
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people just don't understand...

So i've been fighting with my friends all weekend... which is never good.

I've been exhausted for the last 3 weeks and this weekend i really just wanted to sleep in and lounge on the couch watching a movie/napping.

My roomate just stated to me that i'm being lazy and that i should get up and go outside... and when i try to explain to him about being this tired... he just doesn't get it. ...
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Amitriptyline users?

Just wondering were any of you on amitriptyline for nerve pain and then tried another drug for it? I am keen to explore options for nerve pain because of how tired ami makes me feel.

I've been on low dose amitriptyline 25mg since last Sept after my relapse really increased my right-sided nerve pain.

I have done really well on ami. Pain decreased, sleep better and all that.
I don't like how tired I am ...
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Millions of MSers

I listened to Elaine DeLack's online talk about MS and prokarin and she said something interesting to me: That Montel WIlliams had paid for a Gallup poll to see how many MSers there are and the number was high, if I remember right 1.5 million?

Chris recently made reference to a high number like that too.

As far as I know the official numbers are still much lower, like 400,000.

Can anyone shed any light ...
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23/M possible MS? Scared..

Hey guys, I have noticed this for the past couple of years but haven't dealt with it, because in the back of my mind thought I had parkinson's disease or MS or something. I'm a sort of hypochondriac that thinks I have lots of things. However, tonight while I was holding a piece of paper in my hand with my thumb and middle finger, my middle finger just started twitching uncontrollably. It only happened when ...
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Three years- what I have learned

April 1, 2006 is the date I consider the beginning of my MS trek. That was not the day of my first symptom nor the day of my diagnosis, but the day I really knew something was wrong. Lew, I thought I'd copy your daily posts in a way, and for a while, post some of the things I've learned in this three years.

I have learned that there should never be a period ...
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Optic neuritis vs optical Migraine

I have a friend who has had a couple episodes of very blurry vision in one eye.. it does resolve after a day or a coupel weeks. He finally went to the opthomologist and was told is was a optical migraine.

They cant get that vision back to 20/20 now either. he refused to go back for a visual field.

Question is... he has had some other MSy like symptoms such as dizziness and leg ...
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burning, freezing, buzzing fingers
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conflict of interest?

Does anyone find the whole copaxone experience over bearing? I mean they want a nurse to come to your house, they want a nurse to talk to you over the phone, they have an info guy call you for updates. To boot, when I have questions about the drug my doc tells me to call the copaxone company (It is called shared solutions) This is part of Teva the pharmaceutical that is selling copaxone.
OK, ...
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Multiple Sclerosis Clinic-Portland

Anyone have any experience with this clinic??? Been going there for a few months with very mixed outcomes. They are top notch at research and it seems like seeing the patients is just a way to fund the research. Not so interested in the art of medicine. They want to find a cure. Anyone else with this experience or are all of you somewhere else? :) ...
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