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Burning on base of foot

Hi guys

I just wanted to ask if anyone has found anything which helps with this. Mine seems to be getting worse.

My neuro said it's normal for ms patients, but apart from neuropathic pain killers (gabapentin etc), which have some terrible side effects, nothing else was offered.


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New here, from Texas

I just wanted to say hi, and I've just found this site.
I was dx in Feb. 07 and I am in the Tovaxin trial.
Would love to hear from other Texans on this site as well.

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Choosing a good neurologist?

I just had two MRIs - one that showed a barely perceptible lesion on my cervical spinal cord and another that showed small brain lesions that they say most likely point to MS. The MRI report says the lesions are inactive at this time. Forgive me, I am new to all of this, so I'm not sure if I'm saying this right. Anyway, I have been referred to a neurologist, but how do I know ...
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What is unsteadiness when walking?

How do you describe unsteadiness when walking?

Is it a feeling that you are going to fall off, like your balance isn´t right?

Is it a drunk walk?

Or is it just an odd feeling that you feel you are blocking?

It´s really strange whats happening to me because i have this feeling that something is wrong with my walking although i don´t walk drunk or need to grab things or use a cane to ...
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new here - scared, lonely, and depressed.


let me first start by that, as of right this second, i still have yet to be diagnosed as having MS. my symptoms are strange and i'm having an MRI soon. i really have no place else to turn as it seems until i get a diagnosis my family and friends think i'm nuts and i shouldn't worry about it until i'm officially diagnosed (easier said than done). it all started in september after ...
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Here if you need me by Kate Braestrup

True story by the young widow of a Maine police officer who takes up her deceased husband's dream and goes to seminary to become a chaplain. Not at all preachy or melancholy, but a wise, honest and often funny account of how one woman dealt with a huge transition in her life. I loved Braestrup's writing...her poetic descriptions of the Maine landscape, her insight into life and death, her humor.

highly recommended for those asking ...
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absorbable D3

Anyone try this? The kind you'd put under the tongue.

I've got B12 like this, but never tried D3
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Procurement scheduled!

Howdy all,

Marcia and I, we're both doing the study here in Lexington, Ky, are officially scheduled for our procurement blood draw next Monday, May 5! I guess it could be simply coincidence but I have been contacted within a day every time I have called Opexa and left a message for Shannon letting her know that I need to know MRTC test results, I need to be contacted about procurement or LifeBlood needs to ...
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Concrete sandwich and concussion

Two Fridays ago I fell down an flight of 3 stairs and did a face plant onto the concrete below. I fractured my skull, was knocked unconcious and suffered a stage 3 concussion. Wow, I spent 2 days in ICU and another in the hospital. I had CSF fluid coming out of my ears in the ER.

I am starting to recover, but the headache and balance are still bad. I believe my fall was ...
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I having been getting hives for about a month now. I am going to see an alergy specialist next week. I wanted to know if anyone who has MS has gotten hive. I have changed nothing like meds, shampoo detergent, etc. They just come and go. Today one on my lip. Friday night my chin . Last week my left shoulder and both hips. Just out of the blue. It's really weird. If anyone has ...
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