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burning, freezing, buzzing fingers
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conflict of interest?

Does anyone find the whole copaxone experience over bearing? I mean they want a nurse to come to your house, they want a nurse to talk to you over the phone, they have an info guy call you for updates. To boot, when I have questions about the drug my doc tells me to call the copaxone company (It is called shared solutions) This is part of Teva the pharmaceutical that is selling copaxone.
OK, ...
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Multiple Sclerosis Clinic-Portland

Anyone have any experience with this clinic??? Been going there for a few months with very mixed outcomes. They are top notch at research and it seems like seeing the patients is just a way to fund the research. Not so interested in the art of medicine. They want to find a cure. Anyone else with this experience or are all of you somewhere else? :) ...
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help with blood test results

I'm really sick, and I'm really frustrated. I've been feeling worse and worse for 3-4 weeks now, finally cuminating this week with cough, fever, flu sx. I tested neg for strep, flu a+b.
Had full blood tests run, there are 2 levels that have me concerned
C-reactive protein is 5.1, and the reference range is 0-0.3
RBC sed rate is 29, range is 0-20.
Had the blood run by a Fam practice guy, He called ...
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My Sister

Mods please move if this is the wrong spot.


My sister that was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago, her symptoms are severe. She has been forced to use a motorized chair for a couple of years now and the disease is very aggressive.

For the last 2 years most of the information I have on her condition I have gotten second hand because she will not talk to me, answer my calls, my ...
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Allergic Reaction?


I have been on Copaxone for over 8 years. I have had many bad reactions too it. Last night I had the usual bad reaction with the tightness in the chest and the feeling of not being able to breathe. But then my entire body felt prickly and itchy. My skin was covered in red splotches all over my body. The itchy prickly feeling was especially intense in my hands and feet. My eyes ...
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MS Journal Open Access thru 3/31

Hi all

Just discovered several "neuro" journals, including the journal "Multiple Sclerosis" have open access thru Tuesday....

Click here and you'll see a link to register for access if you haven't already registered.

Happy reading. :)

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Maybe MS ?

Hi everyone.. Maybe someone can tell me if I am going out of my mind.

Everything started in 17 yrs ago with an Optic Neuritis, OMG having that is scary.. I lost vision and pain in the affected eye, to this day it is still blurry, and still have periphirical problems. I never recovered 100%. After that episode, i did not have any other symptoms, 4 yrs after, my eye started acting up again but ...
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Hello from PA

Hi everyone. 42 and newly diagnosed with MS ( dec 08 ). Just started with Avonex injections yesterday. Still feeling very ignorant about the disease....but places like this help with the self-education :)

Anyways.... just wanted to say I appreciated the info provided here.... it helps take some of the mystery out of what to expect.

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possible MS?

Hi everyone,

I joined this site to help figure out what is going on with my girlfriend.

she is now 31 and for the last 3 years (usually Nov-March, NEVER in the summer months), she gets extremely dizzy and tired. She says she can't stay awake and her limbs get heavy and "achy" - kind of like a growing pain. She also complains about not being able to recall words quick sometimes. She has headaches ...
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