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Advice on Supplements


I am trying to add supplements to my diet that will benefit my health. Currently I am taking Copaxone, a multi-vitamin and cod liver oil.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend anything additional that may help me. I have been reading up on different supplements but there are so many I don't know where to start. If you could recommend your favorite supplements and tell me how they have helped you I would ...
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hey everyone,
can anyone give me a couple of suggestions to help with fatigue.i been having a heck of a time with the being tired all the matter how much i rest take naps go to bed early i just cant seem to be rested or more my self....i thought i had experienced fatgue when my kids were babys and colicy.. but that was nothing compared to what i have now..i was just wondering ...
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Where are most of the patients on LDN?

I went to meeting last night and no one had ever heard of LDN. I had not either until looking at this site. Where are you all located? I am in Southeastern USA and want to know if there are others in the USA or is this a Canada or England thing?
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Robbie: Why did you go off the LDN??

I'm sorry if you have already posted this info but I have not had a chance to check in here for a while but why did you go off the LDN at all?
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Here's a drug (Sanofi-aventis' HP184) in the early stages that might be helpful for MS and other conditions.

Tireless quest for a cure, Lorenzo-style

Globe & Mail - January 9, 2006...

Of particular interest is a drug called HP184, a sodium and potassium channel blocker that has been tested on spinal cord patients. When Jacob's parents brought the drug, made by Sanofi-aventis, to the attention of doctors, none had heard of it.

"They're very proactive, ...
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You need to get up earlier to beat me Dignan.

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I was prescribed Cymbalta 30 mg. for depression about a month ago. Pdoc said it would help w/ms pain as well. Took some time, and now up to 90 mg. daily. Feeling much better and have less severe lower back pain. Cymbalta has been approved for diabetic neuralgia. It helps me w/ms pain as well. Wondering if anyone else is on this antidepressant? Linda
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avonex and antibiotics

I haven't had my beta interferon 1a (avonex) for nearly a month now and my partner who administers this weekly injection is getting rather agitated about this. He wants me to go back on it unless I can get some professional medical advice about trying the antibiotics alone. I'm quite keen to remain off the beta interferon for at least 6 months but don't think I have a very good medical case other than experimentation. ...
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Best Description Yet

Well, now here is a good description of MS.

I'd say it does a pretty good job of meeting halfway the opposing viewpoints about whether MS is autoimmune or not. :wink: Or is it just double-talk?

hmmmmmmmmm................. I'm not sure if it says anything that we didn't know or not?


Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2005 Dec 30; Links

Neuroinflammation in multiple ...
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Update on Levetiracetam

Here is the update I mentioned in another thread with regard to levetiracetam.

Once again, just combine the new findings below with my previous findings and/or postings in other threads last year regarding levetiracetam.

My point being? There is hope on the horizon here, folks! The fact that the below studies are not directly related to MS aren't all that significant. We all know the cross-overs between neuro diseases and how AEDs are helpful in ...
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