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Cervical/Thoracic w/out Contrast results (m)..

T1, T2 and T2 fat saturation sagittal sequences, and T1 and T2 weighted axial images were obtained.

The vertebrae are normally aligned. The stature of the vertebral bodies is maintained. Disk spaces appear to be preserved. The spinal cord is of normal signal and morphology.

At T7-8 there is is a small right paramedian protrusion of the nucleus polposus which effaces the ventral aspect of the thecal sac and appears to touch the cord. There ...
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WalkAid - footdrop

This is a summary of a discussion that started in the "Suggestions" forum befor the "Medical Devices" forum became available:

chrishasms wrote:You kicked but on the Revimmune one, so I got another question for you.
I use a device called the Walkaide. If you want to look into it please check out my site at or I use this device and ...
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Bioness L300 - footdrop

This is a summary of a discussion that started in the "Suggestions" forum before the "Medical Devices" forum became available:

Frank wrote:This might also be an interesting one:


chrishasms wrote:I saw this device in Dallas TX. It was right next to us. It has a cuff, device for the heel of the shoe, and then a remote to run it all.

It looked good but with ...
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Virtual reality device - gait, balance

Frank wrote:This press-release introduces a new devices to help MS patients improve their gait.

Here you can find the products homepage.
The complete (audio+video) device is available for 1145$.

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Blood donation and MS

I know that this question has been asked before so I thought I'd post an answer. According to the newest issue of the NMSS magazine the Red Cross now accepts blood from those dxed with MS since there is no evidence it is trasmitted via blood. It also says that most medications taken for chronic illnesses won't disqualify a donor. Just thought I'd share.
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Another one on board, vicariously

So, I won't use his real name, but let me tell you an abx story. We'll do this as it unfolds, since he's just started the protocol... slowly.

We're talking about my former boyfriend. High school. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. I sent him a note when I got my MS diagnosis, thinking it might be the last time I could coherently convey the information (I was sliding so ...
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Anyone else ANA positive?

I was diagnosed several weeks ago with probable ms. I have 25 lesions in the subcortical region, in the periventricular white matter that showed up on my mri. All of my bloodwork is normal, except the ANA, which was positive. My doctor screened for SSA and SSB, but they were negative and Sjorgrens was ruled out. I am still waiting for the titers to come back from the ANA, and was just wondering if anyone ...
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Baclofen for spasticity

I just started this a couple of days ago. For those who don't know, it is a muscle relaxant prescribed for MS or people with spinal injuries. I am amazed at the benefits I am getting. I didn't realize how stiff my legs were and how much it has been contributing to my difficulty walking until I got on this relaxant. It has definitely changed my ability to get around for the better!

So, my ...
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Under suggestions

The first posts under this subject are actually under the suggestions topic. We've been talking about the Walkaide and Bioness.
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Blueberries, Dendrites and Viruses

Cruising through some of the Society for Neuroscience 2007 Abstracts (99.9% of which I can’t begin to understand) I came across this and thought it was a rather intriguing bit of info. Blueberry extract (in rats of course) can counter act some of the age related loss of dendrites and help with “brain circuitry”.

Sorry I can’t link to the actual abstract but here’s the title:

Dietary enrichment with 2% blueberry extract to aged ...
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