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My dilemma

Hoping to get some constructive opinions from the bright minds on this board. Right now I have a good job with one of the world's largest companies and therefore have a great benefits package including long-term disability. In otherwords, if I become disabled I will still receive my salary until retirement (I'm 33 now). I have an opportunity to go work for a privately held, smaller company which would be a lot more fun, lot ...
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Wyeth Petition to Restrict Compounding Pharmacies ??

Hi all

As some of you know I'm using bio-identical hormones to help manage my MS. These are individually dosed and compounded in accordance with the prescribing physician's recommendations taking into account the results of my hormone level(s) tests.

The compounding pharmacy I use has notified me that Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has filed a Citizen's Petition with the FDA asking the FDA to impose restrictions on the compounding and dispensing of "bio-identical hormone replacement therapy." (BHRT) ...
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Is any remyelinating drug in Phase 1 trail ?

Is any remyelinating drug in Phase 1 trail or more ?
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Article from yesterday's Chgo Sun Times

This is the second article in the last two weeks that the Sun Times has run on Tysabri and this woman. Thought maybe someone would be interested. The tone of the article seems doubtful but she is very much an advocate. ... p_docnum=1
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Commencing Lipitor

Just to announce that my doctor has prescribed Lipitor for me, for MS and so I will probably commence it this coming week. He suggested starting with 20mg per day and ramping up from there. He encouraged me to continue to take 500mg CoQ10 per day.

I am also on LDN, abx regimen, supplements etc.

Any Lipitor advice would be welcomed, such as when to take it during the day, the ramping process, other suggestions ...
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Monotherapy Question

Has anyone heard how much time needs to lapse between immunosuppressive treatments and Tysabri? I'm going to have one more Novantrone infusion next week.
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Precious metals to cure autoimmune diseases?

Interesting new angle I've never heard of before.

Noble metals strip peptides from class II MHC proteins

Nature Chemical Biology
Published online: 26 February 2006 | doi:10.1038/nchembio773

Stephen L De Wall1,2,6,8, Corrie Painter3, Jennifer D Stone4, Rajintha Bandaranayake3, Don C Wiley5,7, Timothy J Mitchison1,2, Lawrence J Stern3,4 and Brian S DeDecker1,8

Class II major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins are essential for normal immune system function but also drive many autoimmune responses. They bind peptide ...
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Is Bromley Gone?

Just read B's last post in the Tysabri section. Hope that it is another one of his jokes, as he states he is going to stop posting, after the "Harry Z' fiasco.

I find Bromley's posts to be very informative, and I think this site will be diminished by his absence. Take a while to lick your wounds Bromley, and to get over your misinterpreted attempt at humor, but don't give up on the site. ...
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Test for MS

.5 kDa Cystatin May Generate First Simple Test for Multiple Sclerosis 03 March 2006

Johns Hopkins scientists report the discovery of a protein found only in cerebrospinal fluid that they say might be useful in identifying a subgroup of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) or identifying those at risk for the debilitating autoimmune disorder.
MS strikes over 10,000 Americans each year, most of whom are women, and causes weakness, numbness, a loss of muscle coordination, ...
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Some research on EBV and MS (EBV usually known as Glandular Fever in the UK and Mono in the US).

I've been invited to attend and EBV/MS seminar at the Institute of Neurology later this month, so will be keen to find out what the latest thinking is.


Epstein-Barr Infection Linked to Multiple Sclerosis 02 March 2006

Patients diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis in young adulthood as a result of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection have ...
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