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cheering you up

so, cheer's away for a bit. she has asked me to take on cheering you guys up if needed, in her absence. so if any of you need electronic hugs or something, i'm on it. never mind the scary avatar, it doesn't bite
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This disease is so cruel. Spent the last four years worrying about walking. Now having an attack that's left nerve damage affecting my hands. They're weak, uncoordinated, and hyper-sensitive simultaneously. F***! 3 days of IV prednisone improved the symptoms from unbearable to awful. Whoopidy f***in doo! Showering is an adventure. Wiping my ass is harder than astro-physics. (Sorry). It's been three weeks. I'm a desk jockey; never thought an I'd have an injury resulting in ...
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hi everybody!
I've been here before (in May) but now I have a new question. I have re-started taking Tysabri yesterday (I have already taken it in April but had a very bad experience since - I think - it was overrun by a hepathitis vaccin which is in itself no good for MS though my doctor did not mention it... + I had a seriouds relapse with my (non)walking) Anyway, this time it seems ...
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shortness of breath

I was diagnosed with RRMS about 9 years ago, and have had a pretty easy go of it. My concern relates to chronic persistent shortness of breath I've experienced for about a year now; it seems to be worsened while doing exercises involving changing my head elevation. For example, when I do squats in the gym with a moderate amount of weight, I feel very lightheaded, dizzy, and of course short of breath. I even ...
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When will it make a difference?

I have been on Copaxone for 3 months now and I am still waiting for it to make a difference. I have had 1 fairly major relapse and am less healthy now then when I started, I have new symptoms popping up such as numb fingers. The MS hug is finally fading after 4 weeks!

My skin is covered in bruises and blotchy patches. Is it really all worth this? They didn't tell me it ...
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Need Help

Alright, So NYS decide that 50 cents over min wage means you dont get state health care. So, I cant afford to keep paying for Betaseron anymore, which doesnt matter cause I dont like all the side effects it gives me. BUT....
No insurance means no doctors anymore, or anything. So I need to know what would be the best vitimins and such to take daily to fight MS.
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Getting to Grips with MS

The local branch of the MS Society is runnign a course called 'getting to grips' - It starts next week and will run for 6 weeks, one evening a week. There will be neuros, MS sufferers, the local MS therapy centre etc coming to talk.

In the first week there is an opportunity to write down questions for the neuro to answer the following week. Any suggestions on what to ask - the truth is ...
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can all you knowledgeable and experienced folks tell me whose heads at opexa i need to bust to get my freaking questionnaire phone call and my freaking procurement appointment set? i've got major problems going on and they won't call! and yes, i'm mrtc positive big time.


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Notes from my HiCy experience...

I'm a newbie and after recently completing the HiCy protocol at JH I wanted to pass along notes that may help any of you that may consider having the procedure.
Must haves:
Your own Pillow (JH pillows are like flat rocks)!!!!!!!!!
Can get parking passes for $4 a day (outside admissions), which saves money.
Things for friends/family to do while you sleep i.e.: DVD player, IPOD.
You can take your own pjs, but ...
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Primary Vs Secondary Blepharospasm

Primary Vs Secondary Blepharospasm / Brain-damage-induced Vs Non-brain-damage-induced Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking

Please refer to the following medical explanations entitled 'Primary Vs Secondary Blepharospasm' which is actually an excerpt of my reply to the other party and I hope that the information given will be useful to the intended readers. Thank you.

Quotation :

" 'However, from this posting I have much more clearly understood that your blepharospasm symptoms are a form of secondary blepharospasm, not ...
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