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Inside-out cells offer target for antiviral drugs <:3

Inside-out cells offer target for antiviral drugs

CHICAGO (Reuters) - An experimental drug cured guinea pigs infected with a fatal hemorrhagic fever virus, raising hope for its use in a broad range of viral diseases including influenza, hepatitis C, HIV, Ebola and others, U.S. researchers said on Sunday.

"This is a whole new strategy for making antiviral drugs," said Dr. Philip Thorpe, professor of pharmacology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, ...
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Its over

I just got a call from my coordinator and Opexa is suspending Tovaxin.
Thats all I know at this point.
Will have to research what my next adventure will be.

Its been a wild ride, for sure!
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HiCy Check

Ok all of you people who received HiCy Treatment, lets hear how your doing.

It has been 6 months for me and I am pretty much stable. Just doin my Physical Therapy and Strength Traing. Go for my 6 month MRI, EDSS and MFSC in two weeks. We will see if the lesions have shrunk any.

Happy T-day

Chris S...
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Phase 3 trial end-dates

Since we're getting close to the end of some of the phase 3 trials, I thought I'd post a summary of what we know about those trial completion dates. The list below includes only those drugs that have completed enrollment in at least 1 phase 3 trial (e.g. no MN166 on this list).

In order of trial completion:

1. cladribine (Mylinax) (RRMS)
- announced completion of enrollment of first phase 3 trial: January 16, 2007 ...
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Growth Hormone

You might find it a strange question that I’m about to ask but it sounds logical to me:

Does anybody here have experience with the Human Growth Hormone, HGH?

I am considering starting myself, and I did some research but I found until now only (positive) experiences of bodybuilders.. On their website you can also read that people with AIDS get HGH too (doses defer), for the treatment of their muscle degeneration.

If HGH helps ...
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Tysabri Side effects

I have done four infusions for Crohns. Though it has helped the crohns, I am having strong side effects. Including weakness, headaches, ear clogs, waves of joint pain and constant fatigue. Is there anything that can be done to counteract theses effects? This is the only drug that has worked for me but the side effects have been brutal!

Thanks for your input.
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quercetin + laundry = X%#@$!!!!!

Jeff left some quercetin tablets in his front pocket of his light khaki shorts. They got washed in HOT water with all of our whites.
Every stinkin' sock, underwear and tee shirt came out

that's it. He's on his own....
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Anyone here not taking any MS Meds?

Is there anyone here recently diagnosed like within 1-3 years that has never taken MS meds or did and stopped? If so, please send me a PM.

Thanks So Much
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Both me and my x-husband have MS

I've looked at this site before, but just decided tonight to sign up. My former husband and I have both been diagnosed with MS. He, ten years before me. I haven't seen any posts on here about that.

We have a daughter, so of course I'm more concerned now about her risk.

Does anyone know more couples like this? My story is long, but if you want to read about it, just let me know. ...
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4-AP reaction question

Love it to death! What a drug for spasticity!! Barely a need for Baclofen.


I swear to God I am back in Fl on a little house boat type thing going deep sea fishing. I can walk and all but wowser.

Now my balance is better, so the minute it was worse I knew what it was. Has anyone else had this happen, and is it something ...
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