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Gamma Globulin ...Any Connection?

:( I was given Gamma Globulin as a child to fight off a childhood illness because I got it from my sister & got deathly sick...I was born in 1952 & I think this was something new back then...Could this be where the MS comes from... No one in the family had it..?
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new way to image neurons

Interesting research that could have MS implications down the road.

Watching the Insides of a Cell

MIT Technology Review -- Researchers at MIT's George R. Harrison Spectroscopy Lab have detected tiny twitches and vibrations in the membranes of individual cells and neurons by using a powerful and noninvasive imaging technique. Down the line, Michael Feld, director of the lab, hopes to use the technique to create three-dimensional images, illuminating even finer activities within living cells. ...
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My experience with Avonex

I was one of the first patients to try Avonex after a single episode. I took part in the CHAMPS trial roughly nine years ago and I was on Avonex until July of this year.

There were definite benefits to taking the shot once a week. I mastered doing it right in my thigh, alternating thighs from one week to the other. I hated the side effects. I still remember feeling like crap for two ...
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Posting Pictures

This is the most beautiful MS forum around, so there are lots of questions about posting pictures :)

Let me try to address some of them with this post. Please feel free to ask follow-up questions if I've not captured what you need help with.

To post a picture, it needs to be hosted somewhere on the web (we don't host pictures ourselves because we've had security ...
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Question about treatment options for CIDS

I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help me out with this or not, but I'm looking into which of the MS drugs you can take if you have not had a confirmed diagnosis (CDMS) of MS? I know someone can be labeled as CIDS which means they have had 1 symptom and a MRI, but they are not yet labeled CDMS.

I know you can take Avonex if you are CIDS, but ...
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You know, after reading Loobies post, it really scares the crap out of me. I live every day in denial, resisting the fact that I may progress. I think to my self.... I haven't had any problems or symptoms of MS since June '05 when I had my first and only symptom (CIS). Maybe it was something else?? Maybe I don't have MS? Maybe I will be OK? More and more I read of those ...
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Snail venom and nerve pain

Venom in Snail May Cut Severe Nerve Pain
The RgIA and Vc1.1 venom toxins block a certain molecule in the cells which causes severe neuropathic pain
By: Alexandra Lupu, Health News Editor

A recent study carried out by a team of researchers at the University of Utah found that severe pain caused by injury to the nervous system may be considerably curbed by a toxin in the venom of a sea dwelling cone snail. The ...
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Stem cells help dogs with dystrophy

This article should interest us all even if it isn't about MS. The potential for adult stem cells to treat all sorts of neurological diseases might be a lot more significant than we first thought.


Stem cells help dogs with dystrophy By MALCOLM RITTER, AP Science

In promising new research, stem cells worked remarkably well at easing symptoms of muscular dystrophy in dogs, an experiment that experts call a significant step toward treating ...
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Is it really MS?

I am so confused, I don't know if I have MS or not. It seems like every docotor I see tells me something different. Help! :x
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