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My mother has has MS for many years and her doctor has recently given her Cellcept alone to take. But after reading up about it I've seen it's used for transplant patients and has so many side effects it can only make her worst. Has anyone got any information about this or experience???
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Myeline Repair Foundation

Yea! Scott Johnson and his team continue to move forward. Projected licensing of target drug for myelin repair in 2009.
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Hey Gang....

Because I wanted to chill out, and give the boards some space from my ramblings (SO sorry about the whole pork thing :oops: )

I am now writing my l-o-n-g, involved, sometimes off topic musings down in a journal. If anyone is so inclined, hop on over to the journals and check it out-

This way I'll free up space ...
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The pork thing

Okay, so I can believe that meat workers handling pig brains may catch some disease....

But as for pork causing MS. This is the most ridiculous pile of garbage I've ever heard.

What is on the top of the list for an American cook out??? Hot dogs! Now tell me with a straight face that this causes MS.

If this were true, then EVERYONE would have it.
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Why Novantrone?

I went to see my neurologist yesterday, I go as infrequently as possible. I told him I went off my Avonex in December after nine years. I proceeded to tellhim I was considering LDN and he almost freaked. Now in the last nine years I've progressed nicely from walking without assistance to wheelchair bound. Never once did my Doctor tell me about Novantrone but now that I'm off Avonex and possibly considering LDN, he tells ...
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Copaxone cuts risk of developing MS-

-In 481 patients presenting with a first flare and confirming MRI, but no definitive diagnosis.

In the interim analysis, the proportion of patients developing clinically definite multiple sclerosis (re: a second flare) was 43 percent in the placebo group compared with 25 percent in the Copaxone group, Teva said.

For those that received a clinical diagnosis of MS- the second attack was delayed to 722 days, vs. the 2nd attack average of 366 days in ...
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Anyone using the enzyme Superoxide dismutase (GliSODin)?

I've been taking this antioxidant enzyme for about a month now and I think it's actually doing something! However it seems to be making one leg better and the other leg worse so it seems a bit of a mixed bag. Nonetheless I think that I'm becoming glad that I've found this pill as I can just tell it's doing something. I feel different. My burning pain has gone to not unpleasant tingling, the sharp ...
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Where I am - still so confused!

It still seems like you guys are talking a foreign language, but I think I am getting there!

I still haven't had a definite dx - just lots of murmurings of MS from docs. I saw the neuro on 8th Jan and had MRi on 16th (bloody fast for NHS) and I now have to wait until 6th March for results! Although I have not been given a dx, the neuro I saw on 8th ...
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Allergic reactions

Hello to everyone, I am very much aware that this maybe the best forum around the world for MS, so this is the place to place my ...... question regarding my third infusion of Tysabri here in Greece.

It started off neat, talking to my fellow Tysabri friends in the hospital chatting about stuff, however when the infusion reach its 50ml point (half way), I suddenly felt mentally abit weird, and my face and hands ...
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