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scared newbie

Hi all, have been lurking here for a good bit, am due to start tysabri next week and have been reading stuff that has given me the heebie-jeebies re PML etc.. anyone talk me round??
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Tempted by ABX - how to introduce with neuro/gp?

I've been lurking for a while on ABX threads.

After the last few months with low-grade infections, the GP has finally put me on some kick-ass ABX, much higher dose than normal, and my god I feel so so much better. More mental clarity, more energy.

Have MS 10 years, RRMS, on Copaxone 5 years but extensive lipoatrophy on legs and backside. Had CPn age 11. Symptoms of MS started when I was about ...
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CXCL1 Decreases Severity Of Multiple Sclerosis-like Disease
Main Category: Multiple Sclerosis
Also Included In: Neurology / Neuroscience
Article Date: 03 Jan 2009 - 0:00 PST

A group led by Dr. Cedric Raine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have explored the expression of an immune molecule (CXCL1) that interacts with myelin-producing cells, finding that CXCL1 decreases the severity of disease in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (MS). They report their data in the January ...
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Although it doesn't specifically mention MS...

From MIT's Technology Review, v. 112/no. 1, January 2009.

Cells clean up unneeded proteins by shipping them to a structure called the proteasome, which chops them up. If the proteasome can't do its job, the cell eventually dies. By targeting a specific component of the structure, Proteolix has developed a proteasome inhibitor that is particularly deadly to cancer cells. In the right dose, it kills cancer with little damage ...
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Vitamin K prevents calcification

It occurs to me that, given osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis are associated, the venous stenoses may be caused by calcification. Vitamin K is said to reduce this and I certainly now plan on adding this to my regimen. This would also tie-in quite nicely with the vitamin d deficiency theme.

1: J Vasc Res. 2008;45(5):427-36. Epub 2008 Apr 10. Links
The circulating inactive form of matrix Gla Protein (ucMGP) as a biomarker for cardiovascular calcification.Cranenburg ...
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Teva/Proneuron lawsuit question

I am not on Copaxone but some newly diagnosed members of my local group are starting it. I was forwarded the following link which I'm sure most of you have seen but it is dated a year ago and I'm wondering if anyone has current info regarding it. The apparent crux of the article is Tevas prescribed dosage and the argument by Proneuron that smaller doses are sufficient. Any takers? ...
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LDN and doctors who care


I just moved to a new city (Chicago), am on LDN, but am having the HARDEST time finding a new doctor that is willing to prescribe it to me as well as prescribing my other MS medication (Copaxone).

Does anyone know a good doctor who is willing to look at me as more than just a number in a study, and will be able to look at my disease from multiple angles?
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Wallwalker's antibiotic log

Hey! I've just commenced antibiotics for SPMS and thought it might be beneficial to me, and possibly those in search of a path, to document the process. Have followed Anecdote and Loryias? stories but have found the Grail of progress difficult to follow in others. This is not a criticism simply highlighting my particular needs.

This may then help others choose and will be in point form- professional habit.

I am a 45 year old ...
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where to buy Generic Amoxicillin?

where to buy Generic Amoxicillin?
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A few Campath questions

Hello All,
As a recent transfer from the Tovaxin trial, I, like some others am considering the Campath trial. Thanks for all the posted info and videos on this site. A few questions; is Campath considered a true re-boot like Revimmune? Unlike Revimmune, I do not hear the term Chemotherapy used to describe Campath and yes I have watched all the videos and have read as much as I can but still wonder exactly what ...
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