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Waiting for an appointment...

Well, JH has had my records since the first week of May. I hounded Carrie for quite a bit (phone calls and emails)...then she finally told me to contact Dr. Hammond directly. I spoke with him on Thursday(May 15), and he told me that I was a good candidate...but that right now there was a wait to get that initial appointment. I was VERY excited to hear that I was a good candidate, but totally ...
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I'm not Dx as yet. My MRI scan result following first bout of Optic Neuritis is below. The neuro only got the result by phone and gave me a very fast overview which was basically - its not clear but not much we can do. Just wait and see etc etc .

Here it is

Conclusion Three small areas of T2 hyperintensity are noted on the brain study. The two supratentorial foci in isolation ...
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HDC Research and results thread

I have been trying to get a handle on the revimmune idea. I have had MS as well as RA now for 17 years and after trying many different approaches, I continue to deteriorate. I am already probably a EDSS 6: I use a cane all the time now and am ready to try something more drastic than Copaxone and methotrexate and periodic methylprednisolone and antibiotics (not an approved therapy but interestingly copaxone is ...
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Brain stem lesions

I know very little about these, and of course I didn't think to question and prod the neuro I saw today further. Are these classified as 'classic' MS lesions? I know I've seen enough references to MS and brain stem lesions linked to MS. If in fact I have these (as the neuro I saw today suspects), which would be the cause of headaches/migraines and burning mouth... will copaxone therapy possibly help with these lesions ...
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Good Qoute from St. Augustine

People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.
St. Augustine of Hippo

Give me chastity and continency -- but not yet!
St. Augustine of Hippo

One of the greatest philosophers and theologians.

I can relate to both qoutes. Arti
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Family doctor told me my cholesterol is high so I agreed to try a statin (crestor). when I got it home I read in the instructions that one of the possible side affects is muscle spasms but thought well according to this forum they help ms, my legs are locking up like a vice, worse than usual. The cholesterol can build walls in my arteries for all I care just get this shit out of ...
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A $26,000 wheelchair

But it is COOL! If I ever get to that point, I hope I can get one.

ibotnow dot com
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Saw new neurologist today

Since my awesome neurologist is out till the 20th, I saw another neuro today, who does not feel that I am in a relapse, as I am not exhibiting new symptoms. He called it a 'flare'.

So that means, 3 days of steroid by IV no taper period, instead of the original 5 and taper. So that's good news.

I talked with him about my burning mouth situation, and he was very familiar with this ...
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MS Symptom???

I don't want to start thinking every little thing that happens to me is MS-related but this has happened once before.

My skin is painfully touch sensitive, from about the waist down but especially on my thighs. It's really hard to describe but touching my skin hurts - I am sitting in a chair at the moment and the pressure of my thigh on the chair is uncomfortable. It's got to the point that I ...
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