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Anyone else ANA positive?

I was diagnosed several weeks ago with probable ms. I have 25 lesions in the subcortical region, in the periventricular white matter that showed up on my mri. All of my bloodwork is normal, except the ANA, which was positive. My doctor screened for SSA and SSB, but they were negative and Sjorgrens was ruled out. I am still waiting for the titers to come back from the ANA, and was just wondering if anyone ...
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Baclofen for spasticity

I just started this a couple of days ago. For those who don't know, it is a muscle relaxant prescribed for MS or people with spinal injuries. I am amazed at the benefits I am getting. I didn't realize how stiff my legs were and how much it has been contributing to my difficulty walking until I got on this relaxant. It has definitely changed my ability to get around for the better!

So, my ...
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Under suggestions

The first posts under this subject are actually under the suggestions topic. We've been talking about the Walkaide and Bioness.
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Blueberries, Dendrites and Viruses

Cruising through some of the Society for Neuroscience 2007 Abstracts (99.9% of which I can’t begin to understand) I came across this and thought it was a rather intriguing bit of info. Blueberry extract (in rats of course) can counter act some of the age related loss of dendrites and help with “brain circuitry”.

Sorry I can’t link to the actual abstract but here’s the title:

Dietary enrichment with 2% blueberry extract to aged ...
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Dignan - do something useful


You've gone very quiet of late which worries me - late night drinking? Lap-dancing clubs?

I have found some interesting publications. The only trouble - $6,000 each. But you're Canadian - an American with a nicer accent - and, no doubt, well off. Alright, the girls aren't as pretty in Canada (Celine Dion!), but there's cleaner air up there. To give you something to do during the Winter months (we have lots of theatres ...
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Stem cells abandon sites of injury

One of the most frustrating things about the central nervous system is the fact that it doesn't repair itself like the rest of the body – something stops the normal repair mechanisms from working – and Netrin-1 sounds like it could be involved. It makes stem cells migrate away from the site of injury, but as so often happens it can have completely the opposite function: attracting stem cells into the right positions in the ...
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Hello from Romania

My name is Petru from Romania.
I am 47 and I was diagnosed with MS in 1985
My initial diagnosis was RRMS, I had optic neuritis in my right eye.
Now I have SPMS
I currently take Betaseron from 2005 and lots of vitamins
I have four sons, 26, 24, 19 & 17. I hope and pray they never get MS, but if they do, at least there are better treatments today.
I'm really happy ...
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One Year on Tysabri, My Progress Report

Hi everyone, I haven't been here in a while, so I'll give you a brief update on my Tysabri progress.

I had my one year follow-up Tysabri appointment with my neurologist on 9/17... I am pleased to report that she was "delighted" with my progress (those were her words).

What she was most happy about is that she did not feel I was progressing in my disease, and that what I thought was a mild ...
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MRI Cervical/Thoracic This AM - Thoughts?

Had my cervical/thoracic MRI this AM. It was ordered "with contrast", however the tech said they may not need the contrast. I said "I thought the contrast made lesions brighter and more noticeable"? She said, "well, if the radiologist feels he has enough info to make a diagnosis, we won't need the contrast". We DID NOT need the contrast. So, this tells me they found lesions? What do you guys think? I have to wait ...
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Interferons: stimulant or suppressant?

I had the unpleasure of going to a walk-in clinic a few days ago and ended up in a ridiculous argument with the Dr. as to whether interferons are an immune suppressant or stimulant.

I know there's some debate around it, but my neuro, my nurse and Serono have told me Rebif can make one susceptible to infections.

Anyway, I couldn't adequately explain to the doc why interferons are a suppressant in MS patients but ...
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