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Please don’t take this the wrong way Dom but I always took comfort in your ms being so bad because I always knew that no matter how I felt or what I thought you could understand so if there is anything that you’ve felt or thought that you think no one could understand we do, so if you read this or not. thanks

There is a lot of folks I’m sure that go to ms ...
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one week after campath

I went into the Neuro's office today, 'cause I just can't get my legs to work right. They're super duper spastic and the dropped foot is way worse. The team was supportive, they gave me some different drugs to try for the spasticity and some oral steroids to see that if that didn't help me feel better and get walking better sooner. Tomorrow I have to go back to work so I was nervous about ...
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New and not sure ...

- Update March 28 (i dig further back)
Note: Sorry for misspelling, I'm French speaking.

Hi all

I don’t want to bother anyone of you so I will make it short but clear.
First I don’t have yet been diag with MS.

Get up and ... lost my strength on left leg
- Drop foot
- Unable to go out the car without the help of both arms lifting my leg
- Gone after ...
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Hi folks...I too have MS actually PPMS

I have been watching this site for roughly 6 mos. I found this site by googling Dawsons Fingers. Otherwise I would not have found this site. I'm passing the word! I find the group forums exciting, knowlegeable and very friendly.

I was originally mis- diagnosed w/ RRMS in 2000. at that time my symptoms were not severe and the Neuro went with the stats. 80% of the MS pop have RRMS and the rest = ...
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Letter from Baxtor

Dear Chris Young:

We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm regarding cyclophosphamide, a life-sustaining and well-established chemotherapy agent.

There currently is ample supply of cyclophosphamide, and Baxter
continues to make it available to its customer base, including Accentia,
the makers of Revimmune. It’s important to note that the intended and
approved use of cyclophosphamide is as a chemotherapy agent, and Baxter does not currently have approval for cyclophosphamide’s use in addressing multiple sclerosis (MS). However, as ...
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Valomaciclovir (EPB-348) to treat MS

Valomaciclovir (EPB-348) to be assessed as an adjunctive therapy in Multiple Sclerosis

Epiphany Biosciences announced today that the company plans on filing an IND with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to study the potential impact of using the antiviral medication valomaciclovir (EPB-348) as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Valomaciclovir has been shown to possess potent antiviral activity in vitro against a number of herpes-related viruses, including herpes simplex (HSV), ...
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Mefloquine to treat PML

Despite all the good that this research might bring, its embarrassing to see that noone cared for treating PML as long as it has only been the uneconomic AIDS people dying of it. But just as billions in revenues from Tysabri seemed to be endagered anything goes... What a shame!

Press release: ... I&refer=us

Clinical trial:

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Anyone heard about this supplement?

In studies on mice, Dr. Michael Demetriou and colleagues with the UC Irvine Center for Immunology found that N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc), which is similar but more effective than the widely available glucosamine, inhibited the growth and function of abnormal T-cells that incorrectly direct the immune system to attack specific tissues in the body, such as brain myelin in MS and insulin-producing cells of the pancreas in diabetes. Study results appear on ...
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Truthfully, changing the electrodes?

I was just wondering how often people are actucally changing the sensors--electrodes--whatever they are called.

The information provided says to change them every 1-2 weeks but mine have been on for 3 weeks and, frankly, they look just the same as week 1. I wondered how I could tell they HAVE to be changed.

I wear my Walkaide all day every day.

I just wondered what others are doing.
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