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has anyone had an eeg that has ms?

Does an eeg help tell if it's ms or not? My s/o hasn't had one, but we were consideing asking for one.... would like to learn more about anyone else's experience with it. Thank you.
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Is the dizziness associated with ms vertigo (spinning) or the other kind like lightheadness or "floating"?
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how long did your husband have to wait since he started going to the doctor for symptoms till he got ms diagnoses?

What doctor diagnosed him? (a neuro, family, or what?)

Do you remember any of the things they ruled out before he got his diagnoses?
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Follow up of MBP8298

Intravenous synthetic peptide MBP8298 delayed disease progression in an HLA Class II-defined cohort of patients with progressive multiple sclerosis: results of a 24-month double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial and 5 years of follow-up treatment.

Warren KG, Catz I, Ferenczi LZ, Krantz MJ.

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Care and Research Clinic, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

MBP8298 is a synthetic peptide with a sequence corresponding to amino acid residues 82-98 of ...
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I came accross the following a little while back. I have since added lechithin to my daily regimine. Although its a trial of one, someone had an improvement from it, who knows, maybe it will help me.
LECITHIN (Phosphatidyl Choline) is taken up directly by the brain at once to help the brain make acetylcholine. It was believed that only alcohol or powerful drugs were thought to be able to cross this blood brain ...
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Thiamine/Klenner Protocol

During routine visit to new GP (since I've changed cities) I reviewed current supplements:: he is willing to show me how to self inject vitB12, that seems like a good idea:: we also discussed self inject thiamine and I wanted to know if anyone is doing that.

Thiamine does NOT seem as well supported as other supplements (ex VitD, B12, Omega3 are now so standard that even MS clinic recommended them...). Thiamine injections are included ...
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Eye Trouble

Just wonder if anyone had any ideas what this could be.
I don't have MS .
My partner has just noticed that my left eye looks very different to my right one.
Having just had a look i've found that the left pupil is very large and the right one is normal.i get aslight ache behind the right eye.(i wear glasses for reading)
I work on computers all day do you think this might ...
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excellent web site

if anyone wants to have a look into detailed things that can cause neuropathy, here is a site which i think is really fantastic. at first (back in feb) i thought it had the best descriptor of b12 deficiency. but now (hit it on a diff search today) i realize it has fantastic information for a great range of things including neurotoxins and channel toxins. here's the path i've been on so far and i'm ...
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prednisone after solumedrol

I want to know about how many people have taken the oral preds after IV solumedrol. I thought it was standard, must be, practice to wean you off the cortisone. We have a friend that is coming home without the preds and seems to be in an endless cycle of attacks. Would love to hear what others have taken.
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Updated !! Is this mssounding symptoms?

any ideas to throw out there would be helpful.
Doctors seen: family doctor (once) neurologist (twice) and internal medicine (once)

Symtoms: All the time dizziness, (for the past 2 1/2 months)
weakness all over.
Weakness in hands and feet that comes and goes. Tingling in fingers.
Sweating for no reason.
Swallowing trouble (clearing throat alot after eating meals & feels like there is something in the throat all the time),
restless legs syndrome symptoms,
numbness ...
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