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Women - get out of Canada

The usual ratio of females to males getting MS is 2:1. However, this seems to be increasing in Canada (and I also saw similar data for Denmark). Surely someone can work out what is going on!

I'd offer Canadian women the chance to come back to the home country (for those with English ancestry) but we are pretty full. Canadian men e.g. Dignan might want to advertise for wives in Florida as the MS risk ...
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Memory loss and infections

ROCHESTER, Minn., Oct. 23 -- Memory loss could be contagious.
A lifetime of infections with rhinoviruses, enteroviruses, or other members of the picornavirus family could lead to cumulative memory loss, according to neuroscientist Charles L. Howe, Ph.D., at the Mayo Clinic here, and colleagues.

"Our findings suggest that picornavirus infections throughout the lifetime of an individual may chip away at the cognitive reserve, increasing the likelihood of detectable cognitive impairment as the individual ages," they ...
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26 and going down fast.

Well hello everyone. I want to start off by just telling you whats up. I lost half of my vision in my right eye in 99 and had very slight symptoms from then until December of 2004 when I started to fall for no reason and I also would get the worst vision problems everytime I worked out. I then started to get a small pulling feeling in my right leg in about April of ...
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LDN Drug Interactions?

Where can I find out if LDN has any known interactions with others meds? Specifically - Ambien & Provigil?
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Making the switch from Betaseron

My wife was diagnosed with RRMS 10 years ago. She's been on Betaseron for the past 4 years. She's ready to switch to LDN. Where can I find info or advice about if she should wait, or for how long, after stopping Betaseron to begin on LDN?
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In Memoriam

Copied from, where I posted it on Friday:

The 'cellist Jacqueline du Pré died in October 19th 1987. She was born in January 1945, so was only 42. I remember reading a biography maybe just three years before this, at about the same time as I first showed signs of having multiple sclerosisi myself, the disease which caused her premature death. She married Daniel Barenboim, the pianist and conductor in 1967, in Jerusalem, in ...
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Stratton/Wheldon article published

Following on from here:

David and I had a competetiton to see which of us this time would get into print first, because I have a painting being used for the cover of a Dutch architectural magazine, Bouwfysica in the next issue:


David has won: although my mag is being printed at the end of this month, it is not yet published. So he can buy me a meal at the Saffron ...
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In Memoriam


(Damn it, I meant to put this in General Interest. Never mind...............)

Today I have moved it to the correct forum.
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allergy to copaxone?

I started taking copaxone about a month ago-- only ever had immediate site reactions. Yesterday however when I injected in my arm, I got red splotches on my upper arm around the injection site-- not itchy or uncomfortable but there. Today I injected in my other arm-- splotches again (but smaller and less red) in that arm as well as in the upper arm on the other side and a few on my chest as ...
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Progressive MS?

Can anyone please tell me a good site for progressive ms (I'm having trouble finding any real specific information about that type), and if anyone here has that I have a couple questions. thanks

I wonder if that may be the kind he has, because he has been sick since June, and really hasn't let up at all, and it does seem like he is getting worse kindof... he seems more tired, even though now ...
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