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New research on glutamate receptor damage

I don't think this study has been posted here yet, but sometimes it's hard to keep up.

Breakthrough in brain injury study at University of Leicester

Drs Robert Fern and Mike Salter of the Department of Cell Physiology and Pharmocology at the University of Leicester had their findings published in the science journal Nature.

Their study is particularly important as it identifies the cause of damage to the brain and the mechanism by which this ...
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Diagnosed with shingles

After developing a small itchy rash on my back, I went to see my GP who immediately said it was shingles. I thought it was unusual that I would get shingles, as I am only 33 yrs old and I thought that shingles mainly occured in older people. I guess this is the same virus that causes chicken pox and there are higher rates of infection with MS patients. I picked this article off of ...
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neuropsych test

well i finally had my test yesturday 5 hours worth..i didnt think i would be so drained..i was wiped out after that..somethings i did okay on but other things i just couldn't remember things they wanted me to was kinda of frustrating..i was wondering what everyone else thought when they went for theirs? also what does that show? i mean besides if ya have slight memory loss?thanks for reading this and helping me out.. ...
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Disabilty progression

A piece of research about disability progression. ... -jan06.htm

It seems fairly upbeat in terms of the time taken to hit various disability points. If it really takes 28 years (on average) to need a cane then I have to wonder what I've been worrying about. But many of the pictures on the MS national society websites have pictures of young people in wheelchairs!

But I'd be interested ...
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Neuro-degeneration is a key feature of MS, although as discussed on another thread it's not clear whether it come before the immune system involvement or after. Protecting our nerves must be a key objective (rather than just tinkering with the immune system). An advance in relation to neuro-protection was recently reported. ... W6035.html
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Tryptophan raises beta-endorphin production

Hi to everybody.

I have come across a booklet issued by Solgar, describing its supplements. I read that L-Tryptophan raises beta-endorphins production. Recently, at the front page of this site I read an article stating that tryptophan looks promising in MS.

After a google search, I found the following page stating that a tryptophan derivative raises endorphin levels five times more than tryptophan itself.

Could the action of ...
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LDN, LYME & ABX Just Curious

I have several nagging questions that present frequently as I visit the forum and consider the Wheldon protocol in addition to or in place of LDN.

1. It seems MS had been misdiagnosed in some people with Lyme disease. Will Lyme disease show similar MRI results too? If Lyme disease will show lesions on an MRI, will it also show lesions in the spine?

2. Will LDN have similar results for Lyme Disease?

3. If ...
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Myelin in multiple sclerosis is developmentally immature

The etiology of multiple sclerosis (MS) is considered to involve genetic, environmental, infective, and immunological factors which affect the integrity of a normally assembled myelin sheath, either directly or indirectly resulting in demyelination. In a correlative study involving protein chemical, mass spectrometric, and electron microscopic techniques we have determined that myelin obtained from victims of MS is arrested at the level of the first growth spurt (within the first 6 yr of life) and is ...
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I was just curious if anyone would kindly post the following information:

MS Stage (RR, SP, PP, B) =

Regimen =

Length of Time on Regimen =

EDSS before Regimen =

EDSS after Regimen =

I want to see if anything is really working. There is so much content on this site it would take a very long time to read all of it.
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Re-myelination and data sharing between scientists

Interesting article from today's WSJ. Cheers!

In Switch, Scientists
Share Data to Develop
Useful Drug Therapies
January 20, 2006; Page A9

Brian Popko makes mice in varieties that nature hasn't gotten around to. He makes mice missing a gene or with an added gene, mice with cells that glow or that get the rodent version of a human disease. Usually, the University of Chicago molecular geneticist decides which mice to create based on his own ...
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