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Allozyne, PEGylated IFN beta

Allozyne, Developer of Multiple Sclerosis Drug in Fewer Shots, Poised to Enter Clinical Trials

Allozyne’s technology aims to enable what is known as “pegylation” of an interferon beta drug. That means scientists can attach a polymer that helps the drug remain stable for a longer period of time in the bloodstream to do its job. Instead of weekly injections, Allozyne thinks its candidate can be given every other week, or even once a month, Chhabra ...
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Assisted suicide article (woman with MS)

I have often been intrigued by the idea of assisted suicide, and figured it would be an option if I ever got to a certain point. Well, that point is a bit closer since being diagnosed with MS. I have always said I would want to go when I can't wipe my own a*s. I meant it in a joking way, but now...

Anyway, I found an interesting article. I had no idea that assisted ...
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I just need to let this out somewhere and blow off a little steam....

Turns out that I might be pregnant. It's only 6.5 weeks since my last miscarriage but I have a whole bunch of symptoms that have been around for about a week that I have been trying to ignore until Adam made me talk to the dr. Since these sympoms include stuff like morning sickness she has taken bloods to test my ...
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Av8rgirl's results on Tovaxin - Phase IIb

I started the screening process for the Phase IIb trial in Jan of 2007. I received my first vaccine in March and the last vaccine on 9/21/2007.

In July of 2007, I had a major exacerbation which was treated with 3 days of IVSM.

The trial ended for me on April 1, 2008. Two weeks later, I had another exacerbation which was treated with 3 days of IVSM.

I was dx'd with RRMS in March ...
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try this new game!!

:D hi ya'll try out this new version of tic tac toe you'll love it!! for real

let me know what ya think 8)
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Are there indicators for a good or bad disease course?

Hi Guys,

Because i'm obsessed with ms and what may happen in the future i have been wondering if anyone knows if there is anything that may indicate what disease course you may have.

I have read in the past that what happens in the first 5 years may be an indicator of what your ms may do in the future, if it's going to be mild or more aggressive.

If ms is so unpredictable ...
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MRI of the Spine

Hello to all-

I'm due for another MRI...the majority of my lesions were in my brain in my previous MRIs, yet I had a single one in my spine. My neuro told me that another MRI of the spine was not necessary due to the lack of newer clinical signs related to it. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience.

thanks in advance,

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Can search function be combined with a highlight?

I want to search the sight for "MMP-9". Ideally, I'd like the term "MMP-9" to be highlighted in the threads I click on after the search. This would make it easier to review the search results. Is this possible? Ken
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Tovaxin trial monitoring arm

Howdy - I'm brand new to this website and forum but I've been emailing with someone else in the Tovaxin study in Chicago who let me know about this site. I know I received the vaccine during phase IIb, but I've been testing negative for MRTCs ever since and have one last monitoring blood draw in mid December, results expected right after Christmas. I actually had my second attack during the monitoring arm a few ...
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Mike's 100 Day Story

Howdy all,

I'm a few days early here but what the heck!

My MS:
I am 42 years old and my first MS attack was in October 2003 and the actual MS diagnosis came during my second attack in August 2004. The majority of my lesions are in my spinal cord so my symptoms are exclusively motor and sensory and manifest as problems with stamina in my legs, overall balance problems, sluggish left hand and ...
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