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Requesting Constructive Opinions/Insights

if nobody minds, i thought i'd repost this entry to perhaps get more thoughts on the pickle i'm in.

thanks so much, guys. so i gather from what you write that i should be able to get steroids immediately after procurement and it won't affect my vaccine schedule one bit, right? and a few other questions:
*does anyone know if a 3 day course of steroids is as good as a 5 day course? ...
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High Dose Cyclophosphamide Papers

Three papers which Leon posted in another thread.

They make for very interesting reading.

Perhaps this thread should be sticky? I found them very useful

1. Multiple sclerosis: long-term remission after a high dose of cyclophosphamide

2 High dose cyclophosphamide preferentially targets naïve T (CD45/CD4/RA+) cells in CIDP and MS patients

3 Reduction of Disease Activity and Disability With High-Dose
Cyclophosphamide in Patients With Aggressive Multiple Sclerosis
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Puffy lower eyelids and sunken eyes from Rebif

So I noticed my lower eyelids were so puffy suddenly in March..I thought it was a thyroid problem so I went to the doctor and he said my liver enzymes were high (from blood tests). I got another blood test a month later and they were back to normal, but my eyes got worse. They are still puffy and now sunken in. I got so depressed and I wouldn't smile because I had these horrible ...
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MS treatment of 1950's

Through someone's post here (sorry, I forget who that was) I came across this site: and I found this info especially interesting: because of these lines:
Finally, we must recall the therapeutic benefit of central nervous system vasodilators in MS patients, pioneered by Bayard Horton of the Mayo Clinic, tested on acute MS symptoms for 14 years by Brickner, considered the treatment of choice for MS by most physicians during the 1950s, and proved ...
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health associations with mag deficiency

fun list -

Deficiency (from low dietary intake or excess loss) is clinically associated with:

* Alzheimer's
* Angina
* Anxiety disorders
* Arrhythmia
* Arthritis- Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis
* Asthma
* Autism
* Auto immune disorders- all types
* Cavities
* Cerebral Palsy- in children from magnesium deficient mothers
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Congestive Heart Disease
* Constipation
* Crooked teeth- narrow jaw- in children from magnesium deficient mothers
* Depression ...
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bad news for Loobie

So I got my fifth shot today. I've been being kind of quiet on the Tovaxin thread because I just didn't have anything really concrete to report. Well at my EDSS evaluation, I'm back up to a 4; skipped right on through 3.5. Since I'm not having any "new" symptoms I was kind of hoping beyond hope, but the last week has just been more downward progression of my walking ability. I had to use ...
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Clinical Trials and Health Insurance

A question for anybody that's participated in a trial or looked into one. Did you have to coordinate with your health insurance company? What was their policy? For instance, if the drug being tested caused some health problem, would the insurance company cover treatment for it?

Recently, I've been thinking about joining a study, and my insurance carrier said they would need to see information on it so they can pre-certify. I was told that ...
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Sativex longterm-effective in MS related pain

Cannabis-based Multiple Sclerosis drug, Sativex, shows long-term efficacy
08 September 2008

GW Pharmaceuticals Plc announced today that a study of its cannabis-based pain killer Sativex has shown long-term efficacy in the treatment of neuropathic pain due to multiple sclerosis.

It is the first time that the long-term effectiveness of the drug had been demonstrated in a so-called placebo-controlled study, where it is tested against a dummy drug.

The news is also significant for the company ...
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Hi from California

I love this website!

My uncle has secondary-progressive MS. He was being treated with chemotherapy with Mitazantrone, but had to stop the treatments because they were damaging his heart. I joined the website to help him stay informed about new treatments for SPMS.
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MS World Congress

Is anyone going to be attending the MS World Congress in Montreal next week? Neurologists from around the world are all meeting up to discuss and give lectures about current and prospective MS treatments. I think anyone can register and go.

Here's the link to the MS World Congress website:
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