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I'm sure you guys get many people on here asking if these are the symptoms of MS. So please forgive me for being another intruder with odd symptoms and no diagnosis. But I'm freaking out here.
I know some of this stuff is symptoms, but I'm not sure about other things.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Sherry. I'm a 33 yr old mother to four children. Ages 14-4. I'm ...
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Question about eyesight

I have a question for those who read this post...

Last night I fell asleep in bed watching TV, after about and hour I woke up.... I was hot so I stood up to turn on the ceiling fan and noticed that I couldn't see right. At first I thought my eyes were just trying to adjust, but they never did snap out of it. Both of my eyes worked fine by theirselves, but they ...
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Longer term results?

I have to apologize, I am only recently starting to follow the HyCy threads.

I have yet to find any discussions in the threads, or further information on the web, regarding the statements:
Kerr cautions that the "reboot" phenomenon didn't work in all the patients. Two years after treatment, MRI images showed that the disease had reactivated in about half the study participants, suggesting that their renewed ability may not be permanent.

A lead into ...
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Chances of me getting MS?

Just curious about the stats on me getting MS... I was reading about it now I'm becoming worried and paranoid. :oops:

- 19 years old
- Male
- White
- Living in Canada (Province of Ontario)
- No family history of MS to my knowledge
- No signs or symptoms as of yet
- Developed majority of major infections as a small child (i.e. chickenpox)

So? ...
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Are these LDN side effects?

I started 1.75 mg 13 days ago. I've had no insomnia or vivid dreams or anything like that, but I have noticed an increase in weakness in my right leg, much worse numbness in my hands, and feeling more tired than usual in just the last week or so. My right foot is also numb for the first time ever. Could this just be coincidence or actual side effects from the LDN? The leg weakness ...
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Loobie's 100 day club thread


I really wanted to post this about a week ago, but I had to give it the 4 day test, plus a few. After about an entire month of feeling better, I have slipped back to where I was before, and actually a little worse. If you remember from my previous 100 day club post, I had been feeling more stable and much stronger in the leg dept. Not running or anything, just feeling ...
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Was wondering how everyone was doing today. For the first time in awhile I woke up early (yes early) because I have been sleeping abit. The vaction really took it out of me. Anyhow , I went down to the pier close to my job and fished alittle while , watched the sun come up. Although the fish weren't biting it was nice to have a moment to myself and collect my thoughts. I think ...
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Weird visual symptom...

Had a really odd visual thing last night - went up to check on my son asleep and as I looked at his face in the near-darkness I could see his eyes, nose and mouth, but then all his features disappeared and I was looking at a blank face-shape. God MS is so horror-film-ish sometimes. Then as I kept looking his features reappeared, then disappeared etc. ...
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Heeeelp please...spasms are killing me!!

Sat watching tv last night and suddenly my feet felt hot/burning sensation.. then leg cramp kicked in.. this is a new symptom for me as i get it allot in arm. Suddenly my foot went crazy..i had no control over it unless i pressed it hard to the ground.. The muscle went that tight my foot went stiff it felt like my anckle was being strangled and my bones were going to snap. omg ive ...
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