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Hi All,
I am thinking of starting the abx CAP soon.
My question is what are the symptoms associated with the bacteria dying off? Do the sx manifest themselves as new MS like sx or as fatigue or something else?

L x
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What phase of testing is revimmue in?

If I read correctly revimmune is still being tested and they are doing randomized testing? Anyone know what phase they are in and when and if this will be available to everyone?

I find it crazy that we can get tysabri and soon campeth and some other IV drug which in my opinion seem to be far more dangerous yet revimmune is not offered to us in the same way. Can anyone explain to me ...
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Anyone else have any strange reactions after taking this stuff?
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I Started an MS Blog

Well, it's actually an "MS blog" as well as a "wheelchair blog" as well as a "me blog". But I guess that's what blogging is all about.

The response to the video I posted last week was so positive that it pushed me to finally enter the blogosphere, something I've resisted for a long time.

Please check it out, and tell me what you think.
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Another exacerbation

Hi everyone,

Well, I hate having to report this, but it appears I am in another exacerbation. This is my second once since treatment in July. As you know, the first was in December and according to the MRI there was activity.

I saw my local neurologist on Friday...and according to the exam and symptoms present, it definitely appears to be a new exacerbation and not just continued from December.

I have weakness/numbness on the ...
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95% sure i'm choosing Tysabri

Hello everyone,

in the midst of a relapse right now (haven't had symptoms or meds since 2006)

My neuro think Tysabri would be the best option for me since i've had bad experiences with other therapies.

I'm still scared of possible risks vs. benefits... but need to start thinking long term.

Any comments? experiences (good and bad)?

Many thanks,
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new (again) to RRMS

Was diagnosed in 2004 with RRMS and was on a few therapies until 2006 when i stopped (felt fine)

Was feeling fine up until a few weeks ago when symptoms started to return. Neuro says i'm having a relapse... and its like being diagnosed all over again


Now looking to start another therapy.. neuro suggests Tysabri is my best option.

Just wanted to say hi ...
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Laugh For Me !!!

I was feeling spunky the other day. Did not take the ski poles I use to walk because I just felt good. Can't run but thought I would kick up my heals a bit. So only a few yards from the house I try a little trot. The outcome was not good. I fell like tall timber face first in the cow poop compost my wife had just spread in a patch of lawn that ...
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Here Goes....


Recent History: Five days in the hospital after having a droopy left face.... Five doctors come to my room and tell me they think "Bells Palsy". One neurologist comes by and says MS. The neurologist says "come by my office in 10 days and we will have the results of the spinal tap and I can give you medicine."
From the 10th day to the 17th day after the hospital:
I call once a ...
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Ice Cold water

Hi all,
My feet have been numb for 5 days (the tops of them as opposed to the underneath) anyway I decided to stick them in ice cold water twice for 10 mins and the numbness seems to be wearing off a bit (even if it only lasts for an hour or 2 I am happy I have had some sort of effect)

Anyone else tried cold water for relieving numbness/symptoms?

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