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High Dose Cyclophosphamide outside of the US

In theory I shall be receiving high dose Cyclophosphamide treatment here in the UK.

My neurologist was not at all comfortable with the idea but I insisted that it was what I wanted so he referred me to a colleague who, in my first neurologists words, "favoured aggressive treatment">

I have had one meeting with my new neurolgist who, despite recommending against it (he thinks it rather risky but, after researxh, I think he may ...

another way to increase beta-endorphines?

I have only had a quick glance over this article, and do not understand it, but have saved it off for later reading.

the abstract=>
the full article=>

I guess I am hoping someone will take a higher interest in it... :oops:
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New here - need help to help a friend with MS

Hello everyone.

A close friend was diagnosed in 2005. He was just awarded Social Security Disability since he cannot work anymore.

He was on Copaxone, which was covered under his employer's health plan.

Now that he is no longer employed, he found out that the Copaxone is NOT covered by the prescription plan he has with SSD.

This is all new to me, and I am trying to help him find out if there is ...
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Quit my job - new departure for me

I was on Mat leave from an excellent job. Great boss, state pension, loved my colleagues, own office.....but a long commute from home. 8 month old son, and before I even got pregnant was hanging onto my job by the skin of my teeth. I had no life to speak of, just work, eat, sleep. I had a fulltime creche place booked for my son for Jan but I started examing how I felt about ...
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Emerging therapies

A 20 min video on emerging therapies.

I'm too busy to watch it, but I think of all those single people with MS in cold climates with nothing else to do.

PS I'm a big US fan (holiday destination, muscle cars etc), but one export I cannot forgive is your wretched trick or treat which kids here now embrace. I've opened the door six times this evening and ...
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I got a JOB!!

Tomorrow is my last day on my current assignment. I have been really bummed about it. I got a call today from the company I have been contracting with and the offered me a new position and the best part is I will be working from home. YEAH!!!

I have to go to Raleigh NC for 3 weeks training for the new position. BOO!! (leaving Sunday) But i need the job and the benefits so ...
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Zonulin, BBB, Coeliac disease and MS....

As a coeliac MS'er I noticed the following interesting story in this weeks' paper: ... 07758.html

Tracked down this older article too that mentions MS, BBB permeability and zonulin ... 804100.php

Any of you brianiac MS'er out there can tie this in to the recent discussions about vascular health or the like? :wink:
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new PML case

"..."Since the last two cases were disclosed we've had about 3,000 patients on the drug -- about 1,000 a month ... I think every case that comes along next will have minimal impact as long as that rate stays about 1 in 1,000," said Cowen & Co analyst Eric Schmidt..." ... 029?rpc=44

This ist just sad....
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another herb to strengthen the vasculature

This herb is Chuanxiong. From Wikipedia:
Ligusticum wallichii is a flowering plant in the carrot family best known for its use in traditional Chinese medicine where it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. It is known by the common names chuānxiōng (川芎) and Szechuan lovage. Biologically active compounds in the plant include tetramethylpyrazine. It is native to India and Nepal.

and from pubmed:
1: Microvasc Res. 2002 Mar;63(2):218-26. Links
Studies on single-cell adhesion ...
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