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Hello from Fabulous Las Vegas!

I just want to say hello and introduce myself...

I'm 32, live in Las Vegas, am a stay-at-home-mom to 3 busy kids, ages 6, 4, and 2. I was officially diagnosed last summer, but of course had it for years before.

Because I don't have good insurance, I can't get the meds paid for. I was lucky enough to get into a study on Copaxone for 9 months and appreciated the meds, although the MRI's ...
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Hi Everyone, I'm Mary. 47 yrs old. Married 4 grown kids. MS dx'd 4 1/2 years ago. Specialist thinks more like 10 yrs. I think more like 20 years now that I know what the symptoms are. Just wanted to say hi. Mary :)
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My regimen

Hello all,

I was officially diagnosed in Sept. 05 but had my first symptom in April 2000 in the form of mild peripheral double vision. No further relapses until July 2005 when my leg went numb and I had some gait issues. After visiting several neuros and reading many books and articles I settled on the following treatment plan (for now anyway).

1. Swank diet - Although not scientificically proven to help MS, I figure ...
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link between ectasy use and ms

is there or has there been any studies into the link between ectasy use and ms........can anyone help or point me in the right direction...cheers
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easy people

im a 33 year old guy livin in amsterdam and recently been diagnosed with ms.......just sayin hello
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Treatment end point?

This is more i guess out of interest, as it is getting a bit ahead of myself. I have failed to actually read anything explicit on it from the various protocols.

If CPn infection has a high chance of false negatives, how are you planning on deciding what the end point is for your treatment is? or do you see this as a treatment for the rest of your life?
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last relapse?

I was wondering, how long into this treatment are people experiencing that they are no longer having relapses of MS?

I understand it would be pretty hard with the reactions some are getting to flagyl.

I have been pretty lucky as my major cause/trigger of relapses are a cold/flu, of which I havnt had since march.

I am wondering how long (how many flagyl pulses etc) you have been on abx treatment before a trigger ...
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The following is from a post on the Boston Cure Project sites:

'HSCT is acronym for hematopoetic stem cell transplant. I underwent this procedure about 2 years ago under the care of Dr. Richard Burt, an immunotherapist at Northwestern and probably the best in the country if not the world for this. It involves "rebooting" the immune system by collecting bone marrow stem cells, then drastically reducing the immune system thru a combination of chemo ...
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Comparing various CPn regimens

For anyone who hasn't seen this page, set up by the hardwoking Jim, have a look. It should solve many of the queries I have been receiving.


Comparing the Antibiotic Regimens
As people get into more of the information about the combination antibiotic (abx) protocols on this site, confusion can arise about what medications are used with which protocol, and even which version. In the interests of clarity, I will try to summarize and ...
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Gene for B-cell development and axons

At least this is something that seems tied in to axonal degeneration, even if they don't know exactly how...

Gene for B-cell development factor might be involved in multiple sclerosis

A gene involved in B-cell development might play a role in multiple sclerosis. The results of a large study published today in the open access journal BMC Neurology reveal that multiple sclerosis (MS) patients are more likely to carry two specific genetic variations in the ...
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