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Potential new drug target

Brain drug target discovery in Multiple Sclerosis 18 February 2008
US researchers have found two potential targets for treating multiple sclerosis after an extensive trawl through proteins in the brain.

Comparison of 2,538 proteins from MS patients with those from healthy brains showed damage in two proteins not before linked to the disease.

In mice blocking the effects of the proteins led to reversal of symptoms, the study in Nature reported.

There are about 85,000 ...
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My NAG report

Okay so I've been taking N-acetylglucosamine for a few months now ,and while you've read about my success from it, I have found that Glucosamine Chondroitin (Triple Stregth) is much more effective. I feel almost like a kid after taking that. I'm consuming more Triple Strength Chondroitin than I am the NAG, although I still take it.

I just wish all my functions would come back 100%.

Damage is damage and as the Stones say, ...
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mitoxantrone v cyclophosphamide

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Israeli research

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Calcium EAP

I´m a MS patient from germany.Is there anybody who makes Nieper Therapy with Calcium EAP.I´m searching for those people .I´ll do this therapy about 9 years and it is very good.Everything is the same as when MS started.Sorry for my english but school is a long time ago.I´m 43 years old and havin MS about 9 years.
So, if there is someone who knows people doing Calcium EAP therapy,please send a mail to me. ...
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Looking 4 articles that refute the MS/amalgam/mercury connec

Hi all

I have a naturopathic doctor who is sending me information that suggests a connection between MS and almagam fillings, or heavy metal toxicity.

I lost all my old articles - does anyone have any really good research that refutes that connection between amalgams and MS?

Thanks. I've never had an amalgam filling but I know he'll start saying that I might have picked up a mercury or heavy metal toxicity elsewhere.
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I am looking for a used theracycle.

Will pay to have it shipped to NH.

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Sinusitus and MS

Hi All,
For the first time, I saw a post on a different thread from Lyndacarol considering a link between MS and Sinusitis. I was very interested as I have, like all of you, tried to find my own personal connection. Due to a facial accident years ago, I have gone through numerous surgeries and procedures to repair a completely screwed up sinus system. When I get MRI's my tech always tells me that the ...
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Loobie family picture!

Well I finally got a digital camera. I tried to download an avatar of my family picture, but it's obviously too big. I couldn't find that old pictures thread with everyone's picture in it. If someone could provide a link to that thread, I want to save this picture there, but I'm just so excited to be "in the 90's' with a filmless camera, I just had to post this!C:\Documents and Settings\LEWIS.OFFICE\My Documents\My Pictures\PICT0014.JPG
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