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Interferons better than originally thought?

Hi Guys,

I had my 6 monthly neuro appt yesterday.
Nothing very exciting really but he told me that interferons seem to be much more effective than originally thought. Obviously i think this is a great thing to hear but have any of you heard this too?
He didn't mention any research or how he came up with that statement.
Is anyone aware of any research about this?
I'm unable to find anything.

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Numb patch

My last attack a year ago I had a numb spot above my left knee. I could feel the skin but the muscle underneath felt numb, that sensation comes and goes. But recently it has come back and it's not with me all the time but I wil be walking and all the sidden I will feel the numb area and it is very noticable. Also sometimes it feels like there is something wrapped around ...
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Supplements shopping in the UK


I live in the UK and normally buy my supplements from iherb (USA). However the dollar has gained a little in strength and I always get an expensive bill for import tax.

Is there a good online supplement shop that can be recommended in the UK?

The only one I know of is - however they do not carry many of the more unusual products in high ...
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my crutches

My mum ordered me a pair of crutches for christmas as I have been pretty much on at least one for the last 6-8 months. The first pair got lost in the post so the company sent a 2nd pair..... both pairs turned up together and the company said I could keep them. The pair ordered are blackberry pinky/purple with black handles. Since I don't need 2 pairs the same and am something of a ...
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NADH supplement, no apparent difference

I tried a NADH sublingual over the past few days, and I cannot say I notice any difference in energy levels. It is also known as Co-E1.
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Inclined Bed test

After spending too much time on another thread about CCVI, I thought I would do a search across the whole web to see if it had caught anyone elses interests.

I kept on getting links from google to some guy placing Zamboni's study as confirmation of his theory.

Basically, its that we should all be sleeping with our heads a few inches higher than our feet. I wouldn't of given it a second glance, except ...
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New MS Meetup Group in Boston, MA


For anyone in or near Boston, MA, I just started a new MS Meetup Group. Unlike other "support groups" in the area, this is NOT run by the NMSS or any other organization, but rather by and for people with MS.

The idea is to get together at least once a month for a low-key activity (like dinner out, a movie, etc.) and spend time with other people living with MS.

Those interested should ...
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HI members any of our members know about DR.FRAMIREDELRIOWHO IS FROM TIJUNA, MEXICO TREATING M.S usingumbillical cord blood stemcell transplation.this clinic highly recomened by STEMCELL PIONERS
K.SEEVA :roll:
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Hi, does anyone get or did you have extreme itching anywhere on your body before diagnosis or now?

I have now had to add this to my list of symptoms and had pain in my leg like an electric shock and the same in my left eye.

The symptoms list is getting longer and longer and longer.

Thanks guys.

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Protectus 120

Perhaps this topic is for Diet not here, but the moderators will move it if they decide.

Have you heard of Protectus 120, a pill which delivers glutathione to the body and is unique of its kind by allowing glutathione go straight in the blood while other pills dissolve it in the stomach and are ineffective.

As glutathione is very important for us, I'm really interested to learn about this pill, please share with me ...
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