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Human-animal embryo research approved

The UK has approved the use of human-animal embryo research. The hybrid will be 99.9% human and 0.1% animal (unlike Lyon (Bob) who is 99.9% animal and 0.1% human).

Human-animal embryo research approved 05 September 2007

Regulators decided on Wednesday to permit in principle the creation of hybrid human-animal embryos for research into illnesses such as Parkinson's, Motor Neurone Disease and Alzheimer's.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) agreed to allow a specific ...
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NAC bad for the heart

This article discusses how NAC can be detrimental to hearts.

A Type Of Antioxidant May Not Be As Safe As Once Thought
05 Sep 2007

Certain preparations taken to enhance athletic performance or stave off disease contain an antioxidant that could cause harm. According to new research at the University of Virginia Health System, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), an antioxidant commonly used in nutritional and body building supplements, can form ...
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Good Article on Emotional Responses to MS

The Rocky Mountain MS Center's Summer 2007 InforMS newsletter (PDF here) has an article in it that I think would be of value to many of the ThisIsMS readers.

I frequently see postings from people who are very distraught by their diagnosis and the uncertainty of the future. They often seem to be chronically distraught. This article has some good tips like this one:

Q: To spend some time mired in anxiety and concern ...
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i gotta tell you,i have a whole respect for the people that have done abx protocal before me
at least i have people to talk too
i was dxd in 2001 floated along till july 1 2005, when my world fell apart
my left hand and foot went numb, my neor decided to put me on iv steroids and taper me off too quickly, the nurses called it a 'prednisone meltdown' they had to admit ...
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i'm not gonna take it today
i can't believe how painful my upper body
i dpn't mind being sleepy, i've spent the last 2 years almost in bed but the pain is unbelievable
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Brain & Spine MRI Reports

Hello everyone,

I have recently fired my Neurologist and I am now waiting to see another. I recieved my MRI reports and I was wondering if anyone could help interpret or describe them in layman's terms. For that matter any input would be helpful. Thanks!

DATE: 06/06/2007

EXAMINATION - MRI of the whole brain performed without and with intravenous gadolinium protocol.


1. There are numerous large round and ovoid areas of abnormal signal ...
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more than a little freaked out

i took your advise and found the CPn site
i read a few including Karl's
i have clear stuff running out of my left ear and night sweats and itchiness but none of this started until i started the NAC
and a really nagging headache
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FTY720 - repair

I posted a radio broadcast with Prof Freedman where he mentioned that FTY720 might, in addition to reducing damage, actually stimulate some repair. This article from the Accelerated Cure Project website provides some further details.

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Viagra (not sex)

I know that Viagra is used by MS patients for ED (though, of course, I don't require it). But this article claims it is being studied for neuro-protection. Lots of sex and no brain atrophy - could be a winner! ... 7&w=464753
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Now even some of the scientists are realising that the EAE model is pretty much useless.

Targeting Multiple Sclerosis 04 September 2007

A Dr Hadwen Trust-funded pilot study at Imperial College, London, is investigating whether the application of a new molecular technique could replace animal experiments in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research. MS is a debilitating disease of the nervous system, affecting around 2.5 million people worldwide and with currently no cure. Animal experiments on ...
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