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Finally diagnosed...

Well yesterday at the second neurologist I was finally diagnosed with MS. Since I feel so good(other than my mostly healed optic neuritis in my left eye) I'm really not super upset or worried. They want me to go on either rebif or beta seron, depending on what my insurance covers. I was wondering if I should opt out and participate in the oral beta seron trial. I know I stand the risk of getting ...
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I can't remember if this has been posted before. For anybody interested in parasites and how they might be relevant to MS, this publication might be interesting...
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Newbie here & at the end of my rope!!!

Hi everyone! I have been struggling for over a year with all kinds of weird symptoms, and finally saw the neuro today. He says I "might" have ms, but more tests are needed. Enough with the tests already!!! My MRI shows 25 lesions located in the periventricular white matter in the subcortical region, and all blood work is normal. My symptoms are as follows: severe ear pain with face numbness, weak right arm, chronically tired, ...
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Anyone using enzymes? Lumbrokinase? Serrapeptase? Nattokina

I started using one enzyme, a fibrinolytic, called lumbrokinase about a month ago and 2 weeks later added serrapeptase, a proteolytic and fibrinolytic. Since adding the serrapeptase my symptoms have felt rather worse although a new symptom, twitching finger, has almost stopped. I'm imagining that these enzymes are munching through the debris around my lesions but of course they might not be doing anything at all and it could just be the MS playing havoc ...
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No one has posted on this forum for almost a year so I'm not even sure if anyone will read this but I'm writing it for my benefit so I don't suppose an audiance is required. I'm 24. I was Diagnossed with MS in late Aug. of this year. My right hand (right hand dominent) basically fell asleep one morning and didn't wake up- for 2 months. Like almost all things untreated and ignored it ...
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I posted a similar article last week, but this was posted on the NMSS website today. ... h_2007nov5

The abstract:

Prof Giovannoni in the UK is also looking at the role of EBV and MS and is being funded by the UK MS Society (there are similar funded projects in Australia and the US).

Prof Compston, who with Dr Coles are ...
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What does this mean?

I had an MRI 10 days ago. My Neuro called today and said no new lesions, but the ones you have are more prominent now. Does "more prominent" mean anything? I'm so confused, please explain if you can.


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Immune state after HDC ?

Assuming all your immune system (IS) gets wiped out and reconstructed from the scratch. I think its very improtant for the patients safety to question:
What will the features of the new IS be?

- Will one be vulnerable to childs disseases again, which are much more dangerous (even potentially fatal) to adults (measles, roseola etc).
- Will one have to repeate all relevant vaccinations?
- Will one catch one cold after the other like ...
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Birth order and MS

Just an FYI-I am the youngest and my older brothers do not have MS. Wondering where others fall in the birth chain.

A new Canadian study suggests that the youngest children in a family are not less likely than older siblings to develop multiple sclerosis (MS).
This is contrary to the “hygiene hypothesis” whereby being too clean is not a good thing.

According to this theory, infections at an early age train the immune system ...
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MS and Menopause

I need some advice from others that have been thru this. I'm 47 years old and sometimes I think I'm losing it...not sure if it is the MS or menopause. I'm dealing with emotions, hot flashes, insomnia, etc. How have other ladies on this site coped with this? I'm hot all the time and we all know what impact that has on MS. Do I need to be on estrogen? Thanks for listening.... ...
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