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Seasonal MS attacks


I have had one MS attack every year since the condition first appeared six years ago. And it always happens in spring (except one summer when a lumbar puncture brought a huge attack on.)

I know that some conditions can be seasonal. Autumn, for example, is a bad time for men with heart conditions owing to the changes in hormones that are experienced when the weather changes (or so I read once).

Does anyone ...
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What would stop a neurologist....

...from giving a patient high dose cyclophosphamide who requested it if the clinician felt it appropriate.

The drug is approved for other uses and treatments are often given, at the doctors discretion, for applications not officially approved (for example, Botox given for the treatment of spasticity).

It seems to be the case that HiCy can only be administered to MS patients as part of a clinical trial. Because it's such a serious drug?

Or perhaps ...
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where's waldo?

Hey, has anyone looked at Tim's site lately. I haven't checked in months but apparently our fearless mentor has moved on to Math Cd's???? I was looking for a new career anyway, could be worse than math.
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Getting ridiculous

I've been taking LDN for 3+ years progression, no MS symptoms. Unlike the approved MS drugs, LDN is cheap, safe and is proven to do no harm. Is it responsible for my long remission (I also take copaxone)? I don't know, but I don't want to take any chances either. My prescribing doc in Ohio recently passed away and I'm struggling to find another doc to continue the prescription. I find it a bit ...
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Fruit juices and drug absorbtion

How do you feel about that? Will it have an impact your diet?
--Frank ... 160050.htm
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Culturing hESC without animal compounds

Brings hESC one step nearer to human clinical application.

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In your own words, describe a "Relapse"

Thanks in advance to everyone that reponds here.

Trying to get a better understanding of how to tell if you have a relapse or flare up and what is the difference in your opinion.

Thank you so much.... :wink:
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How can you tell when it's MS or the Meds you are taking???


I have MS. Recently diagnosed in Feb 2008 after an incident in Jan 2008. I was orginally placed on Betaseron which I toughed out for a few months but could not deal with how sick it made me. I was also on Baclofen and Provigel. As of July I started Copaxone and I stopped the Provegil and Baclofen ( both didn't really do alot for me and I was sick of taking them just ...
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How an Injection to the Thigh Feels

I started my first treatment of Avonex yesterday. I had a nurse come and assist me because I was nervous doing the first administration alone. When I started inserting the needle into my thigh, I was able to feel the needle sliding in (it did not hurt); however, when I got closer to the bottom, I felt the needle puncture through something. It made me kind of jolt. It wasn't unbearably painful, but I could ...
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