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In Morocco

I came here to teach English, which is working out alright.. A couple months ago, I became constantly dizzy, and I have since developed a few other symptoms. I am pretty depressed, tired all the time, sometimes can't speak, etc etc.. Seems sort of like whining to list these all but I suppose it's a good thing to do. Talk soon then.

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Criminal probe into MS ‘wonder drug’

Apologies in advance for the length of this post but I think it important that this story, taken from the excellent MSRC News Archive, has a wide audience.
Criminal probe into MS ‘wonder drug’
A DRUG company is under criminal investigation for the way it has marketed an unproven “wonder” treatment for multiple sclerosis to thousands of patients.
The firm, Daval International, chaired by a discharged bankrupt described by a High Court judge in ...
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I eliminated my post

I eliminated my post
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Hi to everybody here!

I've read a few threads on this board now and then over the years but never got around to joining.

I already belong to several MS message boards, and I've been on them for 5 or 6 years.

This place looks nice, and I hope to take part in some discussions here.

I was diagnosed with SPMS many years ago. I was on Avonex for 3 years but had to stop ...
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power plate

Has anyone ever tried the Power Plate? No, it doesn't involve food, and yes, Madonna uses it too; bit beyond that, a dr recently told me that he recommends it to a lot of pts, esp. people with MS-- it' supposed to get to all sorts of muscles that are normally difficult to target, improve flexibility, help circulation etc. The home version is ridiculously expensive; the commercial version is available in some gyms (none near ...
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Botox for the bladder anyone had it done?

Gary is thinking about having the botox injections to the spchinter of the bladder. Currently he is self cathing to go all the time, but has feeling of how much, when he has to go, etc. He just can't GO. We have tried ALL of the bladder drugs with no response. I have read many good abstracts on this treatment and the option has been brought up by his neuro and uro. I would love ...
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work at last!

wahooooooooo! finally the temperature dropped enough for me to work! the hill opens on saturday! i can't believe after all the 2006 crap that i am still employed as a ski instructor in 2007. haha, nature is still trying to keep me off snow but NO LONGER!
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Two stories from Scotland

Two stories from Scotland:

(i) Positive story regarding stem cells. ... 250997.stm

(ii) A sad story, which shows how cruel this disease can be. ... 251287.stm

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Stem cells, cancer and epigenetics

Interesting research...

New study supports a stem cell origin of cancer

Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) recently made significant strides toward settling a decades-old debate centering on the role played by stem cells in cancer development.

According to the study's findings, which appear in an upcoming issue of Nature Genetics and now available online, genes that are reversibly repressed in embryonic stem cells are over-represented among genes that are permanently silenced in ...
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how much are you paying for Tysabri?

My friend is DESPERATELY trying to get his Ty. Been approved by TOUCH, but has a $%&**^%$ Neuro, in my opinion. A long story, but I will condense. He dropped his Medicare supplement because of price. Had to get it back because Neuro wouldn't consider Ty without it. Now, after MUCH run around, the place that would take his Medicare Part B and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Supplement, wants $500.00 up front each visit. ...
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