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got a call from JH today

Hey all

I got a call from JH today from Mary. She said she had to call me back tommorow but set a tenative date into januray. holy smokes!

Anyway, I was reading. One of the risks is congestive heart failure. This can happen weeks after the chemo. I was wondering for those of you who went through this before what tests do they run to hopefully prevent this from happening?
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Bye for now, guys.

Hey Guys,

Just a quick note to let you know that I won't be posting in these forums (or any others related to MS, or to any other online discussion topic) anymore. Unfortunately, my online activity is being monitored without my consent and, while I have nothing to hide, I do wish to send a message to the individual(s) responsible that I am not pleased with said monitoring.

Certainly I won't knowingly provide any further ...
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Under active immune system vs. over active immune system

Why do y'all think about the theory that it's an weak immune system going wacky that is the culprit in this and other auto immune disease?
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New locations for revimmune

I remember reading awhile back Chris mentioning that this treatment might be offered at other locations. I know Chicago they are doing a study. But what about the west coast? I would think somewhere in California they would be doing this.

Is there any way to find out if future locations will be offering this?
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Crazy thoughts on non-injectibles / drug delivery

Its been a bit of a "holly grail" to attain an oral treatment for MS, since all our current treatments involve an injection.

My understanding of the issue a number of drugs have with oral delivery is that the stomach is a highly acidic place that destroys the actual medication in many cases.

Ok, so the plan is to move away from injections, and oral delivery is not really an options (in most cases), I ...
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Exercise slows Alz brain atrophy

Exercise May Slow Alzheimer Brain Atrophy

KANSAS CITY, Kan., July 15 -- Staying fit may help keep Alzheimer's disease at bay, researchers here said.

Individuals with early-stage Alzheimer's disease and relatively high peak oxygen consumption during a treadmill test showed less brain atrophy than other early Alzheimer's disease patients who were less fit, reported Jeffrey M. Burns, M.D., of the University of Kansas, and colleagues in the July 15 issue of Neurology.

"To our knowledge ...
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Dew Point Temperature/Humidity and Spasticity

Hello all.

I thought that I would share this with you all.

I have had MS for six years now. Intrigued with how I was affected by temperature I began to record my well-being and the temperature daily. It didn't seem to correlate. Remembering how, back in 2004, I worked in an office with really extreme air conditioning and found that my symptoms eased considerably, I bought a hygrometer and found that the relative humidity ...
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Campath - Day 3

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday so nothing new to report. The infusions are going much better that I anticipated. The only complaint is a faint headache today but the Tylenol seems to be keeping it at bay.
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I'm new to all of this since my boyfriends diagnosis on Valentines day '08.
We were high school sweeties that went separate ways - only to reunite (after 23 years) and discover this demon is in our future. The phrase "this isn't fair" comes to mind often. He is 41 and has always been healthy as a horse and strong as an Ox

I'm here to learn and get advice....
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Campath - Day 2

I had my second infusion today. I took zyrtec, benadryl, and tylenol during the steroid drip. After that is was on to the 4 hour campath infusion. Not much to report for today. As a matter of fact if I didn't see the IV needle go into my vein this morning at 9 I would say that I received no infusion today at all. No headache, chills, bodyache, etc. to speak of. Two days down ...
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