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MS Brain Bank

Researchers believe the MS Brain Bank, a new facility based at the University of Sydney for the collection of brain tissue, could significantly advance our understanding of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

It has its own web site, but I couldn't find it.
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The crucial role of calcium ion channels...

<shortened url>

"Since mast cells are also known to contribute to the progression of several other debilitating diseases, including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer, an inhibitor of the CRAC channel could, in the future, help in slowing the progression of these diseases as well as alleviate disease symptoms."
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Difficult decisions

I've been on Rebif for 11 months now and I am done. I just can't do it anymore as the side effects are just too bad. I am missing a tonne of work, and I am beyond stressed about that on top of the constant sickness. I cry some mornings because I don't want to get out of bed. :(

I have my yearly appointment with my ...
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about lab results

hi there, this is something i've mentioned before but i'm just putting it up on its own, mostly for newbies who might not have had as much experience with tests and so forth. i figured it out since my dx; i apologize if i'm stating the obvious to some! so here goes:

if you ever get your blood tested for anything and the result comes back as "normal", that is normal as in statistics normal, ...
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one for lynda carol

this is all i can get of this item, but it looks interesting, maybe can spark a search for related info

Studies on the development of an insulin resistant rat model by chronic feeding of low magnesium and high sucrose

A et Biotech -

Decreased insulin sensitivity is recognized as a major metabolic feature of type-2 diabetes and is one of the earliest detectable abnormalities in persons who are prone to develop type-2 diabetes. ...
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Can I get tested for MRTCs ahead of the trial?


I'm thinking about taking part in an upcoming phase-III tovaxin trial.
Do you think it is realistic to assume that the phase-III could start mid 2009?
Can I expect that Opexa will establish studiy sites in germany?

To make sure I basicly meet the inclusion criteria of MRTCs it would be great if I could get tested in the near future.
I know that this test would not be relevant for the inclusion criteria ...
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I have been doing Copaxone injections for almost 5 years. I have dealt with lipoatrophy (which I chalked it up to the price you have to pay with this drug) stinging injections, and some hives. None of this has caused me to want to stop because I have felt I have benefitted from this drug. But I nearly went through the roof with my injection last night! Injected into my thigh (as I have done ...
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Fumarate trial Phase III - anyone on it?

Hi people
saw my neuro today to discuss post-birth treatment options. Looks like I qualify only for Copaxone again, but she did mention a trial, Fumarate.
As it's placebo controlled I'm taking a gamble if I were to opt for that over Copaxone, but just wondering is anyone participating in the trial and how are you doing on it?
I've seen some posts about Biogen/psoriasis etc but not much info as yet.
If I'm honest ...
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Nose-to-brain administration of drugs

Found this article...although it is about Alzheimer's disease, what stood out was the concept of administering meds via the nose and how it apparently circumvents the blood-brain barrier...has anyone heard of using this approach for a MS med?

Nose to brain is a promising path in Alzheimer's fight
Regions Hospital researcher's nasal-spray discoveries get renewed attention
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 02/03/2008 11:58:49 PM CST ...
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"Corner Gas"

This has no connection to MS, except that even we folks with MS need to laugh once in a while. And I did this afternoon!!!

WGN (Chicago TV channel) showed episodes of the very funny Canadian program called "Corner Gas" for about 4 hours. I had not seen it before and I loved it! I laughed and laughed; it felt good.

I recommend this program!
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