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More pain

Sorry to be posting more moans / problems.

I saw my GP last week who has prescribed me some painkillers for the pain I was talking about a couple of weeks ago, the painkillers don't make it go away but they do take the edge off!

Last night I started getting a different kind of pain. It started in my middriff / lower chest and was like a squeezing pain that went around my left ...
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Marijuana may block Alzheimer's
They looked closely at brain cell receptors to which cannabinoids bind, allowing their effects to be felt.

They also studied structures called microglia, which activate the brain's immune response.

Microglia collect near the plaque deposits associated with Alzheimer's disease and, when active, cause inflammation.
The researchers found that the presence of amyloid protein in the rats' brains activated immune cells.

However, rats that also received the cannabinoid showed no sign of microglia activation. ...
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Flagyl pulse, Day 10 - Antibiotic Protocol Day 886

A few nagging symptoms. A vague feeling of plateau. A general dissatisfaction. All were creeping up the last couple of months and I realized I'd not done a flagyli pulse since Christmas week. My doctor understood and okayed my latest adventure.

Today is day ten of what is planned to be a thirty day flagyl pulse. Thirty days was an arbitrary number, but one I think 'do-able'. My longest thus far was something in the ...
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Another EBV article

Apologies if this has been posted before - I can't keep track of the huge numbers of EBV / MS research articles. This one is interesting.
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Hi Guys

I had a look at other topics and wasn't sure where this question belonged - not drug pipeline, not really regimen, possibly daily life...But eventually settled here - hope no-one minds?

Saw my Neuro today and he has changed my Neurontin to Lyrica (for neuropathic pain). I have been on Neurontin for a long time, and now Lyrica, which he says is better, is available in S. Africa (I know it has been ...
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New, but got here as fast as I could

Hello, Where to begin? 34/w/m with new case of MS. Have known for a long time something was not well with me, but just ignored it. I come from a long healthy past. I played college football , ran seven miles a day after all the yrs of ball. Then suddenly one day I just quite. It had started getting really hard for me to exercise. Had noticed other changes also my mood, really bad ...
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good news

over the last 6 days (three evenings, three full days) i have managed to achieve my level 2 ski instructor certification!!! whew!!!
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Quality of Life Post

Hi, I don't want to mislead anyone. A patient told me about this site and I am not here to plug my office, a treatment or ask for money but I would like to ask the MS community for some input and a few minutes of your time. I do not want to intrude on your community so I thought I would ask before posting anything further. There are many people in the world who ...
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Random Thought

I'm going to win the power ball lottery today and when there is a cure for MS, I'll fly us all to some place in paradise with tranquil, peaceful, beautiful beaches and we can forget we ever had to deal with this nasty disease and all this stress. Stay tuned my friends and cross your fingers! :lol:
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Has anyone tried acupuncture? I have my first appt next week and I'm so excited. Hopefully it will help with my symptoms....if nothing else I've heard it helps with stress.
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