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Has anyone tried acupunture? Did you feel that it helped in alleviating symptoms? How long was it before you felt any positive effects? I've been doing it for a couple of months (with a very well thought of dr of TCM) and honestly cannot say that it has made any difference-- at this point I'm quite discouraged and feeling that I'm throwing my money away. And (very late at night) sometimes thinking that here is ...
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Virtual worms

Virtual worms crawl through 3-D medical images
Simon Fraser University-created technology gives medical researchers a peek inside patients
Published: Monday, November 06, 2006

Computer scientists at Simon Fraser University have created virtual worms that crawl through medical images of blood vessels, air passages and spinal cords, offering medical researchers a non-invasive and detailed peek inside their patients.

Assistant professor Ghassan Hamarneh and graduate student Chris McIntosh developed the "3-D crawlers" to help medical researchers analyse ...
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Am I thinking to much??

I like to think I'm a "semi"normal person. Today however, I thought to myself, "I wonder if everybody thinks about their MS as often in a day's time as I do."

When I wake up, I lie there. For that first few precious seconds I really don't feel like I have anything wrong. Then I move. Spill my water on my way to shutting off the alarm clock, not being able to feel the tag ...
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Tovaxin news

This isn't really new info here as a lot of people are keeping us up to date, but here's a company press release...

Opexa Begins Dosing Patients in Phase IIb Trial of Tovaxin™ for Multiple Sclerosis

BUSINESS WIRE - Opexa Therapeutics announced today that it has dosed the first patient in its 150-patient Phase IIb clinical trial of Tovaxin in multiple sclerosis. Enrollment is expected to be completed by mid-2007. There are currently 31 trial ...
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How much benefit from that multivitamin?

Do you suppose this vinegar method works for all the water soluble vitamins????

How much benefit from that multivitamin?

Q: A physician told my daughter that 80 percent of vitamins in solid form are unabsorbed and lost through digestion. My pharmacist says it's more like 50 percent. I am taking 600 mg of calcium carbonate plus Vitamin D twice a day. Can you tell me how to know how much I'm actually receiving?

A: It's ...
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Too true

When all is said and done ...

There is nothing left to say or to do :?

Roger McGough
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Distilled water, Urine and songs

So tonight I thought I do a google search on distilled water and see if there is anything on it pertaining to MS. Like usual, I was distracted by all the odd other things that are on the net. Did you know that there are ppl that believe in drinking your own urine???? OMG! I am sorry...that is craziness. Urine is your waste...unless you are sick and your body is getting rid of things ...
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Vit D

Vit D article

I've become a convert to the Vit D thing. No more high factor suntan cream in Summer. But as I look out the window and see the fireworks going off (Bonfire Night in the UK), I realise how short and dark the days are.

I now understand that Vit D3 is the supplement to take, but am confused by how much I should be taking. ...
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Hello I am ThePixie also called Elizabeth!

I started a feverish search of this site, because so many other sites are all drug (sorry.. prescription) related. Because I believe in a holistic approach, I needed to find people of like mind. I am 55 and we believe my first symptoms occured (if MS is an auto-immune disorder) 30 years ago and 17 years ago with real venom. So I have relapsed and gotten better until three years ago. None of the ...
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Small molecule research

Biotechs Expand Into Small Molecules For Drug Discovery
Main Category: Biology / Biochemistry News
Article Date: 03 Nov 2006 - 12:00pm (PST)

Biotech companies traditionally focus on large proteins in their quest to find new drugs. But faced with the complex nature of disease, these companies are increasingly turning to small molecules as well. This new push into small-molecule drug design, which researchers hope will deliver better and more effective disease treatments, is explored in ...
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