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I'm confused. My profile is set to always allow html yet when I go to make a post, it indicates that html is off. Is there a way to enable html? It would be great to use it to create <sup>superscript</sup> and <sub>subscript</sub> characters (assuming the preceeding formatting would work correctly within the forum).

Thanks, NHE
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I've suffered from headaches since I was a teenager. I used to think they were sinus headaches and always medicated myself accordingly. I had a headache for months after my first MS attack. I finally went to ENT who told me my headaches were from muscle tension. This seems consistent with my other symptoms but I would like to hear from someone else who has MS and headaches. Do you have headaches and if so, ...
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Not sure if this has been posted

Public release date: 16-Mar-2006

Contact: Brooke Grindlinger
Journal of Clinical Investigation

Combining multiple treatments improves multiple sclerosis therapy
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (CNS) in which white blood cells known as lymphocytes attack the myelin insulation on nerves in the spinal cord and brain. Glatiramer acetate (GA) is a drug ...
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FTY720 is seen by some as being the 'gold standard' for MS treatment in the future. Unfortunately, approval unlikely until 2010.

In recognition of my sterling efforts this week Arron has kindly offered me two free weeks at his villa in California. Many thanks Arron I'll keep the good work up.


Novartis: FTY720 offers gold standard MS potential 16 March 2006

Novartis drug to become preferred front-line agent for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. ...
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Poor little rat

Adult stem cell research advances 16 March 2006

A laboratory rat unable to use its right front paw because of a spinal cord injury struggles to walk across a rope, loses its footing and falls.
Then a rat that had the same injury scurries across the rope without a problem, just weeks after an injection containing adult stem cells from a human nose that were transformed into nerve cells.

The rats are part of a ...
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Tysabri in Europe

EU to Rule on MS Drug Approval 16 March 2006

Biogen Idec Inc. executive said the company and partner Elan Corp. may get a decision by midyear on European approval of their Tysabri multiple sclerosis drug, which had been pulled from the U.S. for safety reasons.
A European Union advisory panel may release its decision by as early as next month, with a final ruling coming a couple months later, Hans Peter Hasler, a senior ...
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Astrocytes and myelination

Looks like a good finding.

Thursday is turning out to be a good day so far (in terms of MS news stories).


New 'stars' in formation of nerve cell insulation 16 March 2006
The insulating myelin sheath enwrapping the cable-like axons of nerve cells is the major target of attack of the immune system in multiple sclerosis. Such attack causes neural short-circuits that give rise to the muscle weakness, loss of coordination, and speech ...
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Stem cell story

This should go in the stem cell section but I like stories like this.

Note: this is not one of the 'injection of fetal stem cells in Holland story' but a bona fide therapy being trialled in Canada.


Woman with MS shows remarkable progress in stem cell trial 16 March 2006

A Kanata woman has surpassed all expectations after risking her life to take part in a medical experiment for multiple sclerosis.

In 1996 ...
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Article on stem cells

Not really sure what this treatment is and it sounds expensive (but worth it if it worked)
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The transcript of today's NMSS webcast from the NMSS. Today is on genes.

Read through to the end as the final bit is very upbeat. ... script.pdf

Another project on genetics / environment and disease was highlighted on the BBC website.

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