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MS and Insurance issues

Hello Everyone,

I have been a silent follower of MS News for about 2 years now. However this is my first time reaching the community.

My fiance was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago. I am not exactly clear which type her MS is (neither her or her doctors know for sure). She lives in Germany and as you may know, German government covers her medical expenses. She is taking shots (I believe every other ...
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chinese medicine

I have now completed about 7 weeks on my combination of anti-virals and I am generally pleased with the experience after the steroid infusions. Apart from an initial worrying itchiness to my face, back, front and arms and a transient twitchiness in my left arm I have had had no negative side effects. Indeed my walking feels better and the pain in my left leg much reduced. My partner has commented positively about my walking ...
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Suggestion for this site - Geographical groups

This is a suggestion, or, really, a request, for something that I would find vitally useful, and I think many others here would, too.

That is to create an area on this site with forums organized by geographical region. It could be U.S. - West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, Southwest, Gulf States, or even as local as Tri-State Area (NY-NJ-CT), Northern California vs Southern California, etc.

A lot of aspects of treatment are geography-specific. Most ...
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I have been thinking about this for a long time. TIMS is a loosely knit group of people with the commonality of MS. I thought it would be nice if we all got together. My thought was to plan a get-together in Naples, FL, perhaps for a weekend. I think the best time to do this would be next March, 2009. It would allow those of you located in the cold weather to get a ...
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what treatments or strategies do you think complement abx?

From another thread:

notasperfectasyou wrote:Here's a big thought........


There's all the other stuff folks are taking. Like, Axonex. Avonex is supposed to better solidify the blood brain barrier. Well, what if it's making it harder for the ABX to get in?

Might some of the other things we take because they have an anti-inflamatory effect ...... might some of this stuff actually make it harder for the CPN to get exposed to the ...
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rr vs spms and ppms

I am thinking of the saying no question is to stupid to ask :) here anyway!

-I know the difference on how they happen rr coming and going spms being more constant but milder than ppms but what is the actually difference?
-How do they change from one to another?
-Is it still the immune system doing the damage in all these forms of ms or does ...
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Optic Neuritis

I am fairly convinced that I have optic neuritis again but in my left eye this time. I have had pain on movement and a noticible change to my vision (blurriness) for a couple of weeks and have now reached the point where the pain is constant and the accompanying headache is no better.

Unfortunately as I still have not had a dx or have even met my current neuro I don't know what to ...
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Genomic Scans...a conundrum

A thought provoking essay in the LA Times written by a young woman who had a genomic test done by Navigenics, utilizing the technology of the genotyping chip. For those of us with children who might wonder if our kids have the genetic predisposition for MS....would this test be blessing or curse?

It's not cheap...$2500 for a spit analysis. I'm not rushing out any time soon for this test for my child (or myself- my ...
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Optical Coherence Tomography- interesting

Hi All,
I generally post things here after they have been discussed at great length but I thought this might interest some who have not heard of it. I initially read about this in Southwestern Medicine Magazine which is a publication from UT Southwestern. This link is from a Johns Hopkins study, I'm not sure who is really the leading research facility but no matter, give it a read.
Lars ...

Cellcept linked to PML

Again it looks like a very low risk and possibly from a combination of drugs... but I would really like to take PML out behind the shed and have a word with it.

FDA investigates CellCept and Myfortic PML risk

The FDA is investigating a possible link between the use of CellCept (mycophenolate mofetil, from Roche) and Myfortic (mycophenolic acid, from Novartis) and the development of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML).

The FDA is reviewing Roche’s ...
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