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Cord Blood

If you had children fairly recently, did you choose to save the cord blood?

Why or why not? Would you with future children?

I confess I know very little about stem cells and MS, but I am intrigued by the possibility of doing this with my future children.
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Questions and responses to the 100 plus days club members

Hi to all,

This is where to ask your questions of the people in the study. I hope Bob will keep an updated list of all questions asked as the second post on this thread.

Go BobImage

Some points to review. There will be a quiz later.

I never had an injection site reaction.

MRTCs, Masking/Suppressing, and Some Thoughts

Some ...
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The 100 Plus Days Club

Hi to all,

This is an exclusive club composed of people in the IIb extension study who are at least 10 days past receiving their third injection of the reel stuff. Although I am starting this thread, I am not part of the club. I feel that this thread will be beneficial to people in the study, people considering the phase III study, and anyone interested in Tovaxin.

I would like to see study participant ...
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nutrition and expecting moms

hey this article looks pretty informative

the roles that the different vitamins and minerals play in fetal growth and development are reviewed, primarily with respect to growth and differentiation in humans; but, as appropriate, data provided from animal and cellular studies are also considered.

throw in what we know about the usual suspects in ms and that article looks like it could be a pretty useful resource.
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Infections and Transplants

I was going to post this on the hicy forum but decided to put it here as it is speculative and only tangentially related to treatment with hicy.

I wondered about permanently latent virii like:
-HSV1 (cold sores on the lips)
-HHV6 lives in you forever after contacting it as a kid (we all have it)
-EBV lives in your b cells forever, and possibly the marrow

those are all viruses that the vast majority ...
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Computer-based molecular modeling in drug discovery

Computer modeling in drug discovery

I have been asked to comment on a treatment protocol being put forward based on computer modeling of small molecules in the ligand binding sites of receptors. I am not familiar with the protocol but I can comment on some of the many caveats that must be considered when interpreting computer-based modeling of drug-protein interactions. The bottom line is that the modeling by itself is only suggestive of possibilities, not ...
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Lessons from the School of Suffering

Lessons from the School of Suffering : A Young Priest With Cancer Teaches Us How to Live
by Jim Willig (Author), Tammy Bundy (Author)

this is a really short rerad but I enjoyed it, definetly a Catholic read.
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I have my appointments.

I see Dr. Kerr on August 6th and Dr. Brodsky on August 12th. If all goes well and I feel comfortable and non-scared-shitless, then I'm looking at HiCy in Summer 2009.

I would have liked to have seen the Dr.s earlier (example: in July), but unfortunately I have to testify in a court case (I'm a witness) that begins on July 7th, so...

Still: I am excited to be going this summer.

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My neurologist appointment yesterday

Was AWESOME!! He spent over 2 hours with me, talking about many things. He was actually more interested in hearing about what I had done in life and my artwork than anything :)

He said he treats many with burning mouth syndrome, and he's familiar with the treatment methods for this. He began by discussing neurontin, and then he actually asked me what I think I should ...
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New neuro

My neuro moved to to be director of the Stanford MS center (Jeff Dunn)
I had to get a new guy so I got a local person instead of making the big trip to Seattle all the time.

Wow, different having a neuro who is not an MS center! he was against everything beyond regular CRABS including revimmune "That'll hurt your kidneys". (He had prescribed novantrone to 4 people and all of them got heart ...
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