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I haven't seen Robbie on here in quite some time. Has anyone else or am I just missing his posts? A little worried about him!
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Spasticity questions

Hi all.

I have been reading about the several methods for "treating" spasticity. I have some questions that would like to ask all of you who experience this symptom.

Spasticity interferes with mobility. Anti-spasticity drugs cause weakness, due to their mechanism of action. Spasticity impairs mobility, anti-spasticity drugs impair mobility through their action. Have you found them of any use, in terms of mobility? I consider the brain who had the idea of adding weakness ...
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big pharma ... s_industry

WASHINGTON—A two-year investigation conducted in five major cities has exposed a widespread campaign by the formidable Rest and Fluids industry to infiltrate thousands of doctors' offices and dictate how they treat minor illnesses.
Enlarge Image Doctor

This physician enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to Aspen, just for telling his patients to "relax."

The investigation—the full details of which will be disclosed in this newspaper over the coming ...
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Calcium inhibiting ABX and other drugs


I recently came across some articles like this one:

How do you think about the relevance of the inhibiting effect of Calcium on drugs? Does anyone know what evidence is on the basis of this assertion - in vitro model, animal studies, human trials?

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Hi I'm new here, neuro made me feel stupid + quick question

Hi all, just a little bit about me first, I'm 41 and have suffered many ms symptoms at different times over the last 15 years. I am not dx with ms but myself and gp are concerned that it could be a very real option.Since the 23rd December i've had optical neuritis for tha third time, this time with facial weakness, tingling sensations, electrical sensations, numb fingers, dizzyness/vertigo very emotional, crying without reason, everything seems ...
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Neuro Psych Eval

Has anyone here had a neuro psych evaluation? If so, can you please tell me how long the test took and who (what type of doctor) performed the test?

The SS disability judge in my case sent me for a consultative neuro psych eval at my request. I went to the appointment. The doctor who performed the test was a psychologist. This appointment lasted two hours and basically included your average run of the mill ...
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LDN Info Help!!!!!!!!!!

I need help with LDN information for my SS Disability appeal. This is my second appeal before the Federal appeal's council. I was found to be disabled, but they did not include the previous four years, the actual date of onset, so I am appealing the denial of those past four years or the alleged onset date Mentioned numerous times in the decision is the fact that I don't take any of the MS approved ...
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3rd anniversary of ms

i was just looking through some files and found these interesting pre-dx messages to my neuro. it's funny and sad. wish i could go back and talk to that girl, she's in full on terrified denial that this could be anything other than the usual b12 problem. she still hasn't realized that there is not going to be any flight to australia happening on feb 2. what a difference 3 years makes!

2006 01 27 ...
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Leg Swelling

In the last month we noticed that my husband's right leg is swelling from the foot to the top of the leg. It is one to two inches bigger than the left leg. PCP doctor sent him for doplar which showed no blood clot and gave him lasik (sp?) which he could not take (can't get to the bathroom in time). MS nurse at infusion center said something about "nerve endings are not working properly; ...
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Day 4 of my campath infusion!

I'm on day 4 and it's going MUCH better than expected. I was diagnosed in Sept 08 and started campath off-label Jan 5, 2009. Only minor side effect was hives, which goes away with benadryl, and other antihistimines. no major aches, pains other than some tiredness and aches day 1. Each day takes about 5 hours in the infusion area. I am very hopeful for the future and thrilled i was able to get infusions. ...
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