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LDN study at UCSC ... when will results be out?

I know that the study has finished. Does anybody know when they will publish? Any inside word on the trial findings?
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Going to SSI doctor, need advice

I've been summoned to see a neurologist through the government in consideration for my SSI.

What does it take to convince these people who have no understanding of how bad my symptoms really are?

What do I do, I'm nervous as hell that I'm going to f' it all up somehow.

The big thing in my mind is I choose to not catheterize myself, but squat in the tub to pee. Kind of limits where ...
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An interesting story came out this week about the use of enbrel (enteracept), a tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitor (TNF) in one patient with Alzheimer's. It was interesting because the patient saw improvements within 10 minutes of an injection. At least one TNF inhibitor, pirfenidone, has been tested in MS. There have been a couple of small phase 2 trials for people with SPMS that yielded promising results. I haven't found any information about larger phase ...
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New Diagnosis, Questions

Hello Everyone,

It's hard to know where to start except to say I need the support and advice of others who understand what it's like to deal with MS.

I'm 51, 'old' for MS to begin as one out of four of the neurologists I have seen told me. Never having been sick other than stuff my five kids brought home from school and hospitalization for childbirth, having to inject myself with Betaseron every other ...
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Hello from the MS Fighter

Hello, I am a 40 year old female and native of Atlanta, GA. My first symptoms were in 2000 when I experienced episodes of dizziness and balance problems. Throughout the years my symptoms progressed and neurologist could not diagnose me. I received probable diagnose from Lupus, dystonia... and finaly, It's in my head. During this time I lost strength in bilateral UE/LE, right greater than left. My right hand is clawed. I also developed tachycardia, ...
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Campax vs Tysbri

My physician provided me two options for treatment Tysbri and Campath. One FDA approved and the other not. One covered by ins and the other possibly not. When I asked my physician which one he would choose for his family member if they were in my shoes he chose Campath.
Are there any reports compairing Campath and Tysbri?
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Anyone's insurance paid for Campath outside of a trile?

My Doctor has prescribed Campath in order to stabilize my MS? I have heard of only a few insurances that have paid for the treatment since it is not FDA approved at this point.
If your insurance did approve Campath how did you do it?
If your insurance did not approve Campath, how much were you out of pocket per year?

Anyone out there with their Brainstem affected by MS?

I have experienced neurological symptoms since 2001. However, I did not receive my diagnosis until Dec. 2007. My MRI showed significant damage to my Brainstem. It does explain my tachycardia and neurogenic bladder.
Has anyone experienced Brainstem damage?
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Texas Barbecue Sauce

Hi all

Just had some best buds to stay in wildest Africa with me for a month (they live in Houston, Texas), and someone (sorry, can't remember who, think it was Gwa?) told me I should ask them to bring me some Texas Barbecue Sauce, and I just wanted to say thank you - it is the BEST! Needless to say, I ate way too much red meat, but I swear I will cut back ...
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Abnormal Sleep Cycles

Hi all-

Just wondering how many folks can include irregular sleep in their bag of MS goodies?

My hubby had never slept well...always had to listen to music or talk radio to fall asleep, didn't need more than six hours. Had an "over-active " mind. Never had regular sleep habits (I'm an eight hour 10pm-6am gal, so it became a joke in our family) He was also a snorer and thrasher, and a major blanket ...
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