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Hello everyone!!

Hi everybody! I am 39, a RN, and was diagnosed 1/05 w/RRMS. I am doing pretty well and have just recently started searching out others with the same. I have found it is nice to talk with others because there is an understanding that those without, no matter how good the intentions, just do not have. Well anyway, don't want to go on too long, just wanted to say HI ...
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neuropsych assessment and cognitive retraining

Hi there

I recently underwent a full neuropsych evaluation and I just wanted to say that I found the whole process very interesting. The professor who conducted the assessnment was very warm and empathetic and although it was long and exhausting (6 hours over 2 days), the report was an eye opener!
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vaccinations and interferons

Hi there

I could not find any info on this on the Avonex site, but maybe someone else could shed some light?

My Oncologist (I had cancer 10 yrs ago and stiill go for regular checks) is something of an expert on interferons in general as it is commonly used for the treatment of certain cancers. She told me that I could not have any vaccinations whilst on interferon, or for 3 months after stopping ...
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Mum's becoming very demanding - I'm exhausted!

My mother has had MS for as long as I can remember, but her condition only got bad over the last 3 years. She now needs a mental frame to get around the house and basically has a hard time doing anything. My husband and I and our 1 year old son live with her so I can look after the household chores and cooking, but it's really taking it's toll on me. Since my ...
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Primary Progressive and disease -modifying drugs ???

Is there anyone on this forum whose primary progressive disease is being treated with Copaxone, novantrone or a high dose interferon? There are some sporadic studies of support out there with at best partial success.
How about anyone on potential oral meds for PPMS?

I am five months into CAP and six weeks into fumaric acid (BG-12). I have had slow progressive disease for 5 years with finally a confirmed diagnosis last December. My lesions ...
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Anyone taking Rituxan?

Just moved north and my new neurologist, who seems like a sharp fellow, was telling me very hopeful things about Genentech's Rituxan. Anyone taking this cancer drug to treat their MS? I've been on Tysabri for 9 or 10 infusions and, unlike those who have benefited from it, feel I've gone downhill rather significantly. Think I might switch drugs...
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Reducing insulin signaling in the brain can prolong lifespan

July 19, 2007 -- One route to a long and healthy life may be establishing the right balance in insulin signaling between the brain and the rest of the body, according to new research from Children's Hospital Boston. The study, published in the July 20 issue of Science, not only reinforces the value of exercising and eating in moderation, but also helps explain a paradox ...
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new brain scanner

We need better brain scanning technology, so I'm happy about this:

A Better Brain Scanner

New brain scanners promise to deliver images of higher resolution than any now available from a commercial instrument. By using multiple sensors placed close to the head, the device can generate accurate images in less time, which could ultimately aid in the diagnosis of diseases such as Alzheimer's and epilepsy. Medical imaging giant Siemens is developing a commercial version of ...
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Sativex in Europe

Somewhat bad news...

GW plunges as cannabis drug delayed in Europe

July 20, 2007 -- Reuters -- Britain's GW Pharmaceuticals announced a new delay for its pioneering cannabis-based medicine on Friday, saying European drug regulators had requested a further clinical study as a condition for approval.

Shares in GW, which has dispensation from the British government to use cannabis for medical research, plunged around a third in value as Chief Executive Justin Gover said the ...
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I just began my Tysa treatment

Dear all,
I started taking Tysabri on Monday 16.07.
I have not had any side effects, except feeling quite exhausted in the afternoon: i slept two hours.
Otherwise, I do not yet feel any improvements in my symptom: hobbling after walking 15 minutes or less.
I am a bit frustrated, since steroids' infusions have a much quicker effect on this symptom.
Also my body does not give me any sign, postive or negative, that it ...
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