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Anecdote's continuing itinerary through light and shadow

I have decided, since I have finished my regime but am still getting improvements to move to the Antibiotics forum, so here I am, with a link to where I started back in August 2003.

Well, its now March 2008 and I have not had an MS episode since that time, whereas prior to that, with rapidly advancing secondary progressive disease I was deteriorating by the day with the odd relapse still thrown in. ...
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Bladder Spasms, please help

I have trouble urinating... certain things relieve the spasms that prevent me from urinating, but I haven't found a really solid way of treating this.

Is there ANYTHING out there that could possibly help me urinate better? Some sort of natural remedy?

Glucosamine helped me somewhat with urinating, but didn't relieve it as much as I expected in the end.

Anyway, please help!
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VCV at relapse

I thought this was interesting since this virus has come up before, and this study seems to show that reactivation coincides almost perfectly with relapses. I'd like to understand how and why this reactivation occurs – anyone know?

Ann Neurol. 2008 Feb 27
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Varicella-zoster virus in cerebrospinal fluid at relapses of multiple sclerosis.

Sotelo J, Martínez-Palomo A, Ordoñez G, Pineda B.

Neuroimmunology Unit, National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, ...
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Im so confused, I need so direction

ok, Im 21 years old, very active person up til this point I was working 2 jobs one fore 40 hours the other for about 20 hours. Because the doctor said I quit my 20 hour a week job, and now just do the 40 hours.
I woke up with numbnesss and tingling from mid torso down about 1 month ago, no past issues with numbness or anything. I figured it was nothing and waited ...
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MS and the need for a peaceful heart

I have found it is important in my life for not only my body to be taken care of- but my heart also. A peaceful heart has become an inportant part of my day. Prayer and "Be Still and Know" is more important each day. Without that base, the fluctuations in the symptoms would drive me crazy!
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Here is a story relayed to me from someone I know who works in retirement facility. I am sharing because we have gotten so many laughs from the story I share it at every opportunity!

(names changed)

"Help! Help!, said 90 year old Mary Sue.
"what's wrong Mary Sue?, said the health aide.
"What's this?" said Mary Sue as she pointed to her lower leg at the same time she is lifting it up into ...
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Hello there!

Hi there from PA!
"Oh, But you you look so good!"
I was Dx in 2001 with RRMS after being paralyzed from the neck down. I regain feeling and then use of my arms within a few weeks. It took me though a few years to get back up on my feet and walking again. To look at me now, you would never know what my body had been though!
I am a support group ...
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You Gotta Keep on Dancing, Choosing Joy by Tim Hansel

This is a down to earth, heartfelt, easy to read journal style journey. I must warn readers that your journey will be a Spiritual one, as Tim Hansel shares the questions of his heart. Why me?? Not again! God are you sure you know what you are doing? And through the calling of his heart, he finds answers that are surprising! It has become my favorite of which I have read over and over again, ...
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Some liver problems reported with Tysabri

FDA warns of Tysabri liver risks
Stephen McGuire
February 27 2008

Biogen Idec and Elan's multiple sclerosis treatment Tysabri may cause significant liver injury within six days of the first dose, the FDA warned healthcare professionals in a letter posted today on its website.

Doctors should warn their patients about the drug's liver risk and patients should stop taking Tysabri if they develop jaundice or other symptoms of liver injury, the letter said.

In January, ...
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What no one wants to talk about

....including me. I'm having issues with bowel incontinence. Pretty embarrasing as you can imagine. Has anyone else ever experienced this and found a way to control it? Do I need to go see a specialist? Thanks. :oops:
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