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Laser eye surgery

Grateful for any advice on the following.

In addition to being blessed with RR MS two years ago (age 39) I was blessed at age 15 with short-sightedness and astigmatism. This got worse in my 20's and levelled out in my 30s. In my mid 30s I got sick and tired of contact lenses and glasses and enquired about laser eye surgery. I was told by an eye surgeon who performed this procedure, that the ...
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Anti-Aging Molecule

OK, this isn't MS-specific, but it sounds very interesting.

Anti-Aging Molecule Discovered

Korean Times - A team of South Korean scientists on Sunday claimed to have created a ``cellular fountain of youth,’’ or a small molecule, which enables human cells to avoid aging and dying.

The team, headed by Prof. Kim Tae-kook at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, argued the newly-synthesized molecule, named CGK733, can even make cells younger.

The findings were ...
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An interview with the NMSS Head of Research. ... ipt_02.pdf
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MS-associated retrovirus

Another possible viral (retroviral) trigger?

Multiple sclerosis-associated retrovirus and optic neuritis.

Mult Scler. 2006 Jun;12(3):357-9.
Sotgiu S, Arru G, Soderstrom M, Mameli G, Serra C, Dolei A.
Institute of Clinical Neurology, University of Sassari, Viale San Pietro 10, 07100 Sassari, Italy.

One prognostic factor for early multiple sclerosis (MS) patients to develop a definite MS may be the presence of the MS-associated retrovirus (MSRV) in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). ...
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Research 2006

Nothing new - but an interesting interview with the NMSS Head of Research.

The Rituximab results should certainly be of interest for those with progressive forms of MS. ... ipt_01.pdf

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Wanna share your healthy diet recipes?

If you are into a healthy lifestyle, Beano is running a promotion right now called the Healthy Recipe Contest. Check it out @ . I am working on this promo on behalf of Beano.
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Newbie Hi

newbie here! just wanted to say hi...been lurking around for a bit and finally decided to join in. i'm looking forward in meeting you all. thanks!
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Changing understanding of MS

Dear all,

I was dx just over 2 years ago. The neuro who gave me the news lacked any sort of sympathy. I remember him saying that MS "is an auto-immune disease where myelin is attacked". Two years later, and two years of spending too long on MS websites, revealed that the disease was much more complicated than this simple picture. Whilst a better understanding is good, in some ways as more is found out ...
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I've always thought that MS was a job creation scheme for researchers - this sort of research supports my view.

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TIM3 - this is a new one on me!

I might fund my own research - the hypothesis 'MS is only found in countires where there are neurologists'. Moving to a country where there are not neurologists, before the age of 15, will protect you against being diagnosed with MS.
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