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stem cells in US

The following article was posted on the MSRC website today.
At least the company is attempting to collect data on the patients - unlike, I understand, the stem cell company in Holland where several UK MS sufferers have gone.

But I'm still very cautious as to the real benefits from these procedures. Paying all that money to get cold feet doesn't strike me as value for money. UK neuro's are advising patients against such stem ...
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I have suffered with severe joint pain for around three years. My doctor recently did a bone density scan and that was ok. I upped my calcium intake anyway and within two days of doing so my pain had disappeared. I now take 2000 mg calcium daily and have been doing so for the past month and am still pain free. Don't understand why but it's wonderful to feel like moving around again. ...
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Help with MRI finding

Hello my name is Stephanie and I am new here ,, have a question
i just had a MRI with contrast and this is the finding ,,
6mm CSF signal intensity lesion involving the left temporal lobe medially and most likely related to a small choriod fissure cyst and an incidental finding
what it say what it say ???
thank you stephanie
does this have anything to do with ms
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Deep Brain Stimulation?

:?: Hi,new member here! Looks like a very useful website. I am looking for people who have had the Deep Brain Stimulatiion surgery done for MS tremor relief. My sister-in-law suffers badly from tremors and her neurologist is having her look into DBS. I know this has been done for Parkinson's but wanted to see if I could find anyone with MS with real-world experience in this ...
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B cells

To date much of the focus of MS research has been in relation to T cells. Several research papers have pointed to B cells as having an involvement in the pathogenesis of MS and perhaps in terms of axonal damage. I have previously posted on the drug Rituximab which depletes B cells and has shown promising results. This drug is being tested in RR, SP and PP MS.

The NMSS is funding research in relation ...
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My wife, dxd for 4 years, has come down with a nasty case of hives per her gp (our neuro doesn't work on Friday's, what a gig). She's taking methotrexate, adderall, prozac and folic acid. The gp say's anything could have triggered it; the weather change, what she ate, any number of things. I'm suspicious (paranoid?). Comments anyone?
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Spinal cord repair

We're getting closer every day to spinal cord repair...

Engineering nerve jumper cables for spinal cord repair in animal model
Technique holds promise for spinal cord repair in humans

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have created – in a rodent model – a completely new way to engineer nerve structures, or constructs, in culture. This proof-of-principle research has implications for eventually becoming a new method to repair spinal cord injury in ...
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NMSS - hope

Dear all,

Early this year I received an e-mail from Joyce Nelson, President and CEO of the NMSS. The e-mail was sent to all on the NMSS mailing list (I can't remember how I got on it). The e-mail set out what had happened in Ms Nelson's first year in post and asked for feedback. I sent a response which picked up all my usual moans - that research did not appear to have advanced ...
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Evidence of link between exposure to aluminium and MS

Is this, as they allude to in the article, the environmental link?

Evidence of link between exposure to aluminium and multiple sclerosis
Medical Research News
Published: Thursday, 16-Feb-2006

Scientists at Keele University in Staffordshire have discovered the first evidence of a link between human exposure to aluminium and multiple sclerosis.

Their research has demonstrated very high (up to 40 times the control level) urinary excretion of aluminium in MS, particularly so in the relapsing-remitting form ...
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Tysabri article

Attached is an article on Tysabri written by a UK consultant neurologist.

The focus of the article is about the risks with fast-tracking therapies.

The author correctly (in my view) points out that EAE is a pretty useless model of MS. He also highlights the need for neuro-protective agents.

Harry Z - a late Christmas present from me to you
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