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Go ahead and sin-Gluten-Free Quiche recipe

I got this from the 300+ recipe book I bought for a total of $2.99 from Marilyn, on eBay


2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 large onion, diced

2 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms

4 eggs

1/4 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup water

1/8 cup hot water

1 tsp chicken soup mix

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/8 tsp nutmeg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Heat ...
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Questions about FTY720

I’m trying to decide if I will participate in the phase III clinical trial of FTY720. I need to decide now, even if the clinical trial should only begin in March. That’s because there must be a 3 month wash-out period (no interferon or glatiramer acetate) before the screening visit for the Phase 3 FTY720 study. I’ve been on Copaxone for 4.5 years but I had 2 relapses this year. Like most people here, I ...
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Richard Pryor RIP

Made me laugh in Stir Crazy.

RIP Richard Pryor.

And they tell us that MS doesn't kill!!!
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A paper from Sriram and Steiner criticizing EAE

Look, it's an article from a well-known researcher (Dr Sriram) slamming the use of EAE as a model in MS! It's good to see.

Experimental allergic encephalomyelitis: A misleading model of multiple sclerosis.

Ann Neurol. 2005 Dec;58(6):939-45.
Sriram S, Steiner I.
Department of Neurology Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville, TN.

Despite many years of intensive research, multiple sclerosis (MS) defies understanding and treatment remains suboptimal. The prevailing hypothesis is that MS is immune mediated and that ...
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A protein has been discovered that decides which cells in the brain should die (I wish there was such a protein for neurologists and MS researchers). As usual the findings could (but never do) lead to better therapies etc. ... wsid=34711

PS On another issue, I getting my first experience of optic neurosis. Eyesight in one eye has gone a little bit blurry but what I really notice ...
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MS and Colds

Recently I read few posts suggesting that people with MS are less susceptible to regular colds. The hypothesis was that a hyper-active immune system associated with MS is protective against regular colds. Is this a myth or a fact? Some of these messages further suggested that the return of cold symptoms (after long periods without colds) are indicative of a successful treatment (ABCR). I would be interested to hear personal opinions or any information of ...
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Another research finding

Given that Christmas is coming, the researchers are pushing out the boat to endure they receive their Christmas bonuses.

<shortened url>
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I hope I haven't posted this before:

Marijuana derivatives or "cannabinoids" taken for one year for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) may reduce muscle spasms and other aspects of disability, results of a UK study suggest.

Dr. J. P. Zajicek, from Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth and colleagues previously reported that cannabinoids taken for 14 weeks appeared to improve mobility and patients' perception of their MS symptoms. In an extension study, 80 percent of ...
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hibernation and ms

It seems the colder and more wintery it gets here in NJ, the more time i spend horizontal. Walking w/definite limp of affected leg and tipping over on occasion. Makes me hesitant to go outside because of winter weather. More comfortable horizontal and taking naps. Hot summer weather knocked me out too. Is this normal for ms? Is it forever? I was diagnosed definitely in July, so still a little new at it. On copaxone ...
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CCR2 antagonists

They are offering me a study on this now. Does anyone know of this category of meds. I read a bit on them on the net. They have one made by Pfizer called INCB3284. Apparently it stops the macrophages from causing too
much damage at the site of the inflammation. Little side effects reported.
Given by infusion.... My neurologist decided not to do the study on FTY720! (very upsetting)

so, they offer me this..Any info ...
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