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well i finally did it

well i finally did it there everyone..i finally snapped on my new neurologist this week..he sat there looked thru all my stuff and basically told me there was nothing he could do for me and that i just need to live witht he symptoms for to go back and see my regular family dr if anything changes.....i sat there and couldnt believe it.....he sat there and told me that since nothing was coming up ...
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Tysabri and Diabetes

Does anyone know if being a diabetic (either pill and diet modification or diet modification only) will hinder someone from getting Tysabri? I have a friend at a @#$%^&*()^% DR today and I know that DR will probably say you can't take it because of his blood sugar. He has been borderline diabetic for a couple of years and steroids has really pushed it over the edge.
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Bubonic plague

This should cheer everyone up who is following the Cpn theory. In this week's New Scientist (23 September 2006) there is an article, "If it stops plague, will it stop hospital superbugs?" which describes "relatives of the plague, such as chlamydia" sharing the same mechanisms which evade the innate immune system. Nice to know our disease may be related to the Black Death.

The article fortunately has researchers modifying the plague bacteria, Yersinia pestis, which ...
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I had such a bad day

Yesterday was a frightening day... I had not slept properly, not done my exercises (all because of time restraints and changes in the schedule) and was stressed by water in my basement. Mannnn, did I ever get it. My leg did not want to respond to me at all. I had forgotten how to walk and my balance was terrible. I am so afraid of becoming totally useless.
For the first time, the future was ...
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NMSS funded research

A list of recently funded NMSS research is attached. Rather annoyingly they cannot afford to fund a trial of estriol but manage to fund numerous mouse focused research. Some of this stuff is a bit deja vu - and there's the usual promise that the research might lead to better treatments etc. There's even some research on histamine - which should please HarryZ. ... search.pdf
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Scary Reaction to Copaxone

I am currently on Copaxone and Prednisone w/famotidine (a strong prescription strength pepsid). I'm only on the prednisone to help boost my arms injury but according to my doctor the two meds together are not known to have any reactions.

A bout a week ago I took my shot (I believe it might have been a day or two after I was prescribed the prednisone when I had started the copaxone injections about a week ...
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Testosterone and Estrogen

Some info on testoserone and estrogen and their effects on the brain.

Too much testosterone kills brain cells: study

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Too much testosterone can kill brain cells, researchers said on Tuesday in a finding that may help explain why steroid abuse can cause behavior changes like aggressiveness and suicidal tendencies.

Tests on brain cells in lab dishes showed that while a little of the male hormone is good, too much of it causes ...
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The ECTRIMS conference starts today. I attach the link to the scientific programme for each day. You can click on individual presentations / posters and see the abstracts (some are not available yet).

Art from the Boston Cure Programme is attending (I think) and usually produces an excellent summary. This will probably be available next week. I must admit, some of the abstracts are pretty dull. There's quite a bit on FTY 720 and Tysabri. ...
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Hopefully, as Scotland has the highest rate of MS in the world, the research will cover MS.

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Hmm, I just happen to have a bottle sitting about, I used to feed it to the fennec fox because they need high taurine. I shall try it
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